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Trinity College School 







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Sports page 1 7. 

Arts and Literature page 55. 

Colour page 65. 

Houses page 81. 

Grads and Speech Day page 101. 

Advertisements and Patrons page 138. 

Directory page 148. 

Editorial page 152. 


Editor in Chief 

Head of Finance 



Layout Design 

D. Holton Hunter 
Peter Fulton 
Jennifer Ferris 
John McCallum 
Sean Demvsey 
Ben Sandford 
D. Holton Hunter 
Ed Chan 
Peter Fulton 
Jenn Ferris 
Ben Baldwin 
Rodger Wright 
Carter Angus 
Natascha Djelweh 
Paul Futhey 
Michelle Hagenson 
Edan Howell 
Will Karam 
Julian Northey 


Mr. Hargraft led a very full life. His accomplish- 
ments were many and vinually all of them were 
in the service of others. 

He was a leader who always tried his hardest 
in everything that he undertook. He was an under- 
standing master who recognized that the process 
of learning was more difficult for some than oth- 
ers. As Head of the Mathematics Department he 
was in a position to give of his considerable talents 
and was an inspiration to both smdents and teach- 

He also coached Bigside Football and took the 
game very seriously. His knowledge of the game, 
his perceptive coaching, his driving enthusiasm, 
his high expectations and his tough approach en- 
abled his teams to chalk up many victories. 

He was also the Housemaster of Brent for 
twenty-three years, longer than any Housemaster 
in the history of the school. He was firm as a 
Housemaster, but he blended that firmness with 
compassion and he was always fair. 

Mr. Hargraft believed in the importance of the 
chapel in the education of T.C.S. students. He bore 
out that belief with regular attendance at chapel 
and by supporting the chaplain, but perhaps only 
when he thought the chaplain was right. 

Mr. Hargraft had many friends because he al- 
ways let you know where you stood with him. If 
he disagreed with you he would let you know, but 
never with animosity or ill will. Conversely, his 
support was strong and ready. Another reason was 
that honour meant much to him. To him, work 
was an oath. 

Mr. Hargraft along with his wife raised his fam- 
ily to the standards that he lived by: honor, truth, 
loyalty, moral rectitude, faith in God and consid- 
eration for others. 

He was a man with much to offer the school 
and much he did offer. The school he served so 
well for more than thirty years, his colleagues on 
the faculty and on the support staff, his present 
and former students, his friends and most of all, 
his family will be the poorer without him. It is 
surely fitting to conclude by saying: 

Thanks be to God for a life well spent. 

May his soul rest in peace. 





a full-length 


based upon the novel by 


This is the compelling story of Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded man, and the strange interweaving of his life with 
that of Algernon, a mouse. Experimental surgery has been performed on Algernon, increasing his intelligence fourfold. 
The operation is tried on Charlie who rapidly changes from a moron to a genius far more intelligent than his teacher, 
Alice Kinnian, or his doctors who created the operating technique. As Charlie approaches the peak of his brilliance. Alger- 
non shows frightening symptoms of regression. The play becomes a race against time in which Charlie tries to keep his 
new intelligence long enough to save himself and thus continue what he and Alice have found. This is a different kind 
of play: poignant, romantic, funny and tragic, but with a hope for man's indomitable spirit. 

Welcome to our 1991 production, our first co-ed venture on stage. 

Dr. Jay Strauss 

Professor Harold Newur 

Alice Kinnian 

Burt Seldon 

Charlie Gordon 





Mrs. Donner 


Rose Gordon 

Matthew Gordon 

Little Charlie 

Little Norma 

Mrs. Feldman 

Teen Charlie 




Mrs. Mooney 

Mrs. Newmur 

Jackie Welberg 

Anne Welberg 


Ast. Director 


Ceri Warwick-Foster 
Colin Cragg 
Malinda Campbell 
Andrew Howse 
Sam Wright 
Kristi Adamcryck 
Veronica Parliament 
Brett Hayhurst 
Tina Burnham 
Sasha Mervyn 
Phil Sword 
Sarah Keelan 
Chris Good 
Ted Wright 
Sarah Wright 
Arundel Strathy 
Rob Magwood 
Kristi Adamcryck 
Veronica Parliament 
Tina Burnham 
Arundel Strathy 
Sasha Mervyn 
Kristi Adamcryck 
Veronica Parliament 
Christie Will 
Mr. Tim Magwood 
Mr. Peter Kedwell 

The cast 

Danny Trent Thompson 

Sandy Sasha Mervy n 

Rizzo Arundel Strathy 

Frenchy Sarah Keelen 

Marty Oonagh Duncan 

Jan Tina Burnham 

Kenichie Ed Stewart 

Doody Chris Good 

Roger Darren Littlejohn 

Sonny Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Patty Kristi Adamcryck 

Cha-Cha Ailyson Stevenson 

Eugene Sam Wright 

Vince Fontain D. Holton Hunter 

Miss Lynch Veronica Parliament 

Johnny Casino Tim Magwood 

Teen Angel Rodger Wright 


Ashley Barr Jeff Chapman Dirk 
Amy Steele Pete Fulton Van Leeuwen 

Tanya Hobbs Bill Petro Derek White 

Will Young 


Theo Aitken Kabir Jamal Jason Seagram 

Carter Angus Jessica Johnson Leslie Slade 

Sean Bradford Will Karam Neil Stevenson 
Al Burton Tamara Kavander Philip Sword 
Julie Crothers Karene 

McDonald Eve Tesluk 
Sean Dempsey Duncan Purcell 

Alexandra Gregg Janine Roberts Sarah Wright 

Andrew Howse Max Saegert Ted Wright 







' — 






1 ^ ■< 

: ^M2^ 




1 '-^B^^^^k 


Bethune House presents 



Ed David Kavanagh 

Bob John MacFarlane 

First Fireman Jeffrey Ruhl 

Bellyboy Adam Young 


Jean-Fran?ois Potvin 

Bethune put together an enjoyable show that the au- 
ditor soon forgot. The play was well adapted and di- 
rected by Evan Kelly. John Macfarlane and Dave 
Kavanagh worked well together on stage, getting many 
laughs from the audience. Irv got to smoke and look 
cool. Though not a winner, Bethune did a good job 
presenting The Still Alarm. 

Brent House presents 



Dreadlilocks Kulpreet Sahni 

Bear /t\ William Young 

Bear #2 George Goodall 

Bear #3 Derek White 

Chinese Triad members Francis Tong, Raymond 

Teng, Denji Yiu, Emmanuel Lee 

Chris Yu, Michael Tu. 

Paul Krisdaphongs 

Forest Animals lots of Brent House kids 

Mayor Rafsanjani Edward Hall 

Battle Singer Michael Jack 

Narrator Alstair Burton 

Pom Star Ml John Graham 

Pom Star #2 Jonathan Knight 

Pom Star #3 Manuel Macias 

Prince Charming Victor Carles, Jeffrey Magwood 

DIRECTOR Ben Baldwin 

Brent House play was strange, erotic, colourful and hi- 
larious. Ben Baldwin and George Goodall collaborated to 
write this play in typical Brent House Style. 

Best Actor: Pete Fulton 

Best Supporting 


Jeff Chapman 

Best Play: Bums House 

Bickle House presents 



Alpha Geoffrey Reeves 

Beta Guido Cotta 

Gamma Noble Gibson 

Delta Mark Francolini 

Voice Ceri Warwick-Foster 

DIRECTOR Ceri Warwick-Foster 

Out of the mind of Ceri Warwick-Foster came "The 
Clocks."' A fun and enjoyable production that was due 
to Ceri's directing and his sense of humor. New co- 
mer to the stage, Guido Cotta did a good job as "Beta" 
as did Mark Francolini as "Delta." The highlight of 
the performance was the ballet at the end that featured 
Franco and Johan Persson who had the moves that 
any dancer would be proud of. 


Hodgetts House presents 



Mr. Pendergast David Michaud 

Mrs. Pendergast Veronica Parliament 

Karl, the hotel manager Joshua Hoover 

Max, the room waiter Christopher Good 

Linda, the manicurist Tina Burnham 

Jimmy Philip Sword 

Mabel, the chambermaid Ashley Barr 

Bobby, the bellboy Bryon Mumford 

Billy, the bellboy Brett Norris 

Eddy, the masseur Bill Petro 

Funeral Director Tanya Hobbs 

Mr. Huckenbeiner Tero Nyman 

Mrs. Huckenbeiner May Charters 

Voice Bridget Kerin 

STAGE C/?£f^... Stephen Garland. Andrew Proctor 

Scon Williams 
DIRECTOR Christopher Good 

Hodgetts House 

Likely the best play of the festival, the overlooked Hod- 
getts House put together a first rate show. Much credit should 
go to director, Chris Good for putting together this superb 
ensemble cast. Dave Michaud was fabulous as Mr. Pender- 
gast and was deservedly singled out by the some what senile 
adjudicator for his acting. Bill Petro was also very good and 
got to show off his manly physique. The adjudicator deci- 
sion for best play left many people besides Hodgetts House 

Ketchum House presents 



George Spelvin Peter Fulton 

Sarah Siddons Jeffrey Chapman 

Ellen Terry Dirk Van Leeuwen 

Executioner Rizwan Hassan 

Stage Manager Max Saegert 

Henry Daniel Wells 

More"s daughter/actor David Grant 

More's wife Alexandre Henault 

DIRECTOR Edward Stewart 

The brilliant directing of Ed Stewart enabled Ketchum 
House to put together one of the two best plays at this years 
festival. Stewart's directing brought out the winning perfor- 
mances of Pete Fulton (Best Actor) and Jeff Chapman (Best 
Supporting Actor). They were backed up by the quality per- 
formances of Ketchum's other actors, many of whom had 
never been on stage before. Though Ketchum didn't win, 
they did their house proud by presenting a first rate produc- 

Bums House presents 



Angel Arundel Strathy 

Perkins Graham Simmonds 

Doctor Michael Connell 

Scientist Sarah Keelan 

Young Man Spencer Moss 

Young Women Oonagh Duncan. Kate Simmonds 

Old Man Julian Maynard 

Old Woman Kate Flynn 

Mother Lindsay Cook 

Young Girls Jennifer Drew, Hope Rennie 

STAGE CREW. Stephanie Feddery. Renny Ho. 

Greg Titterton 

COSTUMES Jennifer Ferris 

DIRECTORS Malinda Campbell 

Graham Simmonds 

This years winner of the House Play Festival was Bums House 
thanks to the stellar performances by Graham Simmonds and Julian 
Maynard. Other performances worth mentioning are Arundel Stra- 
thy as the Angel and Kate Flynn as the Old Woman. Both, in this 
critics eyes were overlooked by the adjudicator. Graham Simmonds 
and Malinda Campbell both have to be congratulated for their mas- 
terful directing. 




Everyone had so much fun in the 95th run- 
ning of the Oxford Cup that we all ran it twice. 
Hamish "the animal" Cowan won both races 
proving to us all that the first time was not a 
fluke. Greg Fines also ran well, placing 2nd in 
both races proving that he cannot beat Hamish 
but can beat everyone else. It was no surprise 
that Tanya Hobbs won the girls division twice 
blowing away her fierce competition. Krista Ad- 
amek had the same difficulty with Tanya that 
Greg Fines had with Hamish Cowan, losing 
twice to Tanya. However, she did manage to 
beat the rest of the competitors in the girls di- 
vision. The parent child competition was won 
by Mr. Hobbs and his daughter Tanya - thus 
proving that Mr. Hobbs is not only a gentleman 
and a scholar but an athlete as well. The room- 
mate category was the closest division and ended 
up in a tie between the combination of Hamish 
Cowan and Darren Swackhamer and the duo of 
Paul Weekes and Steve Johnston. We are all 
looking forward to next year's Oxford Cup when 
we are all going to try and run it three times 
to surpass this year's record and get the school 
really fit. 



Arts Night 

"What the Hell, let's have an arts 
night," was said by Tim Magwood 
and there was. All were diverse and 
demonstrated that the school has 
great depth and talent. There was 
a violin placer, a few dancers, some 
singers and a partridge in a pear- 
tree. However, the highlight of the 
Nights were Ceri Warwick-Foster 
and Chris Good who performed a 
number of their own skits that had 
the audience exploding with laugh- 
ter Many thanks to Tim Magwood 
who came up with the idea and Ms. 
Bodie who helped orchestrate the 



Back Row: i. Ruhl. J. Clifford. A. Burton. P. Fullon. M. Seagert. H. Cowan Middle Row: Father Seagram. J. Ferris. D.H. Hunter. J. Jones, 
G. Goodall, J. Burgart. J. Padmos, J. Seagram, L. Davison. The Headmaster. Front Row: E. Stewart, J Chapman, W. Young. M. Davidson, 
1. MacDonald, S. Titus. 


• Jmoii- -J. 

Back Row: Dr. Bermmgham, The Headmaster. A. Dumas. T. Holness, L. Jacobsen. J. Ruhl. L. Slade. K. Wan, J. Jones, E. Chan. Mr. Sand- 
ford, Father Seagram, From Row: T. George. O. Duncan. S. Mervyn, J. Jackson. D. Littlejohn. J. Chapman, E. Stewart. A. Barr. A. Steele, 
M. Demers. K. Adamcryck. G. Tynes 



Back Row: G. Wan. J-F Potvin. J. MacFarlane, D Heenatigala. C. Madden. M. Saegert. J Buchanan. N. Stevenson. Middle Row: Father Seagram, E. Kelly. 
D. Salmon. 1 Hobson, N. Djelweh, C. Angus, P. Kristaphongs. W. Karam. E. Hall. M. Francolmi. B, Hayhurst. L. Davison, P. LaFlamme, P. Fulton, T. Holness, 
The Headmaster, From Row: S, Bowen, D. Carten, J. Ferris, D.H. Hunter, C. Wilson, D. Littlejohn. P. Zakarow. S. Titus. 


Back Row: M. Bellamy, L. Cook, A. Ste- 
venson, J. Aitken, S. Feddery, Front Row: 
D. Salmon, T. Hamilton, J. Padmos, A. 



Boii: Row ) aifford. J Dccle. A Murphy. H Cowan. F Ma. G Wan. S Chin. P- Zakrow. G Marsh. S Tenngren. S Garland. B Petro. J Buchanan. R Teng MtddU Row The 
Headmaster. 1. MacDonald. B Norrena. M- Jamieson. R. Ho. S Titus. M Toeanie. J Drew. J, Mag^^■ood. C Messier. E. Tarn. J Graham. L Cook. D, LeeSui. K Adamek. J. Chapman. 
Front Row A Dumas, M Davidson, E Chan. E, Stewan. G Reeves. A Henault. D Carten. R Bourbeau. L Jacobsen. J Jones. F Marian. M. Stouie 


Back Row: J. Burgart. W. Young. S. Moss. P. Roland. W. Stratford. J. Maynard. E. Kelly Middle Row: C. Good. G. Goodall, J. Chapman. 
The Headmaster. D. Liltlejohn. D.H. Hunter. Front Row: S. Wright. J-F Potvin. J. Padmos 



^portg: **iillageUan toent arounb tf)e toorltr 
in 1521 - tof)icf) isn't too manp strokes 
to})en pou consilrer tlje Distance**, foe 
Haurie, ft. 


Top Row 

G. Reeves, M. Black. O. Aboud, B. Baldwin, J. Hobson, J. Aitken, B. Hayhurst, S. Kells. S. Titus. J. Lloyd, V. Carles, B. Clarke, C. Hodgetts, 

J. Geekie, J. Raymond. P. Roland, R. Price 

Middle Row 

Mr. MacDonald, the Head, Mr. Venter, Mr. Hargraft. G. Goodall, M. Connell. D. Fisher, W. McLeod, J. Yturbe, J. Magwood, W. Burley, J. Knowles, 

R. Knowles, K. Murray. M. Stephenson, R. Brown, R. Rodgers, S. Casgrain, J. Hoover, M. Jack, D. Pugh. B. Norrena. D. Allen, Mr. Powell 


S. Wright. J. Clifford, H. Paquin, M. Bellamy, C. Wilson, C. Watkinson, N. Gibson, D. Toering, R. Bourbeau, D. Wells, E. Hall, J. Graham, D. 

Carten, M. Swift 

Prior lo this year, the progress of the Trinity Football program 
had yel to be recognized. Although the Bigside team made it to the 
final each of the last three years, each appearance resulted m disap- 
pointing losses. 

Dubbed "the team that couldn't win the big one", the 1991 Bigside 
Bears, under the leadership of Head Coach Allen finally won. To 
single out any one player as responsible for the team's success is im- 
possible, for this season's accomplishments were the result of a team 
effort. Both offense and defense proved to be the best in the league. 
To exemplify Trinity's domination last season one just has lo look 
at our point differential: 244 points for. 22 against. 

A good amount of the players will be returning next year and to 
them, especially fellow captains Noble Gibson, and Dana Toering. 
I wish the best of luck. Finally. I would like to thank the coaches 
for everything. 

The players and the football program will miss Mr. Michael 
Hargraft a dedicated coach of thirty years. Thank you Mr. Hargraft. 

Julian Maynard 




Top Row 

E. Tesluk, B. Mumford, J. Powell, J. Maynard, A. Westlake, A. Honeywell, J. Ruhl, T. Lee, J. Trenholme, 1. Roberts, P. Johnston, 

K. Chan 

Middle Row 

The Head, Mr. Langford, C. Snaith, D. Yiu, J. Keeler, J. Hands, R. Hansson. A. Rodney, W. Karam, M. Saegen, D. Swackhammer, 

T. Grant, A. White, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Taylor 


B. Mountain, G. Mcintosh, S. Dempsey, P. Trennum, L. Amoldi, F. Wigle, D. Crosbie, T. Douglas, E. Howell, J. Gregory, R. 

Gorrie, J. McDonald, V. Parliament 



This year, Bigside soccer developed a recipe 
for success. It involves total dedication to team 
goals, outstanding (from an outstanding coach, 
Mr. Robert) patience, solid defense (The day boy 
backline and Julian Whike). exceptional goal tend- 
ing by Brett Norris. good reliable forwards (J-F 
Porvin. Glenn Gatcliffe. and Tero Nyman). a great 
sense of humour (John Decle). total team unity, 
strong midfielders (Spencer Moss. Don Kellett. 
Staunton Bowen. Stephen Lee), some luck and 
great fans. If you mix these all together you would 
get this years Bigside squad a team with a record 
of 13-1-2 whose second loss came in overtime of 
the final game. You would also get the team that 
won the kickoff tournament as well as the regular 
season despite a gruelling schedule and a lot of 
injuries. The odds seemed against us, but we met 
all the challenges and always fought hard. 

Good luck to all those coming back to try and 
duplicate the winning recipe, remember all the 
ingredients. Thanks to everyone who made the 
team one never to forget. 

William Stratford 

ssaSRiiS tSs: 

■ v'A-O ^^ 


The Head, Mr. Robert, S. Lee, D. Kellett, S. Tenngren, J. Whike, S. Garland. F. Panneton. Mr. Disney 


S. Moss, J. Decle, T. Nyman, J-F Potvin, B. Norris, W. Stratford, S. Bowen, R. Rodrigues, Glenn 





Mr. Ramsay, M. Moutada, K. Nichols, K. Rodrigues, G. Nichols, P. Silvera, D. Lee 

Sui, R. Beauchamp, A. Shibau. T. Adamek, I. Lederer, R. Nanka-Bruce, The Head 


J. Jones, M. Pirtovshek, B. Spiewak, E. Chan, R. Hamel-Smith, R. Nanka-Bruce. E. Kelly. 


Top RoM' 

M. Corsi. M. Sanborn. P Sword. J. Liddell. C. Madden. R. Kamal 


Mr Hay. The Head. R. Mag^«xx^. B. Csaszar. B. Kellen. T. Ailken. D. Whalen. B Launa. B. Sandfond. Mr. Stevens 


F. Tong, C Christ. P. Futhey. R. Lee Sui. E. Lee. K Simmonds 
















Ivfe: J 1 






•sr-s tssst 


Bigside had another good year unfor- 
tunately it ended as many others, los- 
ing to UCC in the finals. However, with 
Brad Smith and Dominic Fafard domi- 
nating the net again next year and two 
experienced setters Mike Pohoresky 
and Brian Lee as well as two explosive 
hitters Mark Francolini and Fredric 
Klockars returning our chances can on- 
ly get better. The team is saying good- 
bye sadly to four experienced players, 
MVP Jon Burgart, along with Blocker 
Will Young, Setter Bill Petro, and Troy 
Holness are off to university. We leave 
behind a lot of memories, beating UCC 
on convocation day 3-2 two years in a 
row being the most memorable. Next 
year's team will do it again I am sure. 
This team was one of the best ever if 
it was not a championship one. 

Jon Burgart 

Bigside Volleyball 


The Head. S. Mervyn. B. Petro. D. Fafard. F. Klockars. Mr. Holt 


Mr. Pohoresky. T. Holness, J. Burgan. B. Smith, B. Lee 



Top Row: The Headmaster. H. Styles. T. Thompson, D. Sawyer, R. Rock, C. Cragg. Mr. Lenters. 
Sealed: S. Wells. G. Ebbrell, J. Chapman, R. Ho, S. McNeil, C. Yu. 



Littleside Volleyball 


The Head. G. Tomlinson, R. Smilsky, P. Ebbrell, M. Mills, Wm. Pohoresky, S. Feddery, S. Ogundimu, Mr. Wills 


J. Walker, J. Lavers, D. Salmon, S. Bradford, D. Heenatigala 


The Head, J. Robertson, M. Hoover, J. Hammond, D. Stroud, T. George, L. Slade, Mr. Thornton 


M. Niziol, J. Juma, B. Hamilton, F. Bazin, T. Wright, A. Nanya, JP Wu. 



Back Row: L. Goos, J. Irwin. J. McCallum. C. Ito. M. Niziol. N. Stevenson. A. Kirby, S. Johnston. A. Dumas, 

G. Titterton. A. Cota, S. Willis. J. Buchanan. R. Hassan. J. Cole. D. Lees. E Homibrook 

Middle Row: W. Hobbs, R. Wright. M. Demers. N. Cheng. D. Littlejohn. M. Kerin. J. Seagram. C. Shepherd. 

I. McDonald. W Baker. G. Cotta. J. Padmos. R. Moorjani. D. Geroge. P. Fulton. J. Kopas. G. Turner. L 

Jacobsen. S. Jamal, T. Magwood. K. Defazio. B. Hedney 

Front Row: K. Fong. K. Adamcryk. K. Adamek. C. Bumham. M. Toeante, K. Jamal, J. Northey, J. Yiu. A. 

Harrison, P. Weekes, G. Fines, D. McCracken, M. Kabaluk. S. Winfield, K. Revill, T. Hobbs. B. Denton 

As the exciting season 
opened, masses of both 
boys and girls flocked to 
join the first ever co- 
educational team at TCS. 
Greg Fines, Hamish 
Cowan and Adam Cota ran 
well as did our two first fe- 
male Bigside colour win- 
ners, Tanya Hobbs and 
Krista Adamek. With much 
talent and great support 
we captured the ISAA 
championships. Thanks to 
the entire team for the most 
memorable and historic 
year in Harrier History. 
Thanks to the coaches, Mr. 
Defazio, Mr. Wright, Mr. 
Hedney, Mr. Hobbs, Mr. 
Magwood, Ms. Goos and 
to the captains Paul Weekes 
and Archie Marsh for mak- 
ing it all fun. 



Back Row: Mr. Elsley. L. Kucey, K. Flynn, H. Rennie, N. Djelweh. M. Hagenson, J. Thompson, A. Steele. The Headmaster 
Front Row: L. Ko, T. Rawluk. C. Will, M. Campbell, K. Campbell 



In September 18 rookie players 
congregaleiJ on the lower field, 
beyond ihe football fields, all try- 
ing to figure out which end of the 
slick was up, A week later we had 
promoted to the Boulden house 
field where we were given real 
goals and figured out how to hit 
the ball in the general direction we 
wanted it to go. Our season prov- 
ed to be very successful on the 
whole and the team looks strong 
for next year. Look out ISAA 
league teams, here we come. 
Thanks to our excellent coaches 
Mrs, Wills, Mrs, Tarasick and 
Mrs, Taylor for a great season. 
Tamara Kavander 

Field Hockey 

Top Row 

L. Ko, T. Hamilton, B. Kerin, C. Wat-wick-Foster, S. Feddery, K. Simmonds, H. Regan 

Middle Row 

The Head, Mrs. Tarasick, C. Sands, S. Stacey, A. Stevenson, S. Keelan, K. Wan, D. Mcintosh, Mrs 



L. Cook, R. Buchanan-Smith, K, McDonald, T. Kavander, A. Dacosta 



Back Row: Mr. Elsley. J. Knowles. S. Willis, D, Kellett, M. Francolini, B. Smith, Mr. Wright Front Row: G. Wan (maiuger), E. Hall, R. Ho, W. 
Young, E. Kelly, J. Burgait, C. Angus (manager) 



Back Row: S. Moss, G. Gatcliffe, S. White. N. Antaki Middle Row: Mr. Roben, R. Nanka-Bruce, H. Styles, R. Knowles, J. Maynard, The Headmaster 
Front Row: R. Rodrigues, J. White. C. Watkinson, C. Yu, A. Harrison 


Back Row: Mr. Venter, S. Dempsey, P. Ebbrell, A. Rodney, B. Kellett, C. Madden, J. Maynard, D. Salmon. A. DaCosta. The Headmaster fron/ 
Row: D. Van Leeuwen, J. Lavers, C. Snaith, C. Christ, J. Liddell. L. Smith, Mrs. Wills 



SSS s 

'^m^^m r^, 

Bact Row; R. Leesui, K. Nichols, G. Nichols, D. Purcell, J. Geekie, Middle Row: Mr. Wills, J. 
Cheng, S. Lee, S. Chin, B. Hatcher, The Headmaster Front Row: J. Tong, D.H. Hunter, R. Moor- 
jani, D. Leesui 

Squash Team 

This year's team was coached by Mr. 

Wills and led by captain Richard Moor- 
jani and asst. Captain D.H. Hunter. 
One generalization that can be made 
about both teams is that there was an 
unsatable desire not just to win but to 
crush opponents on court. It was not 
uncommon to have combined bigside 
and middleside scores of 9-1 or 10-0 
against St. Andrew, Ridley, Appleby, 
and UCC. Both teams managed to beat 
Cresent in regular season play but lat- 
ter fell victim to them in the final ISAA 
tournament, both teams finished 2nd 
in the ISAA. 

Best of luck to next years bigside 
team which will continue under the 
strong leadership of returning captain 
Richard Moorjani. The 1st squad looks 
promising with returning members 
Stephen Lee and Ryan Lee Sui coupled 
with up and members such as the Ni- 
chols brothers and Stephen Maraj. 

Thanks to Mr. Wills for all his time, 
effort and dedication to the team, the 
gruelling training paid off. All the best 
to next year's teams. 

By D.H. Hunter 



Back Row: D. McGoey. J. Yue. S. Lee, B. Csaszar, W. Karam, J. Seagram, A. Chen, J. McDonald Middle Row: Mr. Hay, A. Irvine. A. Barr, 
J. Juma, F. Tong, S. Ogundimu, K. Jamal, C. Sands, G. Macintosh, R. Juma, The Headmaster From Row: K. Fong, A. Nanaya, L. Kucey, S. Maraj 


Father Seagram, B. Petro, C. Cragg, M. Jack, J. Chapman, Mr. Robhng, The Headmaster 



Back Row: Mr. tenters, T. Johnson. J. Hammond. S. Maxwell, C. Sheppard. I. MacDonald. Mr. DaFazio, The Head- 
master, Front Row: A. Brown, D. White, J-F Potvin, J. Padmos, E. Homibrook 


Bigside sMimming tud a 
very successful season this 
year Looking back, one will 
find itut on lop of being the 
fiT\\ ever co-ed %*im team uc 
"Aerc undefeated as well We 
^re Kawanha and COSSA 
combined champions as well 
is ISAA boys champions. 

Thcv: results could not have 
been achieved without the con- 
sistency of co-capiain Derek. 
White who topped off his 
swimming career at T C S , 
this year, with gold and silver 
medals in the senior division 
41 OFSAA Andrew Kirb) dni 
Ijin Mdudonald showed to be 
ixjr nxkcts while Jeremy Pad- 
mos could not have asked for 
a better season to finish off his 
five years on the team The fe- 
male portion wds surpnsingly 
good with the two OFSAA 
panicipanis, Angela Brown 
and Elsbeth Homibrook. lead- 
ing the way But this season 
could not have been success- 
ful without our two coaches. 
Kirk Dcfazio and Rob Lenier^ 
They were entremcly dedi 
caled to the team and we had 
no choice but to perform well 
You will be deeply missed by 
all of us graduaiins To all of 
you coming back next year, 
best of luck and keep the 
streak alive. Thanks for the 
great memories. A la procha- 
ine les amis!!* 

By J F Potvin 



^r^MMHi^ Till 

Back Row: Mr. Heaton, B. Baldwin, V. Carles, M. Macias. N. Stevenson, J. MacFarlane. The Headmaster Front Row: A. Murphy. G. Turner. A. 
Padmos. J. Mills. H. Cowan. E. Howell 





■ftt-^ M 

Sacil: /fow; 
Mrs. Dew 
A. McNeil 
K. Revill 
J. Pearce 
J. Jackson 
The Headmaster 
Front Row: 
S. Brascoupe 
K. McDonald 
S. Keelan 
T. Hamilton 
J. Ferris 
A. McCaughey 

Back RcM' 

Mr Holt 

B. Lee (manager) 

S. Stacey, 

J. Drew 

T. Rawluk 

T. George 

T. Bevan 

The Headmaster 

From Row: 

T. Ashcroft 

T. Kavander 

S. Feddery 

T. Hobbs 

S. Mervyn 

M. Hagenson 

J. Roberts 

Considering the feet that this was our very 
first season this team did extra ordinarily 
well. Although it seemed, during and 
throughout our various tournaments, that 
we were losing a horrendous amount of 
games it is only now that I see how well 
we actually did. Amazingly enough we were 
also able to have a good time almost con- 
stantiy without losing the competitive edge. 
Highlights of the year included: our pum- 
meling of the Port Hope High School squad 
in our first ever match. Our countiess close 
calls in many games and our infamous 
cheers. Thanks to Mr. Holt and Brian Lee 
for coaching us and enlightening us as to 
how the male mind actually works and to 
Trish Bevan, our faithful manager who per- 
formed an iimumerable amount of menial 
tasks for which we will be forever grateful. 
14 wins-24 losses . . . 



The l*Wi-y2 BcancnjoycJonctif the moM 
exciting and uicccssful scasitas in TCS hockey 

The Bean, were cnicrcd in five tournaments 
during ihc M^ason and managed to play the 
maximum number of games each time. The 
results were a bronw medal at the Ridley 
Toumameni. silver mcilals in North Bay and 
at Culver. Indiana, and j Ihnlling gold me 
dal performance in our own Invitational Tour 

ISAA league piay proved to be the most 
competitive high school hockey in the pro- 
vince The Bears scratched their way into the 
playoffs with a nail-biting victory at UCC 
Nichols School were the semi-final opponent, 
and much to the surprise of even the most 
faithful supponcr. Tnnity prevailed in the tic- 
hrcaking mini-game on Nichols ice This was 
easily the highlight of a truly championship 
season of hockey A 5-4 loss to Lakefield in 
the final did little to tarnish the accomplish 
ment m Buffalo Next years' team will doubt- 
less avenge the Lakefield defeat 

Congratulations should go to Distinction 
Award winners Tero Nyman (a sconng 
record). Hugo Paqum (superb playmakcr). 
Robert Bourbeau (top goaltendcr). and Sami 
Tenngren (most valuable player)- 

Overall Record M wins 

14 losses 

2 ties 
ISAA Record 6 wins 

7 tosses 

1 Ue 

Back Row: C. Messier, W. McLeod. A. Woell, S. Kells. T. Nyman, G. McFadzen. B. Norrena. 

Middle Row: Vlad, A. White (manager). D. Fafard. D. Toering, W. Hurley. D. Fisher. P. Weekes. M. Corsi. R. Caner. F. Panneion, Mr. Langford. 

The Headmaster 

Front Row: R. Bourbeau. M. Stephenson. H. Paquin, S. Tenngren, P. Roland. A. Henault. 


\ «!tO^ ZJi 



Back Row: D. Grant, M. Bellamy, S. Casgrain, J. Northey, K. Rodrigues, G. Asper 

MiiMle Row: Mr. Ramsey, S. Titus, J. Hobson, C. Bryer, J. Lloyd, D. Wells, M. Stoute, Mr. Large, The Headmaster, 

Front Row: R. Beauchamp. G. Marsh, J. Graham. B. Norris, B. Spiewak 

Back Row: D. Whalen, A. Aroldi, M. Mills, R. Smilsky, D. Stroud, W. Pohoresky, B. Hamilton 

Middle Row: Mr. Taylor, Mr. Hobbs, J. Walker, T. Grant, S. Feddery, J. Hands, A. Westlake, D. Yiu, M. Saegen, Mr. Hargraft, 

The Headmaster, 

From Row: P. Futhey, J. Trenholme, D. Crosbie, B. Mountain, J. Gregory, J. Powell 



Sac* Row: F Klokars, J. Kopas. C. Hodgetts, A. Cota, G. Reeves, M. Davidson. S. Johnson, D. Cook, M. Jamieson Middle Row: Mr. 
Seagram. N. Cheng. M. Demers, K. Adamek, C. Will, T. Johnson, J. Knight. W. Baker. M. Swift. B. Kenn. R. Gorrie. A. Ellis. The 
Headmaster From Row: M. Pirtovshek. E. Lee, R. Magwcxxi, K. Rynn, J. Magwood, H. Rennie, D. Canen, S. McNeil, B. Hayhurst, K. 
Chan, D. Macintosh. 

This year, the Trinity College School Alpine Ski Team was blessed with an array of talented skiers that made up a squad 
that was "undoubtably" one of the best in this school's history. With brilliant coaching from two technical virtuoso's: "The 
Great " Joe Seagram and Rim - Tim Magwood. and the stellar leadership of our captains Rob Magwixxi, Katie Flynn, Hope 
Rennie. Jeff Magwood. and the in&mous Dave Carten. we managed to have "just a great season." sweeping the field and 
capturing the coveted ISSA crown. PrompUy proceeduig this well earned tide, was the internationally renowned COSSA cham- 
pionships Fortunately we were able to overcome this obstacle that catapulted us into die apex, die paramount, the creme de 
la creme of ski racing in Ontario - die Mighty OFSAA Championships 

II was race day and when die day was done, the men came out widi die silver medal, and die girls . . . came ofT with 
the very best placing any girl's ski team has in TCS history. 

Thus ended die successful season of die first-ever co-ed TCS Alpine Ski Team. The racers were pleased, and had done 
diem-selves and dieir school proud. The team would like to diank die Rimmer (Tim). Ms 'nimbull and Joe for a great Season. 



Back Row: M. Kabaluk, W. Yung, G. Wu, J. Buchanan, G. Fines, M. Toeante, L. Clarke, Mr. Geaie, The Head- 
master Front Row: P. Krisdaphongs, C. Ito, A. Dumas, J. Jones, G. Cotta 

Though small in 
numbers, this year's Nor- 
dic Ski Team had a feirly 
impressive year. With the 
additions of Calgary sen- 
sation Mike Kabaluk, 
pseudo-rookie and 
OFSSA qualifier Greg 
Fines, and first time fe- 
male skier Lee Ann 
Clarke the Senior team 
put out some good re- 
sults. The team easily re- 
tained the ISAA crown 
for the second straight 
year and placed second 
in the OFSSA qualifiers. 
The most grueling race 
came from the Gatineau 
55 . . . yes, 55 kilome- 
tres with most of the 
team entering the 25km 
race. Everybody finished 
the difficult race (except 
Mr. Hedney). A great 
season for all and good 
luck to next year's skiers. 
Yaa Karhu! 

Kawartha 2nd 
Lakefield Intl 2nd 
LCS Intl 2nd 

COSSA 2nd 

ISAA 1st! 



rrt't'J ft 

^^flTY ^"'*''Y,— ^^"^""^l^ ir 

Bar*. Rom. A Howse. D. Purcell, R. Caner. B. Lee Middle Row: Mr. McGee, C. Wilmore. P. Fulton. E 
Shwan. J. Hands. P. Salido, The Headmaster from Roh. D. Kellett, G. McFadzean. A. Burton. T. Thompson. 
E. Stewart. R. Ho 


Trinity's inaugural year of 
Softball was quite a success. 
The team lead by the pitching 
of Pete ""wild thing" Fulton 
and the big bats of Geoff 
"homerun" McFadzean and 
■■hanierin" Don Kellett. Other 
stars included, Ryan " "gold- 
glove"' Carter and Rennie 
"sawgett" Ho. The team 
clearly dominated the first 
tournament where they blew 
away Ridley College so badly 
that they packed their bags and 
left in the fourth inning. How- 
ever, the second tournament 
should have been equally as 
successful, but as one observer 
noted. Trinity "Screwed the 
Pooch." Many thanks to Mr. 
McGee for his great coaching 
and for teaching us how to hit 
the cut off man. Also. Con- 
grats to Geoff McFadzean for 
winning the team's homerun 
durby . 

Back Row: B. Lauria. S. White. D. Kavanaugh. B. Mountain Middle Row: The Headmaster. B. Miller, S. Williams, 
R. Hamel-Smith. M. Taggart, A. Brown, J. Trenholme, M. Corsi. Mr. Reynolds From Row: E. Hall, ]. Fernandez, 
G. Stoute, P. Zakarow, J. Clifford, W. McLeod, S. McNeill. 

This year's golf team 
was one of the best in 
Trinity history. The 
team constantly placed 
a strong second in every 
tournament. Veterans, 
Blair "chicken" Miller 
and Pete Zackarow 
lead the team to success, 
while new comers, J. P. 
Fernandez and Graham 
Stoute added their sup- 
port. The team could 
have been more success- 
ful had Blair Miller been 
able to find his way to 
certain tournaments. 
Many thanks to Mr. 
Reynolds for his helpful 
coaching and guidance. 



Back Row: Mr. Large. Mr. Blyth, J. Jones. A. Dumas, S. Moss, A. Kirby, D. LeeSui. R. Nanka-Bruce, 
Mr. Godfrey. The Headmaster Front Row: C. Shepherd, R. Moorjani, J. Decle, G. Gatcliffe, N. Prakash, 
R. Baboolal 



■— -*^*- '%f M ' •" 





Back Row: Mr. McCord, Mr. Bellingham, D. McCracken, J. Abdulla, C. Silvera. S. Chin, R. Garcia, The 
Headmaster Front Row: K. Saahri. D. Yiu, S. Johnsston, P. Weekes, P. Silvera 


Back Row: K Chen. C. DeKerckhove. A. Nanaya, A. White Middle Row: Mrs. Dew, J. Juma, E. Zavala. J. Ruhl. J Hammond. D. Macintosh. 
The Headmaster From Row: L. Arnoldi. P. Futhey. D. Salmon. F Bazin. B. Sanford. R. Juma 



Back Row: J. Burgart. E. Frey, B. Baldwin, C. Watkinson, S. Garland, A. Koo Middle Row: Mr. Seagram, J. Magwood, V. Carles, J. Maynard, 
R. Bourbeau. K. Nichols, Mr. Stevens, The Headmaster From Row: H. Paquin, M. Connell, C. Wilson, N. Gibson, D. Fisher, D. Toering 




■■ ■<■■■■■■ -= 


Back Row: M. Jack, K. Palkeinen. R. Armstrong, O. Aboud, G. Wan, J. Padmos Middle Row: Mr. Allen, M. Mounada, D. Stewart, J. Knight, 
D. Wells. C. Hodgetts, W. Young, M. Swift, The Headmaster Front Row: M. Macias, J. Hobson, D. Garten, G. Goodall, A. Lee, G. Reeves 


Top Row: R. Price, J. MacFarlane, D. George, B. Smith, C. Mcintosh, A. Drover, J. Yiu, B. Mumford Second Row: N. Stevenson, T. Grant, S. 
Winfield, B. Lee, R. Beauchamp, R. Knowles, M. Jaims, T. Adamek, J. Lavers. C. Wong, Mr. Wood Third Row: Mr. Hay, G. Turner, S. Casgrain, 
M. McKane-Pirtovshek, B. Hayhurst, J. Aitken, K. Bignell, B. Clarke, R. Nanka-Bruce, R. Hassan, The Headmaster Bottom Row: J. Kopas, M. 
Tu, D. Swackhamer, J. Ragubhar, P. Krisdaphongs, N. Sheehy 



Back Row: Mr. Adamcryck, B. Hatcher, J. Persson, M. Stoute, The Headmaster From Row: C. Angus, S. Bowen, D.H. Hunter, B. Petro, S. Lee 

Both bigside and middleside had successful seasons, 
and decisively beat Albert, Holy Trinity and St. An- 
drews. Unfortunately games were rained out against 
Ridley and Bigside did lose to Lakefield. Both teams 
finished the season with the ISAA tournaments. Mid- 
dleside played well and came second in the indepen- 
dent school league, (behind U.C.C.) Bigside was 
similar, however, it was highlighted with two tie- 
brakers in the finals against U.C.C. Carter Angus 
and Bill Petro. the #2 doubles lost 7-4 in a very well 
played match. Staunton Bowen had an undefeated 
season and managed to beat the #1 U.C.C. player 
7-4 in a tie-breaker at the final tournament. 

Best of luck to next years returning players. It will 
be a successful season with character sue as Carter 
"Gus" Angus, "Scrawny" Staunton Bowen. Johan 
"Sphincter" Persson and "Bruce" Lee. 

By D.H. Hunter 



Back Row: Mr. Adamcryck, I. Mac Donald. T. Lee, J. Yturbe. The Headmaster Front Row: M. Kabaluk. 
T. Johnson, M. Thorton, J. Lloyd. 








Back Row: J. Irwin, D. Takemata, S. Ogundimu, C. Sands, K. Fong Middle Row: Mr. Heaven, T. Bevan. F. Tong, D. Stroud. I. Roberts, M. Shay, 
Mme Boss. The Headmaster From Row: T. Wright, G. Mcintosh, R. Kama!, R. LeeSui, C. Snaith, J. Mac Donald, B. Hamilton 



Back Row: L. Wu, T. Bumham, L. Davison, K. McDonald, H. Rennie. S. Brascoupe. K. Wan, The Headmaster. Front Row: N, Cheng, K. Campbell, 

T. Hamilton, J, Roberts, J. Crothers, N. Djelweh 


Back Row: P. Laflamme, M. Sanborn, J. Ferris, A. Stevenson, J. Walker, W. Pohoresky, R. Gorrie, A. Westlake Middle Row: Mr. Heaton, Mrs. 
Tarasick, W. Karam, N. Costello. The Headmaster Front Row: A. Rodney, G. Titterton. D. VanLeeuwen. G. Simmonds, G. Fines, M. Mills 



Back Row: K. Simmonds, H. Graves. J. Thompson, K. Simmonds. L. Jacobsen MicUle Row: E. Chan. Mrs. Wills, L. Kucey, C. Will, M. Hagenson. 
M. Campbell, The Headmaster, Mr. Robling Front Row: A Barr. K. Flynn. J. Crawford. B. Kerin. A. Brown 



Back Row: S. Mervyn. J. Johnson. J. Pearse. S. Dempsey. P. Johnston, M. Kerin, S. Maraj. D. Heenatigala. A. Lee. J. Keeler. F. Klockars. Middle 
Row: Mr. Gregg. G. Nichols, K. Jamal. J. Chapman. C. Messier. J. Gregor\'. C. Madden, S. Wells, D. Wells, C Kent, S. Titus. The Headmaster. 
From Row: H. Regan. T. Hobbs. T. Kavander. A. .McNeil. J. Drew. A. Ellis. A. Dacosu. 





Top Row: J. Northey, A. Young. C. Christ, F. Panneton. J. Liddell, P. Sword, J. Maynard, C. Murray, D Fafard. H. Styles. D. White. J. Knowles, 
S. Willis. P. Ebbrell. J. Buchanan. A. Honeywell. Middle Row: The Headmaster. Mr. Thornton. M. Demers. K. Adaineck. R. Clement. O. Duncan, 
T. George. S. Feddery. A. Murphy. H. Cowan, K. Leung, G. Tynes. S. Bradford G. Cotta. T. Holness. G. Wu, C. Ito. D. Whalen, J. Cole. A. 
Chen, Mr. Langford. Mr. Defazio Bonom Row: P. Roland, M. Hoover. R. Hanson. A. Steele, T. Ashcroft, J.F. Porvin. R. Rodgers. M. Chow. 
L. Ko, E. Homibrook. E. Tam, J. Powell 



Robert Bourbeau - Hockey: 

Robert is likely the best goaltender to step between the pipes in recent me- 
mory at Trinity College School. The occasions on which he has single- 
handedly kept his team in a game with remarkable performance in the past 
two seasons are too numerous to count. A goals against average of just 
under 3 per game is an outstanding achievement in high school hockey, 
especially against the high quality of opponent that the Bears play the ma- 
jority of their games. Robert is recognized throughout the ISAA and be- 
yond as an exceptional goaltender. His play on the ice and his character 
as an athlete, combine to make a truly special player. 

Robert Bourbeau - Football: 

As coaches, we always wondered what it would be like to have a tight 
end who was big. fast, mobile, physical, able to catch, able to block and 
bilingual! Robert is almost all of the above. Robert was a force to be reck- 
oned with for defensive ends and outside linebackers. He lived to knock 
these players down thus enabling Julian. Dana, or Ronn to go off on one 
of their scrampers. Quite often the coaches would miss some terrific play 
while watching Robert crush some opposing player. Not only was Robert 
a punishing blocker, he was a threat catching and running the football. 
However, it was Robert's unselfish efforts as a blocking tight end that made 
him so valuable to this team. It is with great pleasure that 1 recommend 
Robert Bourbeau for a Distinction Award. 

Katie Flynn - Skiing: 

What distinguishes Katie Flynn as an Alpine Racer is her consistency and 
competitiveness. In the I.S.A.A. Katie won every single race she entered. 
In fact she won every single run! Her excellence was only too apparent 
at the I.S.A.A. Championships when she led the field at the end of the 
day by one and a half seconds. At COSSA Katie emerged as the true all 
round skier with victories in slalom and giant slalom and skied fast enough 
to have a top five finish for the day if we compare her times to the boys. 
At the OFSAA championships. Katie finished a close third in Ontario -By 
nine tenths of a second - In the slalom. But Katie is more than a great racer, 
she is a superb captain who led by example all season and who never failed 
to help others and to encourage them to do their best. Under Katie's lea- 
dership, the girls team won the I.S.A.A. Championship!! The COSSA com- 
bined championship and placed sixth at OFSAA in slalom. TCS could not 
have asked for a better start to girls Alpine skiing, nor a better captain 
to lead the way. 

Glenn Gatcliffe - Cricket: 

Glenn is an obvious choice for this award because of his skills in bowling, 
batting and fielding, and more importantly, his leadership. Glen was un- 
questionably the best bowler in the league this year. A lightning pace, in- 
swingers, outswingers, and deceptive cutters left the opposition in awe. 
It could be said that Glenn did not enjoy more success this year because 
he was too good for the level of skill in schoolboy cricket. Glenn's batting 
was agressive and intimidating, characterised not by fours and sixes, but 
by intelligent placement and cheeky runs that forced errors on the opposition's 
fielders. In the field, Glenn was always an issue. His quick hands and ath- 
letic ability trapped many a catch in the slips that would have eluded any 
other player. As a captain, Glenn guaranteed himself a nomination for a 
distinction award. Glenn leads by example first, and by quiet authority 
after that. Glenn never lost his cool or his control over other team mem- 
bers. I have no doubt that our season's record would have been half as 
successful without Glenn's leadership. I would ask you to remember that 
a coach's function ceases at the start of a cricket match and the captain 
takes over totally. 

Noble Gibson - Football: 

Noble seems to have been around bigside football as long as coach Har- 
graft. He was the heart and soul of this team, an inspirational leader both 
on and off the field. As an offensive and defensive tackle. Noble played 
the game with skill, determination and aggressiveness. This past season 
Noble thoroughly dominated both lines of scrimmage and his intensity set 
the tempo for his teammates to follow. Noble made the first tackle in the 
semi-final game, causing a fumble and recovering it to set up our first touch- 
down. This sort of inspirational play came naturally to Noble. It is with 
great pleasure that I recommend Noble Gibson for a Distinction Award. 

Noble Gibson - Rugby: 

To excell as a lock forward in Rugby, one must be strong, tough, mobile, 
aggressive and also have a high level of fitness. Not only did noble Gibson 
have all these attributes, but he was also a fierce competitor who portrayed 
true sponsmanship both on and off the field of play. He inspired his team- 
mates with his outstanding performances game after game, and could al- 
ways be counted upon to dominate his opponent in the line-out and produce 
an abundance of good quality ball. His strong open field running and hard 
tackling was instrumental in providing many scoring opportunities this year. 
As well. Noble was an excellent and technically correct scrummager, and 
his facet of his play was highly visible when he was representing the 
C.I.S.S.A. school All Stars against Ontario. In that game he played mag- 
nificently, and the provincial coach invited him to train with the provincial 
squad this year. The team was certainly fortunate to have such a fine and 
dedicated athlete as Noble. 

Andrew Kirby - Swimming: 

In 1991 ANDREW KIRBY missed a Provincial medal by 1/lOOih of a second in 
swimming's glamour event the 50 meter freestyle. At Christmas, Andrew Kirby hosted 
our swim team in his homeland of Barbados - one week later he had swum 40,000 
meters and was destined to be the fastest anchor of any sprint relay team in TCS 
history. The Golden Boy did not disappoint anyone, breaking nine relay records as 
anchor. After our first regional Kawartha championships, only one athlete had four 
gold medals around his neck - ANDREW KIRBY Andrew's attitude this year wasn't 
one that winning was o.k. He wanted to annihilate his opponents. Andrew looks like 
a hydroplane in the water, a classic sprinter, head up, shoulders and upper back un- 
touched by the surface of the water, swimming 25 meters without breathing turning 
and heading for home all alone - Andrew's courage was very clear to both his coaches 
and teammates in the demolition of their opponents in the ISAA Championship. AN- 
DREW KIRBY swam anchor for the winning relay team in his final high school race 
with lull blown chicken pox. We will always remember his desire, smile and class. 

Jeff Magwood - Skiing: 

Jeff raised the level of skiing not only at the school but in the whole of 
the I.S.A.A. as well. He was the standard by which everyone skied and 
by which everyone compared their times. Except for the slalom. Jeff won 
every race in the I.S.A.A. To put this in perspective, let us look at the 
I.S.A.A. championship result. The next fastest skier from another school 
was 5.77 seconds behind Jeff. Jeff Magwood is in a class of his own. At 
OFSAA. Jeff fell on his first run in the slalom. His second run was phe- 
nomenal and he flashed past the eventual winner, to win the second race 
by half a second. TCS has never placed in the top three schools in the open 
category at OFSAA. We placed second overall in Ontario and this could 
not have been done without the finest skier to race at TCS. , Jeff Magwood. 


Julian Maynard - Football: 

There was not a more dangerous nor exciting player in the I.S.A.A. this 
season. Opposition coaches had fits all year trying to stop Julian ftiim catch- 
ing the ball, running the ball, and returning kicks. No one was successful! 
Julian caught 30 passes for 473 yards, ran for 475 yards and scored 9 touch- 
downs. But where Julian was most dangerous was back returning kicks. 
Against S. A.C. . in the span of two minutes before the half ended. He re- 
turned two punts for touchdowns - the final one. a single handed, open 
field scramble that covered 104 yards. In the championship game Julian 
broke it wide open with a 75 yard punt remm touchdown. Teams learned 
at their own expense that it was too risky to purposely put the ball in Julian's 
hands. Therefore, they would try to kick out of bounds, almost always 
ensuring T.C.S. of excellent field position. Julian finished the season with 
an astounding 1716 all purpose yards. All in all - a remarkable season! 

Sean McNeill - Skiing: 

What is distinctive about Sean as a racer, is his ability to throw himself 
down a course and stay in control. He has fantastically quick feet and a 
remarkably quiet upper body. As a slalom skier, there are few boys who 
can touch Sean in Ontario and if given the opportunity, there would be 
few obstacles in Sean's way on a national level. At OFSAA. Sean was 
second overall in the slalom and in his second run he actually beat the even- 
tual winner and this is in a field of 160 of Ontario's fastest racers. In the 
I.S.A.A., Sean finished first in the slalom beating Jeff Magwood by one 
and a half seconds over tuo races. In the giant slalom, Sean excels as well. 
He never finished outside of the top five in every race this season but per- 
haps his best race was his first run in the giant slalom at OFSAA. Skiing 
from a position of 1 1 1 Sean rocketed down an extremely challenging course 
and placed sixth. Sean's energy and enthusiasm is boundless. He is a tire- 
less skier and he relishes a challenge like nobody else on the team. 

Iain McDonald - Swimming: 

lain, only in Grade 1 1 . demon.straled his versatility this year by swimming 
every stroke and every distance for this year's undefeated championship 
team. Ian trains tirelessly for the Port Hope Aquatic Club, as well as the 
School swim team. Some days Iain puts in 3 workouts a day. as well as 
weight training - totalling 14 training workouts per week. Iain never com- 
plains and his peers ride along with his dirve and vision for excellence, 
lain is ranked 10th in Ontario in the more difficult Club division of the 
Ontario Provincial Championships. 1 predict that Iain will set ISAA records 
next year and then in his graduating year, his records will be untouchable 
by anyone for many years to come. 
Ladies and gentlemen our future U.S. scholarship kid - IAIN MCDONALD. 

Brett Norris - Soccer: 

In the last two years. Brett Noms has made an enormous impact on the 
school's soccer programme and. indeed, ISAA soccer as a whole. Though 
soccer doesn't lend itself to statistics, goaltending does, and Bren's stat- 
istics are unreal: - he gave up 7 goals in 8 games in 1990 - he earned 5 
shut-outs in 1990 - he was co-MVP in 1990 - he gave up 9 goals in 1991; 
this includes tournament games, league games, and play-off games - he 
recorded 6 shut-outs in 1991 - over two years, Bren's 'goals against' av- 
erage is .66 goals per game As awesome as these statistics are, they don't 
fully capture Brett's qualities as a player. He is hard-working, sure-handed, 
courageous, gracious in victory and defeat, and fiercely committed to his 
team and to excellence. Brett 'capped' his TCS career with an unbeliev- 
able game in the final against Appleby, holding them at bay until extra 
time and. in the process, making a number of "professional<lass' saves. 
What an outstanding way to end tno fantastic seasons. Brett is a deserving 
recipient of a Distinction Award. 

Tero Nyman - Hockey: 

Simply stated. Tnnity College School has never had as prolific an offen- 
sive hockey player. Time after time, when a goal was needed it would 
be Tero that the team would look to, and time after time Tero produced. 
In his 43rd game of the season he scored his 50th goal, and two games 
later in the ISAA championship he tallied his 100th point. By season's end 
Tero had ammassed a TCS record 108 points with 56 goals and 52 assists. 
These records will likely stand for many years to come, unless Tero re- 
mms next year to put them in jeopardy. Tero's skills as a hockey player 
are complete in that he is capable of playing directly opposite a possible 
NHL draft choice from the Nichols School and outclassing him head to 
head at both ends of the ice. The players, coaches and fans of Trinity Hockey 
were lucky to have been entertained by Tero's magic this season. 

Hugo Paquin - Hockey: 

A centreman in hockey has perhaps more responsibilities than any other 
player on the ice. and Hugo is a master of every job. He is a face-off artist, 
winning many important draws at key moments in big games for the Bears. 
Hugo's puck handling and offensive skills are outstanding and he finished 
this season with 84 points in 48 games. As a link between the defense and 
wingers in the defensive zone. Hugo's play against the other teams' top 
units was often the key to the team's success. In the words of his talented 
right winger "I never had so good a centreman as Hugo." This statement 
could be echoed by countless high school players in Ontario, had they been 
so lucky. 

J-F Potvin - Swimming: 

To most people he is known as J-F, to those aroimd the pool he is known 
as Superman. He is the most graceful swimmer ever at TCS. He has so 
many records and medals he could start a steel company. When J-F spoke, 
his peers would listen. Whe the practice drills began. J-F would lead. If 
peer leaching was necessary, everyone looked to J-F. At every meet, the 
ISAA coaches would always ask the TCS coaches one question "What 
events are J-F in today?" In the 54 year history of recorded pool records, 
J-F holds two of the ten most prestigeous records. But most of all people 
will always remember J-F Potvin for his outright "joie de vivre" and ex- 
emplary desire. Most certainly the most complete and finest athlete at Tri- 
nity College School. A wonderful ambassador for TCS. J-F POTVIN 

Ronn Rodgers - FOOTBALL 

The rocket was the fastest, strongest and best running back in the I.S.A.A. 
this season. Ronn had the knack of providing the big play or the big effort 
when it really mattered. A standard of true excellence for a running back 
is being able to carry the ball for over 1000 yards. Ronn easily surpassed 
this barrier by gaining 1223 yards - the second highest figure in school 
history. Despite opposition attempts to limit Ron's effectiveness in the cham- 
pionship game, he still rushed for 184 yards and scored two touchdowns. 
Ronn also excelled as a defensive back, using his phenomenal speed to 
add stability to our defensive corps. It is with great pleasure that I recommend 
Ronn Rodgers tor a Distinction Award. 


Rom Rodgers - Track & Field: 

The season is far from over, yet Ronn has aJready earned a list of accom- 
plishments that would make any coach proud. Ronn's season actually started 
in November when he started his training in the upper corridor of the new 
science building. At one particular meet he beat the sixth place nationally 
ranked runner in the sixty meters (6.9 sees. ) Ronn qualified for the national 
indoor finals in both the sixty and 200 meters. When the regular season 
started, Ronn continued this leadership in his role as co-captain. Early in 
the season, Ronn found himself running as many as seven races in one 
day!! Despite this demanding schedule, Ronn qualified for all five of his 
events at E.O.S.S.A. In addition, he broke his own C.O.S.S.A. record 
in the 100 meters with a new time of 10.58 seconds. What really makes 
this feat amazing, is that Ronn has yet to recuperate from a bruised foot! 
(No problem, he just runs on the side of his foot!) He has done more to 
establish Trinity as a force to reckon with, than any other Track & Field 
athlete in the history of TCS. Coach; Larry Thornton 

Esben Schonwandt - Badminton: 

Badminton as most people know is played for the month of April. My cri- 
teria over a number of years has been: If you reach OFSSA you are worthy 
of a Bigside Colour (you have to finish 1st or 2nd at COSSA to reach 
OFSSA). Over the past twenty years. 2 boys doubles have reached OFSSA. 
When they played there they acquitted themselves respectably but without 
success (they lost all 3 matches they played). Esben's performance in win- 
ning six matches out of the seven he played and taking 1st place in the 
B Section was an outstanding performance. We have never seen his quality 
of play at T.C.S. before - he is head and shoulders above many excellent 
players we have had in the past and the present. I recommend him for a 
Distinction Award. Gareth Jones 

Brad Smith - VoUeyball: 

Although Brad's first love in sport is basketball, he also plays a mean game 
of volleyball. He has been consistently outstanding throughout these past 
two seasons as a member of the Bigside Volleyball team. Brad is probably 
the best middle hitter and blocker that this school has ever seen. Brad's 
offensive ability is complemented by accurate passing and skillful defen- 
sive execution. His quiet determination provided continuous inspiration 
for his teammates. Brad presently has the ability to compete at the uni- 
versity level but to our good fortune we have signed him to a no-cut no- 
trade contract at TCS for another year. Here's to a great season Brad! 

Willy Stratford - Soccer: 

Willy Stratford has played three years at the Bigside level; he was a colour 
winner and a co-MVP in 1990; and, this year, he distinguised himself as 
both a superb player and an outstanding captain. Soccer does not easily 
lend itself to statistics. It's therefore necessary to dwell on Willy's qual- 
ities, not his numbers. And what qualities they are - he plays hard all the 
time, even when injured - he practices hard all the time, even when ex- 
hausted - he consistently sets a positive example to all his teammates - he 
devotes himself entirely to team goals and achievements - though a phys- 
ical player, he is never a dirty player, and he always conducts himself in 
a sportsmanlike manner - he is the heart of a fullback line that, for the 
last two years, has conceded the fewest goals in the league - he is a captain 
who, even when saddled with onerous or delicate responsibilities, has none- 
theless responded superbly. Simply put, a player and person of Willy's 
calibre doesn't come along very often. 

Sami Teimgren - Hockey: 

Sami's skill as a defenseman is renown throughout the ISAA. and in much 
wider circles as well. He combines defensive tenacity with offensive grace 
like few other high school players in the province. Whenever the stakes 
were high, you would be sure Sami would be on the ice for as long as 
possible. His leadership abilities, aside from his play are what make Sami 
truly special. He seems to have an innate sense of what is best for the team 
at any given moment, and always showed immeasurable concern for the 
individual welfare of his teammates. It is extremely rare to come across 
an athlete, at any level, who personifies the many ideals of captaincy in 
team sport to the degree that Sami does. Sami is arguable the best defense- 
man in the ISAA, and certainly the finest that TCS has produced in many 

Dana Toering - Football: 

Dana fulfilled the promises of last year quite remarkably this season. Right 
from the very beginning of training camp. Dana asserted his leadership 
on the offense specifically and the team generally. In just his grade 12 year, 
Dana was the best quarterback in the IS. A. A. He managed to not only 
run a fairly complicated attack, but to totally master it. Dana threw for 
901 yards, and 8 touchdowns, scrambled for 501 yards and rushed for 7 
touchdowns. In fact, his runs (including a 75 yard touchdown on a quar- 
terback sneak) were always exciting to watch for the spectators, uplifting 
to his teammates, punishing to the opposition and nerve-wracking for the 
coaches. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dana Toering for a 
Distinction Award. 

Dan Wells - Football: 

Dan was an early holdout - showing up two days before out first game 
against U.C.C. His return to T.C.S. and the defensive line was like Christ- 
mas came early for the team. Right away at defensive end, Dan started 
where he left off last year. His strength, speed and tackling ability made 
it impossible for teams to run successfully to the defence's right side. His 
aggressive pass rush forced quarterbacks to make hurried, poor throws 
or get sacked. Big players make big plays and in the championship game 
Dan was outstanding, roaming all over the field tracking down U.C.C. 
quarterbacks and running backs. It is with great pleasure that I recommend 
Dan Wells for a Distinction. 

Derek White - Swimming: 

One of this year's captains, DEREK WHITE is quiet and leads by exam- 
ple. No matter how different a workout Derek was presented with, he al- 
ways got the job done. Week after week, we would divide our tiny pool 
into two sections plus one single lane to Derek. The 400 yard freestyle 
is the one high school race feared by all swimmers, except DEREK WHITE. 
On March 6, 1992 Derek White became the first TCS athlete in the School's 
history to win two Provincial medals in one year. On Wednesday, March 
4th Derek swam 57.66 to help his team win the ISAA championship. He 
had never swam anywhere near to this time all year. Then 48 hours later 
he won a silver medal in Ontario by swimming an unbelievable 54.96, 
another 2 3/4 seconds lower than his personal best. In the most beautiful 
eight lengths of swimming, the 200 meter freestyle, Derek slowly, method- 
ically, focused and explosively tore apart his opponent length by length. 
WTien we all look up at the electronic board it read Lane 5 200.05, 3 sec- 
onds faster than his best ever, good enough for the Provincial gold. 


Fall Sports Awards 

The Coaches Award for Under 14 Volleyball: Jeremy 

The Coaches Award for Under 16 Volleyball: Jeff Lavers, 
Dannv Salmon 

The Coaches Award for Middleside Volleyball: Simon Wells 
The Most Valuable Player on Bigside Volleyball: Jon 

The Coaches Award for Littleside Soccer: Ryan Leesui 
The Coaches Award for Middleside Soccer: Loses Jones 
The Pinkerton Trophy (Awarded to Captain of Bigside): 
Willv Stratford 

The Most Valuable Player on Bigside Soccer: Spencer Moss 
The Coaches Award for Bigside Basketball: Tara Rawluk 
The Coaches Award for Bantam Harrier: Kendrick Fong 
The Adrian Smith Trophy: Not Awarded 
The Marshall Trophy for Junior Harrier: Hamish Cowan, 
Elsbeth Homibrook 

The T.W. Lawson Trophy for Senior Harrier: Greg Fines, 
Tanya Hobbs 

The Jamie Eaton Cup for Captain of Under 16 Football: 
David Crosbie, Edan Howell, Trevor Douglas 


The E.J.M. Huycke Trophy for Most Valuable Player on 
Littleside Football: Julian Powell 
The Most Improved Player on Bigside Football: Monte 
Black. Dave Carten 

The Symons Trophy for Captains of Bigside Football: Noble 
Gibson. Julian Maynard. Dana Toering 
The A.M. Campbell Award (for Keenness and Dedication to 
Bigside Football): Noble Gibson 

Tlje Most Valuable Player on Bigside Football: Rob Bour- 
beau, Julian Maynard. Dana Toering. Ronn Rodgers, No- 
ble Gibson. Dan Wells. Mike Bellamy. Brian Clarke, 
George Goodall, John Graham, Kris Murray 
The Coaches Cup for Best Defensive on Bigside Football: 
Mike Bellamy, Warren Burley, Dave Carten, Jake Clifford, 
Dave Fisher. Noble Gibson. John Graham. Chris Hodgetts, 
Josh Hoover, Jeff Magwood, Kris Murray, Ronn Rodgers, 
Matt Stephenson, Dan Wells. Charlie Wilson 
The Most Valuable Plaver: Andre Dacosta 

Winter Sports Awards 

The D. Hadley Armstrong Cup for the Most Valuable 
Player on Littleside Basketball: Courtney Christ 
The Jim Kerr Trophy for Leadership: Glenn Gatcliffe 
The James W. Bamett Trophy for the Most Valuable 
Player on Bigside Basketball: Brad Smith 
The Arnold D. Massey Award for the Most Promising 
Newcomer in Squash: Jason Yue 

The Ernest Howard Trophy for Under 15 Squash: James 

The Irvine Trophy for leadership: Philip Sword 
The Philip Ketchum Award for the Most Outstanding Con- 
tribution to Squash: Ben Hatcher 
The Charles F. Bullen Trophy for Best Player: Richard 

The Coaches Award for Girls Volleyball: Tanya Hobbs 
The Coaches Award for Girls Swimming: Tara Hamilton 
The Danielson Trophy for Leadership: Adrian Murphy 
The Housemaster's Cup - Littleside Age Trophy: Gordon 

The Pat Osier Trophy for the Best Swimmer: Derek White 
The Sebastien Goulet Trophy for Leadership: Jean-Francois 
(J-F) Potvin 


The Coaches Award for Bantam Nordic Skiing: Not 
Awarded this year 

The Andrus Vasila Cup for Junior Nordic Skiing: Not 
Awarded this year 

The Sifton Cup for Cross-Country Skiing: Austin Dumas 
The John D. Armstrong Award for Alpine Skiing: Rob 

The Ted Savage Trophy for Making an "Outstanding Con- 
tribution to Alpine Skiing": Jonathan Knight 
The Strong Cup for "The Most Improved Senior Skier": 
Wells Baker, Alexis Ellis 
The Coaches Award for Curling: Michael Jack 
The Peter Campbell Trophy for Leadership: David Crosbie 
The McLean Trophy for leadership: The Raider Squad 
The J.W. Kerr Trophy for the Most Valuable Player on 
Bigside: Sami Tenngren 

The R.W. Goodall Trophy for Captain of Bigside Hockey: 
Hugo Paquin 

The Vladimir Baranov Trophy for Leading Scorer on Big- 
side Hockey: Tero Nyman 


spring Sports Awards 

The Dr. R. McDerment Cup for Captain: Daniel Salmon 

The Seagram Cup for Most Improved Player: Paul Futhey 

The Ford Stuart Strathy Trophy for Leadership: Stephen 


The Reverend J. Scott Howard Cup for Captain: Glenn 


The E.L. Currie Cup for Best Batsman: Joses Jones 

The Cricket Challenge Cup for Best Bowler: Jonathan 


The Old Boys' Fielding Cup for Best Fielder: Glenn 

Gatcliffe, Andrew Kirby 


The Coaches Award: Joshin Raghubar 


The Coaches Award: Mike Bellamy 


The Beck Trophy for Captain: Charlie Wilson 

The Peter Kelly Bowl: David Fisher 

The Fred T. Smye Trophy: Mark Shay, Cameron Snaith 

The D.H. Hunter Trophy for the Number 1 Jr. Player: 

Ryan Leesui 


The Coaches Award: Mike Kabaluk 

The D.H. Hunter Trophy for the Number 1 Senior Player: 

Staunton Bowen 


The #1 Lady Tennis Player: Janine Roberts 


The Coaches Award: Kate Simmonds 


The Coaches Award: Espen Schonwandt 


The Coaches Award: Graham Stoute 


The Coaches Award: Michael Sanborn 


The Ned Hanlan Trophy: Simon Wells 

The Jim Ganley Trophy - Top Jr. Male Oarsman: Garth 


The Coxwain's Crown: Kabir Jamal 

The McNamara Trophy - Top Jr. Female Rower: Sasha 


The Daniel Holmes Middle Distance Trophy: J-F Potvin 

Coaches: Kirk De Fazio, Ted Jackson, Tom Langford, 

Larry Thornton 

The Darren Cunningham Jumpers Trophy: Phillip Ebbrell, 

Chad Ito 

Track & Field - Hurdles Award: Ronn Rodgers 

Track & Field - Sprinters Award: Ronn Rodgers 

Track & Field - Throwers Award: Troy Holness 

The Geale Cup: Shelley Stacey, Esbon Schonwandt 


- 7 s 



;^rt: *'Wi)at garlic ii to galalr, inganitp is 
to art'* i^ugugtus ^t» 0auben£^, 

Poetry Prize 
The Idealist 

By C. Good 

Brave and valiant 'till the end. 
He guards the gate he must defend; 
■"I shall move for no man!" he cries. 
Though nothing's round to meet his eyes. 

His surface brute with brazen brawn 
Shines monolithic in the dawn. 
While far beneath his granite skin 
The tender tissues twist within. 

Behold! he guards the gate of God 
Himself, a scene so sadly odd; 
Though he guards with deep devotion. 
His weakness is innate emotion. 

Standing fixed with fearsome might. 
He challenges all that is in his sight 
Shouting "I shall move for no man!"; 
He knows he's right and takes his stand. 

Sly as mink a shape approaches. 
Upon the guard the form encroaches- 
He snaps awake in quick defense 
To charge this sudden turbulance. 

As this form invades his precinct. 
Reason battles hard with instinct; 
Overcome by tremors within. 
He steps aside and lets her in. 

Prose Prize 

By B. Hatcher 

I guess that the cold just isn't much of an emotional conductor. 
Because I felt nothing, not even a spark of life or passion. I didn't 
even feel as though I were there at all. 

The snow crunched beneath my feet, and I could feel the crisp 
air biting the tip of my nose. I could even see the moisture in my 
breath crystallized into white clouds in front of my face. The voices, 
laughing and chattering behind me seemed clear enough. But they 
didn't seem that real; I wasn't connected to them, I couldn't tap into 
the reality that they offered. And the people speaking seemed equally 
distant. They were there, but only in theory, like atoms. As far as 
I was concerned, I may as well have not been there at all. 

Suddenly, I felt a pressure on the top of my ankle, pushing it up- 
wards, turning my sense of equilibrium upside down. And I was fly- 
ing through the air, the ground rushing up to meet me. I felt the cold, 
sharp ice tearing at the palms of my hands. Then the rest of my body 
struck the ground, filling it with pain, hot, exquisite, and ringing 
through my body with all of the resonance of a bell resounding among 
the lofty rafters of a cathedral. 

But I still wasn't there. 

Not really. 

And then I felt it, a dark, red surge of anger, so strong that it con- 
sumed all else, like a blazing inferno consuming a snowflake. The 
laughter, the pain, the emptiness. All gone. 

And I was there, really there. 

For a moment, the soft, eternal blueness of the sky poured into 
my eyes like liquid cobalt, and I could feel my lungs pulling every 
ounce of the oxygen from the air I breathed, and I could taste it. 
Then my eyes were tilled with the leering features of the boy who 
tripped me, its blotched, fleshy tones. His lips stretched back across 
his teeth in a contemptuous smirk. 

In the space of less than a second, I imagined my clenched fist 
covering that smirk, extinguishing it the fleshy tones. And I could 
feel the bones in my knuckles smashing those soft, smirking lips 
against the hard, unyielding surface of his teeth, like worms beneath 
a hammer. Then I imagined the head rocking back on its hinges, 
until it seemed as thoug it was snap off. 

And I wanted it to. 

But in that instant, I turned. 

My anger was gone. 

But I was not. 


Junior Prize 

By B. Sand ford 

Known for what they are not. 

Truth never shown. 

Always hated, never loved. 

Slithering silently through moonlit woods. 

Wishing only that they would not be feared. 

Wanting to be free to move in the light, 

Free from the terrors imposed by humans. 

Eyes blazing, hatred towards the mortals. 

That wish only to kill them. 

Forked tongues flickering. 

Wishing revenge for all the dead. 

Always hunted, killed on sight. 

No explanation given. 

Stones, sticks, bats, balls. 

All used to execute the innocent. 

Sad creatures, condemned to move at night. 

Silently slithering sadly home as day breaks. 



A.S. Lee 

Spring came from the ground 
like clean soft breath 
Fall came from the sky 
like cold big waves 

Spring kneaded leaves 
and made a flesh 
Fall makes a gem 
upon my mind 
by trimming stars 

If spring was blind 
Fall is deaf 

Spring chose your song 
from your words 
Fall disperses your song 
and chooses my words 
in this silent night 


Problem Child By c. Good 

Mr. Layman was indeed a very busy man. Being principal at Northside Elementary School was not as easy as a job he had imagined 
it would be. There was a monumental amount of paperwork and with that came board meetings, financial business, programs to or- 
ganize . . . and parents. He knew nothing as aggravating as a pair of annoying parents drooling over their offspring and complaining 
endlessly about something as simple as the deficiency of washroom breaks their little Johnny was getting. It was hell. One particular 
day, however, as Mr. Layman sat at his desk toiling over a bundle of official forms, a seemingly insignificant problem began to pick 
at the back of his mind. 

It seems that some of the teachers on his staff (some of the more respectable teachers, for that matter) were complaining bitterly. 
Not about pay or holiday time, as one would normally think, but about something that was somewhat of an occupational hazzard: 
a problem child. Since Mr. Layman did not know the child (it was a fairly large school), he concluded that this little grade one boy 
was anything but ordinary, for good, trained teachers were ready to give up on him. The poor principal was at a loss. The only thing 
left to do, he figured, was to talk to the boy himself and see if there was any solution he could come up with. And so, after signing 
a pile of health forms, he sent his secretary to fetch the child from his classroom and to bring him straight to his office. 

Mr. Layman took a break from the paperwork and leaned back in his chair, waiting for the problem child's arrival. He stared at 
the clock. The second hand glided slowly across the characteristically large numbers on it's face - it was the type of bold round clock 
found in every institution of learning and absolutely nowhere else. Mr. Layman fliched slighty upon seeing the small but ever-aparent 
"MADE IN USA" that seemed to be on everything else in his office. He was awakened from his reverie by a sudden tap at the door. 
It opened a crack and a tiny face peered in. The poor child must have known he was in a lot of trouble, for there was an unmistakeable 
look of guilt mixed with fright written on his face. 

"Come in, come in ... no need to be shy," said Mr. Layman with a slightly paternal smile. This mild encouragement was all 
the boy needed, for he immediately grew confident and, without a hint of respect for authority, ran in and jumped into the chair opposite 
the principal. There he sat fidgetting, eyes darting around to take in every comer of the office and he paid not the slightest attention 
to the actual Mr. Layman of Mr. Layman's office who sat opposite him behind the desk. 

"What's your name son?" asked the elderly principal. He hated having to deal with children who had no respect for age or experience. 

"Brian," he blurted the brat. 

"I see . . ." said Mr. Layman, almost hopelessly. He would have to choose his words very carefully. "Well Brian . . . I've been 
hearing a lot about you from your teachers lately. Although I'm sure you're a fine young lad, let's just say that not all that I've heard 
is good. In fact, some of your teachers are getting rather upset over you. This has been going on since the very beginning of school, 
Brian. Now, why don't you tell me from your own little perspective what you think the problem is." 

"I dunno," said Brian quickly. His tone was obvious. He knew exactly what the problem was but was refusing to admit guilt. 

"Come now, Brian . . . you needn't be stubborn about this whole issue. I've heard what the teachers say about you in our staff 
room during recess. Pretty frustrating stuff if you ask me," said Mr. Layman, this time with a little more authority. He continued: 
"What I've been hearing, Brian is that you are having a problem getting along with another little boy in your classroom. Isn't that 
right? From what I hear, you seem to have some incredible fascination for this boy and because of this problem you will do absolutely 
no work in your class. You will only sit and stare at this other child with what looks like deep admiration on your face. The poor 
teacher has to spend so much time and effort on you and yet you will not listen to a single word. Your class is falling behind all 
of the other classes because of you, Brian. Will you tell me what the problem is? Who is this other boy?" 

There was a brief period of silence. Then the child finally spoke up. 

"Georgie," said Brian resentfully. "His name is Georgie . . . and it's not fair." 

"What's not fair, Brian?" 

"Georgie wins everything. He never loses. He always gets all of the good toys. And all the good clothes. His parents are so rich 
and spend all sorts of money on him. And I get nothing . . . nothing at all." 

"So you hate Georgie because you believe that he is better than you. Is that it?" 

"I don't HATE Georgie!" ejaculated the little boy suddenly. He sat there in his chair with a confused yet extremely defensive look. 
He thought for a while and then said, "I ... I want to be him. I want to BE Georgie!" 

Mr. Layman paused for a moment to consider this new enlightment. This was actually not so rare a problem amongest immature 
children of Brian's age. 

"Brian," said Mr. Layman slowly. "Brian, you must be thankful for who you are. Hasn't anyone ever told you that? No matter 
where you go and what you do, there is always going to be someone who is better off than you. If you aren't satisfied with not being 
the best in the group that you are in, then I'm afraid you're in for a miserable life. Brian . . . you must be happy for what you are 
and you must be the best that you can be. Live up to your full potential, but don't expect more. Envying someone whom you believe 
is better will never get you anywhere. Don't you see how silly you are being, Brian?" 

"1 don't care what you say. Layman!" screamed the little boy. "I want more and more and more! It's not fair! Nothing's fair!" 
And with this sudden outburst he ran out of the office crying. 

"Keep your chin up, Brian!" called Mr. Layman after the boy. He had resumed his paternal voice. No matter how insolent the 
child was, the principal still felt sorry for him, because his plight was so pathetic. Yet Mr. Layman knew that he had to do his job. 

With a sigh, the principal fumbled through his record book, looking for the number to call for information about placing the young 
Brian in another school - a more caring school ... far away. 


The Parable of the Orange Inspector 

By E. Kelly 

Bamabus Meadow was a simple but a well respected man. He lived a comfortable life alone enjoying the small pleasures 
that he allowed himself. Bamabus did love his work. He was master of his community's guild and enjoyed the position 
he had inherited from his own teacher. It was both Barnabus' pleasure and his occupation to inspect oranges. Although 
it is a small and insignificant job in some nations it was a position of some esteem in his country. 

As a child Barnabus had developed a fetish for that citrus fruit while his friends focused on the synthetic sweet of 
the day. With age and maturity. Barnabus turned his adoration into the nucleus of his studies. The craft of orange in- 
spection was taught to him by the outspoken guild master, Tim Barrister. This Barrister fellow schooled Barnabus in 
classical theories of appreciation. He built up an ideal in his mind of what the perfect orange was and why everything 
else was unacceptable. 

After this schooling, as well as some time spent at a foreign educational institution. Meadow was able to analyze a 
hundred different parts of the well loved fruit. The green leafy plug that once held the orange to the tree needed to be 
geometric yet organic. The symmetry it showed set a balance for the rest of the body. An almost circular ellipse, longer 
from top to bottom than from side to side, was the mark of a well shaped orange. The texture of the dimples was best 
if subtle but noticeable. A smooth even colour and a hint of reflective sheen were what rounded out the necessary qualities 
of the skin of an ideal orange. 

A firm solid peel was the foundation of such a luxurious exterior. With the slightest puncture of a thumbnail the ideal 
skin of the ideal orange would flake off taking all sign of pulp with it to the garbage. The orange sections were best 
if they were even in number and equal in size. In the middle of the axis each section need only contain one well formed 
seed. Within the sections the sectional fibres had to be bursting with colour and with juice. Such rigid standards set the 
stage for the ideal orange. The actual taste of the orange was assumed to follow. Should the orange pass all other tests 
the taste could not possibly be the slightest bit sour or bitter. 

Meadow's judgement was well respected and much adhered to by his many suppliers. He rarely awarded the status 
of a "grade A" orange to anything that passed across his desk. Logically the infrequent one attracted the attention of 
many admirers. Thus it was to Meadow that many took their oranges. Nevertheless the fates of many oranges, and the 
suppliers that brought them to him, were decided upon his opinion. 

A new supplier, named Fay Druss, brought him something he was convinced had value. From the first glance Bamabus 
recongized that something was odd. Red lights went off far behind the citrus spattered lenses of Bamabus' glasses. The 
fruit before him was too small to be an ideal orange. Rather than discard the fruit that in his hands was not passing the 
initial quality test, Bamabus continued his inspection. After all what kind of orange had a sunken stem with a leaf attached? 
Further the colour was uneven and horrors! The orange was not dimply and smooth it was somewhat hairy. Bamabus 
reconsidered dismissing the orange but curiosity overcame what he felt to be his better sense of judgement. He pursued 
his inspection. Digging in his thumbnail Barnabus was squirted with a sticky juice. The firm skin tumed out to be a 
thin coating over a smooth flesh. The area he had pressed turned soft and discoloured. Producing a knife Bamabus at- 
tempted to slice through it. Only his sharp blade was met with solid resistance halfway through. After some effort he 
extracted a large dark seed from where there should have been ten or twelve smaller lighter coloured seeds. His shock 
was compounded with the discovery that there were no fibres or sections. The fruit was smooth all the way through. 

Bamabus looked at the dissected specimen in front of him. He reconsidered it a third and a fourth time. After his fifth 
inspection he threw it away. This object did not pass one of the qualifications of the ideal orange. Bamabus was confident 
that he could not be accused of having a closed mind. After all he checked it against all conventional standards and it 
did not meet up with any of them. Slightly offended by Fay Druss, Bamabus passed judgement and dismissed the supplier. 
With the decision that it must have been the worst orange he had ever seen, Bamabus Meadow threw away a perfectly 
good peach. 




By C. Willmore 

In the country called Kom 

all creatures lived well 

'til a demon was spawned 

under whose might Kom fell. 

The prophecy did read: 
"No man, living nor dead, 
may slay the demon Vem 
without losing his head." 

All men who attempted 

to attack the foul beast 

were soon murdered by Vem 

their flesh served at his feasts. 

From the smitten ranks rose 

a remarkable knight, 
whose shield bore a gryphon 
and whose armour was white. 

The knight, in its splendour 

was a sight to behold. 

It approached the vile terror 

and unsheathed its sword. 

Raucous battle ensued 

and the knight with its blade 

charged forward to attack 

its plume as green as jade. 

The blade did hit true 

and the demon it struck, 

but not before hellfire 

was sent, bearing bad luck. 

And with this the brute writhed, 
gripping limbs, grasping tight, 

as his fmal action 
he burned steadfast and bright. 

Only ashes were left 

of the once evil beast 

which dissolved and were not 

further seen, in the least. 

"How 'tis," asked the people, 

"that this fresh knight has won 

where so many have failed, 

from baron to pawn?" 

"The true prophecy read," 

said the knight with a smile, 

"that no man could hurt Vem 

be he within a mile." 

"But I am a woman," 

she said, stripping off gear, 

"and it doesn't apply 

to a princess, I fear." 


By B. Hatcher 

I feel like a worm on hot pavement, 

baking in the sun. 

My skin constricts around me, 

cracked, grainy, and taut, 

as the hot sun leeches away my life 

But somewhere, deep in my core, 
I am still soft, moist and pink: 
I try to move. 
But as my scaly shell 
scrapes the pavement, 
I sound like two pieces of sand pa- 

being doggedly ground together. 
And my dry, brittle casing 
snaps around me, 
like crisp, salty bacon. 

There, in the sun, I sizzle 
my body chaiTed and black, 
in a paved sauna 
fixed with the fiery glare 
of noon's unwinking eye. 



By P. Fulton 

"What a stupid predicament," James said lamely. 

Matt sighed deeply "You can sat that again " He looked around to reassess their situation. "How the hell do you suppose that we are going to 
get down from here? Christ we're at least 150 feet up, maybe more." 

"Man. I have no clue." James laughed in spite of himself, "I'm starting to get cold." 

Matt nodded. "Me too," he said. 

The boys remained silent. Man looked over to his right to watch the setting sun. The temperature had already dropped 10 degrees from the afternoon's 
zenith. Matt wished that he had worn something more then a t-shirt and shorts. 

It's really going to get cold tonight. Matt thought. It's not like it is July where it stays warm all night long. He looked over to his friend to see 
that he was shivering. Goosebumps covered his exposed arms and legs. 

". . . climb down?" 

"Huh?" Matt asked, caught off in his own other world. 

"1 said, do you think that we could climb down? " James said again. 

"I don't know. man. I think that we should wait for a while in case someone else shows up to start it again." 

"Who the hell is going to show up here in the middle of October?" James said irritated at himself for allowing himself to be talked into another 
one of Man's stupid stunts. He always agreed to go along on all of Man's stunts, knowing full well that it would get him in to trouble. He had known 
Man for most of his 16 years of existence and had always wondered why he considered Man his best friend. 

They are completely different people. Man is so carefree and reckless, while James is, when he is not around Man. careful and sedate. Yet every 
time Man comes up with a stunt to end all stunts, James always goes against his better judgement and agrees to take part. 

"Man, why do I listen to you?" James asked him. 

Man smiled, "Because you're crazy just like me." 

"That's not true. I only do this sniff when I'm around you. I would never dream of sneaking in here and taking rides on the ferris-wheel with any 
of my other friends," James said as-a-maner-of-factly. 

"Yes, but do you have as much fun with those other guys as you do with me?" Man challenged him. 

James began to open his mouth then shut it again. He knew that Man was right - his other friends bored the hell out of him. 

"You see," Man began again, "you are a renegade just like me, but you still haven't realized it yet. You want to convey this image to everyone 
that you are a wise, no-nonsense kind of guy, yet deep down inside your only wish is to cut loose." 

"But 1 don't want to be like you. I want to do well in school, and go to a good University so that I can get a good job. I don't want to live the 
rest of my life trying to top my last adventure. Christ, Matt, I want to grow up," James said with much enthusiasm. 

"You think that growing up is working your ass off to score some boring njne-to-five job that ends up consuming your entire life? That's not growing 
up, that's dying," Man said while shaking his head. 

"Maybe that is what I want," James said while knowing full well that it wasn't what he wanted at all. 

"No, really, maybe I want total security in my life. Maybe I want to go to work every morning and bring home a paycheck every Friday, and 
never have to worry about making ends meet. How do you know that I don't want that?" 

"Cause I know you. You want what I want; freedom to roam. You do not want to be tied down to a job or a family. You want to do what you 
want when you want to do do it. You don't want anyone or anything coining in the way of your freedom." Matt told him. 
"But doesn't everyone want that? " James asked. 

"Not the way we want it. That's what attracts me to you. because I can see that beneath your clean-pressed appearance and beneath your A-plus 
average you are a total and absolute free spirit. Why else would you hang out with me then? And you're attracted to me for the same reason, because 
we both love freedom. Not the way most people love it, cutting loose on the week-end then going back to the same routine on Monday, passing their 
week away drearmng of the coming weekend. No, for us, the weekend never ends. We are the last of the wild bunch," Man finished. 

"I don't think that is like me at all. In fact, I think that I put my work ahead of my play on every occasion. I want to succeed in life and in order 
to do that I have to be willing to be a hard worker, which I do," James said though not totally convinced he was being truthful. 

"It's there, James. I see it." 

"What's there? What the hell are you talking about?" 

"The urge to fly. It's in there, yet you try hard to supress it," Matt said. 

"I do no such thing." James said, annoyed. 

"I'll prove it to you," Man said, standing up in his seat. 

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You are going tip this thing and get us both killed," James said but without much conviction. 

"That's what you want. Admit it, James. Your number one goal in life is death. You want to go out in style, not to simply fade away. Come and 
jump with me," Man said to him. 

"You're nuts." 

"We both are, that's why we're here," Matt said as a large gust of wind almost blew him off the seat. 

Man stretched his face to the dying light and smiled. He looked back to James and nodded. 

James shrugged his shoulders and joined Matt standing up on the swaying seat. 

"This is it. huh Man? Our final and greatest stunt of all." 

"The only way to go." Matt said and jumped. 

A second later, James jumped as well knowing that he would follow Man's lead until the end of time. 



Reflections on the Transition to Coeducation 
By Darren A. Little John 

September 19, 1991 marked an official declaration of war. It was by no means a belligerent move, but rather an attack 
on inertia, unprecedented in Trinity history. While the adaptation of coeducation was imminent, the actual initiation was 
inevitably going to send a tremor through the school. Every student ever to wander the halls of the school on the hill 
has observed and conformed to some change. Contemporary examples of reform include the abolition of the caddy system 
and the renaming of the Infirmary to a far more optimistic term, the Health Centre. However, the most recent alteration 
stands as the most pivotal decision since W.A. Johnson inaugurated the school at Weston one hundred and twenty-five 
years ago. An education at Trinity does not belie the need for tolerance and understanding of change. As the first year 
of coeducation draws to a close, its adaptation and effect on the community merit cogitation. 

The abandonment of the unisexual school met with many different reactions. For many, it proved a difficult pill to 
swallow. Yet, this disapproval is understandable; the old school was a superlative institution which espoused the traditions 
Trinity affiliates had learned to value. The camaraderie fostered in an all-male institution is unique; events such as the 
New Boys Picnic, and the ability to live without thresholds were perceived as important facets of the T.C.S. experience. 
In general, those who opposed coeducation feared the change would mean the loss of the salient parts of Trinity, char- 
acteristics which made it the school so many cherished. And such misgivings were not unfounded. The school has set 
aside certain traditions in order to embrace the arrival of girls. 

The stalwart proponents of coeducation faced many challenges, despite the many sound reasons for initiating the change. 
A school exclusively for boys had its place, and served its purpose, for the society it served, namely a world governed 
by men. Inevitably, the school would have to face the realities of the world around it. But to inject such a change into 
the school community was certain to result in nothing short of mayhem - and orchestrating the evolution of transition 
was a substantial task. It was like shifting the intrinsic values of an entire generation, set stringently in its ways. Within 
a very short period of time, an entire school proved its ability to prepare for the change of the subsequent year. 

The most notable aspect of the transition was how its momentum permeated amid the entire school community. 
Coeducation's challenges and demands were debated and resolved by groups stemming from the Governing Body to the 
Transition Student Council. It was, without a doubt, a multilateral effort. The hierarchy of committees, headed by the 
Coeducation Steering Committee, was immense and could have rivalled the government's love of creating bureaucracy 
and endless pages of minutes. Virtually every feature of Trinity life was examined, appraised, and often times changed 
under this process. 

A plethora of issues had to be tackled. The Headmaster's committees questioned pedagogical issues, requiring an inter- 
nal audit of the school's curriculum and a candid assessment of its suitability to coed classes. Both students and faculty 
members addressed classroom dynamics, and how the presence of girls requires certain pedagogical changes, on the part 
of both students and instructors. Other committees confronted the changes in residential life, and prompted the building 
of the student centre in the antecedent Room 50. Issues such as dietary changes, the need for new nomenclature, health- 
related questions, and a name for female alumni kept the newly-founded committees active for several months. And while 
this ongoing wrangling often seemed futile, its benefits are easily identified in hindsight. 

Many institutions have struggled during the initial stages of coeducation. Much of the opposition stems from a lack 
of preparation and a failure to deal with unresolved anxieties. Trinity's approach to the transition was unique, and proved 
effective in the long-term. While many of the mandates set out by the Steering Committee were not completely resolved, 
the discussion of such matters on the various committees sparked interest and awareness. Because members of every 
part of the community were involved in the process, this promoted an interest in coeducation in virtually everyone. Stu- 
dents, faculty, alumni, and support staff all had a voice in decision-making, and as a result, had a vested interest in how 
the new school evolved. More than anything else, it was the unanimous inclusion of the school and its periphery members 
which fostered a positive, active attitude towards coeducation - and this outlook was the driving force behind Trinity's 
almost flawless transition into a coeducational school. 

Now, with a year complete. Trinity is officially a functional coeducational institution. While certain issues remain out- 
standing, the initial nine months have proven successful, and the time of preparation undoubtedly worthwhile. It is now 
supposedly a new school - but how "new" is it in reality? Perhaps the most promising feature of Trinity this year is 
how natural the presence of girls on campus seems. Instead of upheaval, more so than ever Trinity boasts an ambience 


of "business as usual". It is not a different school; there are simply some different students. But the only thing which 
separates these new students from their predecessors is gender. The activities, sports, clubs, and academics which make 
T.C.S. an eminent private school have really not changed. Instead, it could be argued that they have been enhanced by 
a student population which truly represents the world circumscribing the school on the hill. Simply put, it is an institution 
which represents the world it exists in. 

Thus, the school has survived its test. The alternative to coeducation was to continue to grasp at antiquated ideals; 
traditions which were pertinent to times long-gone and served generations past. But surely one of the intrinsic parts of 
a complete education is a preparation for actuality. As the world adopts new tendencies, T.C.S. must be willing to em- 
brace liberal ideals as well. Although much of the past was beneficial, it really has no place in these newfangled times. 
While coeducation is not the ultimate answer to revealing the real world to Trinity students, having girls on campus, 
at the very least, ensures students have coexisted in a realistic world before they graduate. The school's efforts to adopt 
coeducation were successful, and are a testament to the community's willingness to revere the past and be progressive 
for the future. With the mmultuous process of change past. Trinity can continue its commitment to excellence in a truly 
coeducational milieu. 


By N. Gibson 

He has no name nor does he have any need for one. Most men will run into him at one point or another in their lives. 
Some, such as myself, meet him when they are still teenagers. Yet most meet him in their thirties. He has no concrete 
descriptions for he is different to every man he meets. The effect that he has is the same on everybody. He is ruthless 
and listens to no man. He has no pity so if you're one of his chosen you might as well give up. 

To me, he is an old man. He just walks around and stares at his victims. His shrivelled up face holds in it two black 
eyes. It is as though his eyes are not there and you just peer into his dark head. He has no expression on his face, all 
that remains there is wrinkled, leathery skin with a yellowish, moldy look to it. 

I can't really picmre what his body looks like because he wears a very large winter coat all the time. It is darker than 
just black. Most black things have seem to have a slight blue tint or shine. Yet his coat doesn't give a glimmer of light 
back. It is like a black hole that sucks in the light. It looks as though he was in a picture that had his coat cut out and 
this picture was held up to a black sky of night. 

He has always scared me. All he ever wears is black. He even covers up most of his face as though he doesn't want 
anybody to see him or to see his personality. As I lie in my bed. he just stares. I try not to stare at him but I just can't 
help myself. He stares back as if I've figured out his deepest secret or that I've done something bad to him. I hate him for that. 

Perhaps the best way to describe what he does then is to compare him to the Sandman. Much like the Sandman he 
comes out at night but after you've fallen asleep. He comes in your nightmares. You know your a sleep and you can't 
move your body at all. It is then that the expression of joy and satisfaction comes to his face. He knows that he has 
you. He sprinkles the magical sands on your head and then leaves to get his next victim. Your nightmare goes away 
and it is not until the next morning that you see doings and remembered that he visited. 

He is evil but cannot be stopped. Some families he comes to after every generation and for some he picks at random 
but the effects are all the same. His magical sand is more like a poison that eats away at your scalp. In the mornings 
his effect is evident. Brushing your hair the brush gets clogged. All your hair is falling out. 

He is the man who brings male pattern baldness. He is the devil's best friend. 

To all those suffering from his visits, I feel your pain. For those who don't know him, pray that he never comes into 
your bedroom! 



By. P. Fulton 

The man wiped away the sleep from his half closed eyes and grumbled at the sound of the buzzard. 

"Goddamned doorbell." he said to the empty room. He glanced at the clock on the bureau that read 2:14am. 

The buzzer rang again demanding that the sleepy -eyed man get out of bed. He did. 

The buzzing gave way to a hard pounding as the man approached the door. 

"Alright, alright! Cool it! I'm coming!" the man said, deeply annoyed at being awakened at 2 o'clock in the morning. 

The pounding increased in volume. 

"Knock it off, I'm coming!" the man shouted at his mysterious visitor. However the pounding did not abate, 
instead it rose volume. 

The man opened the door to find a younger man, no more than twenty-five, holding a stack of Bibles. 

"What the hell do you want?" the owner of the house demanded. 

"Would you like to buy a Bible?" the visitor asked timidly. 

"Do you have any goddamned idea of what time it is?" the man who was now rightfully pissed off asked. 

The other checked his watch and replied: "It's two-fifteen." 

"Most people are asleep at two-fifteen, pal. So get lost and let me get some sleep," the angry man said as he 
began to close the door. 

The Bible salesman put his foot in the door, stopping it. 

"The word of God never sleeps." 


"I said that the word of God never sleeps." 

"Just what the hell is that suppose to mean?" the angry man inquired. 

"Just that you should remember God, even as you sleep." 

"Look, pal. I'll have you know that I don't believe in any God. I think that it's all bull. Now, I'm going to 
give you three seconds to get off of my bloody property before I kill you," the owner of the house said quite forcibly. 

The salesman did not flinch. 

"One," the man began to count. 

"Two," he continued. 

"Th-" he was cut off. 

"I'll have you know that though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil." 

"That's great, friend. Say hi to your God for me because I'm sending you to him," the grumpy man said as 
he grabbed the salesman's neck and began to squeeze. 

"Fear not what you do, you send me to God," the Salesman managed to gasp out before his neck was snapped. 

After the salesman was dead, the man went back to bed and had the best sleep he ever had. 
















OUSE !j 




' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^F 


1 -^^^ 





^oniti: "(golr gibeg ug relatibes; tf)ank 
(golr toe can ttfooit our fnenlrs*\ Ctfjell^. 



"Look! A flying dragon!" We've got your anention now. 
The hallowed halls of Brent House this year saw it all. We saw 
it all. We saw Mrs. Markovski change her hair colour like a 
chameleon in a Volkswagon bug. We saw a sweep on the bas- 
ketball courts as the Timberwolves rose to respectability. And 
we saw Ray . . . there, just there. So many people can be 
thanked. The third b-ball team, the fourth form brat pack, the 
fifth form skid crew, and the second form pigs. The year 
wouldn't have been the same without them. The sixth form would 
like to wish the best of luck to next year's sixth form. Things 
to remember: we are the richest house by far (D.H.H. & L.J), 
the litter box (A.B), Disco Dave and public apologies (G.G, 
B.B & W.Y). The phoneboard's coming, I swear. 
P.S Disco, you're the best buddy. 
P.P.S Thanx Duby . We would never have made it without you. 

Written and produced by George Goodall 




The key to Sickle's success this year was teamwork. While 
we were sometimes closer to the Bad News Bears (or the Leafs) 
than we wanted, all members of Bickle House pulled together 
to produce some fantastic time. Sure, our sixth form often only 
fielded one or two players in chapel, and the bottom flat is one 
of the most chaotic line-ups in the league. But, no other house 
put out the effort that we did. Our wins included the first co-ed 
barbecue; a beat the clock two minute chapel; our own club- 
house in Mr. Heaton's basement, complete with satellite TV; 
our own week-end program; one of the weirdest half-time shows 
ever; the "Clocks and More" during the house play festival; 
and a sweep of both house debating trophies. We even man- 
aged to rouse out all the Islanders and put on the best dance 
of the year, the first Caribbean night, in February. That was 
a night to remember! 

This was all coached by Mr. Robling and Mr. Heaton. They 
showed everyone that a coach does not always have to sit on 
the sidelines, apart from the players. Their effort to help under- 
stand, and guide us produced a team of "Bickleites" that is 
hard to beat. Mr. and Mrs. Robling, and Mr. Heaton always 
had their door open to anyone that needed advice, cookies, or 
conversation. Their patience and enthusiasm was also a clear 
example to a great bunch of flat supervisors and a very patient, 
competent Assistant Head of House, Trent Thompson. 

With representation from Saudi Arabia, Wales, Sweden, Ja- 
pan, South Africa, New Jersey, Hong Kong, Macau, China, 
and Camden East, Bickle house easily has the most diverse range 
of backgrounds and talents. The winning streak will continue. 
So, watch out. 

By Jeremy Padmos. 




Bums house 

Bums boys were extremely diverse this year. Firstly, there was King Shik and his band of Orientalkinsmen. 
who would often short out the T.V with a Chinese feast at about lam. The T.V. Room crew got particularly upset, 
especially Duke who had moved in there early in the first term. The rest of the crew: Relph, Fines and Beauchamp 
would casually harass Slam-id (Mazen) while the Trekies; Davidson. Dumas. Leesui, Chin and Jones would await 
the start of Star Trek. Willie Yang's Kitchen and Biffs Ho's Variety supplied those watching Sportsline and Cops 
with a midnight snack, while Rick Roland. Maynard, and NAFJ (Conell) would pull subs and pizza up the window 
after lights. Those not watching T.V. like Bowen, Goddard. and T. Johnson could be found in the bathroom. Must 
have been the food. Beugghhh (C. Johnson) was always fighting for the phone with Simmonds who spent more 
time talking to his girlfriend than attending school. Gus (C. Angus) would play more golf if he knew which park 
bench Spunks (S. White) was sleeping on. Tit. meanwhile would help to quench the thirst of the house. Bums 
was relatively quiet at night thanks in part to Bellamy, Aitken and Toering who we couldn't contact in Toronto, 
so often Tit was forced to alarm the girls with his presence looking for them. Meanwhile, I was kept busy with 
all these shenanigans going on. We'll miss you next year Mr. Reynolds and you'll never have to worry about May- 
nard and Simmonds and their house-keeping habits. Monte, bottoms up dude. Adios T.C.S. 

The Bumed girls managed to hold their own. They came in not being sure what to expect - they got a lot more 
than they bargained for! To be fair the boys were a little surprised too. We were certainly not prepared for the 
addition of two Simmonds girls or the car they brought with them. Nor was J. Maynard ready for the lavish af- 
fections of J. Drew. What about the many fire alarms caused by Bums House, eh Miss Bodie? 

There were many new and old couples scattered around the campus only to run in just before the alarms were 
set. There was the odd visit from J-F and Irv as well as many other unknowns. The girls were even kind enough 
to run their own laundry service (Thanks Homi and Mom). Need a cab? Just ask April or Melissa. Malinda. have 
a cow man! Amndel, don't run out of breath from laughing so hard. The girls were even honored to have Caro 
Angus, a promising Olympic medalist in equestrian. As well, a Hick tumed boarder, and a few crazy Quebecois. 
Angle, Lindsey, Julie. J, and Lisa ran detention (there were enough of them). The Toronto crowd and Amy, you 
always had smiles on your faces and we enjoyed your company at all times. Honour Sam is far too short for you. 
To those leaving and staying, best of luck! Mrs. Taylor and Miss Bodie Thanks for putting up with me. 

By S. Moss. 




Well, another year has gone by, and Ketchum House, 
surprisingly enough, is still standing. Mr. Stevenson 
hasn't gone crazy, Mr. Langford hasn't gotten any 
smaller, and Chris Hodgetts still has those wonderful no- 

This year we have had some marvelous victories in 
house competition (believe to be the first in the last dec- 
ade or so). These successes are many in number . . . 
I'm lying, we only won the senior part of the softball 
tournament, but hey, that's a start and we all had some 
serious fun while losing (sorry for the abuse. Bill Petro). 

Within the house we all had the same great time that 
can be expected in Ketchum. That certain camaraderie 
was still there, and it was made interesting by the likes 
of Miller, Meathead, Herm, Beav and of course CHEWY 

We would like to thank all the masters-on-duty, espe- 
cially Mr. Robert and Mr. Seagram who will be leaving 
us to take over Hodgetts and Bethune (yuck). Ketchum 
obviously breeds even staff to be leaders (Ha Ha). 

Well good luck to all Ketchumites in the future, espe- 
cially Peter Fulton who takes over as head of house. Don't 
forget to put the patriot up before you hit the sack boys 
because you never know when the likes of Miller and 
Macdonald will be back. 

Good Luck; 






Stalin's rule has ended. Yes, Mr. Stevens has sung his 
swansong and we in Hodgetts salute him and Mr. Hed- 
ney for their leadership and support especially Mr. 
Stevens over the past four years. He will be missed, but 
at the same time we welcome a new housemaster, a new 
father in Mr. Robert to the Hodgetts House family. The 
first half of the year was a spiritual party to say the least, 
because we were stuck in the chapel basement where the 
mold talked back. We migrated to the new building at 
Christmas and have not looked back. The flag will be 
at half-mass following the loss of this year's sixth form, 
though. The house will be losing the Day boy Defense 
(Stratford, Stephenson, Tenngren, Garland and Norris) 
the Petro Geek, Bonus and the Oracle (Chris & Josh) 
Tanya and Traiter (Krista), Caro and Elaine, Zak (ah, 
Puirre) and finally Pcaw (Colin). It is a big space to fill, 
but next year's fifth form will be more than able to fill 
it. Moido, Willie. 

By W. Stratford. 





* :! . 





-■-■c^/ilA ^■- 

4 \' 



Displaying a great deal of courage as well as a disregard for 
personal safety, Mr. Gregg embarked on his final journey as 
captain of the good ship "Bethune". Much like the S.S. 
Minnow's, this trip, only three terms long, was in for some 
trouble. Many of the bad habits of the house were abandoned 
while some of the other traditions managed at last through an- 
other year. 

Unanimously chosen as "house mascot", was Reza Juma, 
taking over a spot once held by such legends as Pipes and Irv. 
The grade tens, led by Tomlinson, Feddery, and Lee Sui, ruled 
second floor, endlessly aruioying the rest of the house. There 
was year long confusion amongst the grade elevens. They never 
realized that "eleven" was the grade they were in, and not the 
hour they were to wake up and wander the halls, bothering those 
with regular sleeping habits. The senior forms put in honest 
efforts in all things (sports, debates, and chapel attendance). 
Some intrepid explorers went on an expedition to Florida. The 
sixth form common room acquired a new piece of furniture 
that looked an awful lot like John Robertson. All night dance 
parties beat the winter drag in Jake Clifford's room. 

The house has a lot to show from this eventful year. The ath- 
letic achievements of Bourbeau, Rodgers and Potvin, and the 
academic excellence of Willis, Lee, Futhey, Kelly, and Ham- 
mond were a source of pride for Bethune. High standings in 
every athletic event were topped off with our winning of the 
Prefect's Cup, the envy of all the other houses. 

All in all a success in Mr. Gregg's final year. Good luck 
to Mr. Seagram, John, and Mike for next year. Keep Bethune 
the Best!! 

By J-F Potvin, Jon Burgart & Evan Kelly 




Beginner's band 

Back Row: P. Salido, E. Zavala. J. P. 

Middle Row: The Headmaster, Mr. 
Sinnon. D Stroud, T. Wright, S. Tot- 
tenham, B. Hamilton. A White, A. 
McCaughey, Mr McGee 
Front Row: J. Irwin. K. Fong. T. 
George. T. Ashcroft. M. Nizol. 

Junior concert 

Back Row: Mr. Sinnott. J. Ruhl. L. 
Amoldi, D. Stroud, B. Hamilton, T. 
Wright. S. Ogundimu 
Front Row: L. Wu. J. Seagram. A. 
Barr, S. Lee, The Headmaster 

Junior jazz 

^ \ 

Back Row: B. Sandford, L. Anwidi. 
D. Salmon. J. Ruhl. S. Ogundimu. 
Mr. Mc Gee 

Front Row: The Headmaster. L. Wu. 
J. Seagram, S. Lee, C. Wong. 


Senior jazz 

Hack Row: T. Johnston, F. Marzari, 

I) White 

Stultlle Rvw: Mr. McGee. B. Sand- 

i.ird. M. Bellamy. J. Magwood, J. 

I hompson. A. Dumas, C. Wilson, P. 

/.akarow. The Headmaster 

h'roni Row: K. Adamek, R. Hassan, 

A. Proctor, S. Lee, C. Snaith, T. 


Senior concert hand 

Back Row: i. Seagram, J. Hammond, 
R. Kamal, P. Sword, D. Michaud, 
J. Thompson, T. Hamilton 
Middle Row: The Headmaster, J. Lay- 
ers, L. Cook, B. Hayhurst. L. Slade, 
C. Snaith, A. Proctor. D. Salmon, B. 
Sandford. S. Feddery. R. Nanka- 
Bruce, Mr. Sinnott 
Front Row: C. Bumhan, S. Feddery, 
O. Duncan, C. Wong, E. Frey, S. 
Lee, R. Hassan, V. Parliament, T. 
Kavander, J. Crawford, Mr. Sand- 





Back Row: P. Zakarow, P. Fulton, D. Van Leeuwen, J. Ruhl. C. Good 

Middle Row: The Headmaster. F. Marzari. W. Karam, B. Sandford, S. Brascoupe, C. Warwick-Foster, 

Dr. DuBroy 

Front Row: K. Jamal. A. Burton. G. Reeves. D. Littlejohn. I. MacDonald. M. Davidson. C. deKerchov. 

Trinity had quite a full and successful year in debating, sending competitors to the four comers of the Earth. We had debaters 
in New York, Winnipeg, England and Aurora. 

The year's first Fulford was at BSS where history was made as Sarah Brascoupe became the first girl to represent Trinity 
at a debate. She did quite well and achieved Trinity's highest score of the day. 

Darren Littlejohn and Geoff Reeves and Pete Fulton were off to the exotic locale of Winnipeg to compete in the International 
Independent Schools Tournament. There they found out everything they could possibly want to know and more about Winnipeg 
as they were toured around by The Annoying Tour Guide From Hell. They also did quite well as each made it into final rounds. 
Darren was the star of the tournament, wirming the Parliamentary Debating division in typical Littlejohn style. 

The second term was extremely busy, especially for Dr. DuBroy who organized and ran the regional debating tournament. 
Here we were aptly represented by John McCallum and Charles deKerckhove who made the most of the little experience that they had. 

Later in the term Geoff Reeves, Pete Fulton, Jeff Ruhl and John McCallum represented Trinity at the SAC hosted Fulford. 
However, Trinity made the most of a bad situation placing respectably in both senior and junior categories. 

In March, while the rest of Trinity took a vacation, Darren was back to work in England. Here he was entered in the English 
Speaking Union competition, which is really the World debating championships. Even at this high level of competition Darren 
was a stand out, placing third overall. Wow. 

In the third term Trinity sent Ceri Warwick-Foster, Ian MacDonald, Sarah Brascoupe and Pete Fulton to debate in front of 
the Ladies Guild. Here the Ladies were informed that Peter is, "A woman." All debated well and the Guild was clearly impressed. 

Also in the third term. Trinity had its House debating finals. The Junior finals matched Brent House, represented by Denji 
Yiu and Sean Dempsey against Bickle House, represented by Ceri Warwick-Foster and Kabir Jamal. The resolution was. "Crim- 
inals are bom not made" and the Bickle team had no trouble with it. as they defeated Brent to win the coveted, "Lame Duck." 

The Senior finals found Hodgetts represented by Bill Petro and Pete Zackarow against Bickle represented by, Chris Watkinson 
and Geoff Reeves. Bickle completed the debating sweep, shooting down the resolution: "What Canada really needs is a coed 
professional hockey league." They won the highly coveted. "Goose With a Hemia" award. 

This year marked the end of Darren Littlejohn's, Ian Macdonald's and Geoff Reeves's debating careers at Trinity. Best of 
luck to Darren and his future debating endeavors at Princeton next year. 



Back Row: A. Brown, N. 
Gibson. J. Maynard, W. 
Young, B. Petro, J. Mag- 
wood, A. Ellis, M. Camp- 

From Row: P. Roland. S. 
Moss. S. Wright, Mrs. 
Vasila. C. Wilson. L. 
Cook. R. Bourbeau 




A Henault. 1. MacDonald. The Headmaster. O. Aboud, B. Miller 


Back Row: Father Seagram, M. Jamieson. S. Johnson. B. Baldwin. S. Titus. R. Teng. F. Marzari. The Headmaster 
From Row T Holness. L. Jacobson. J. Magwood. J Clifford. M Connell. G Reeves. C. Good 


peecJ) Bap 

#ratr: **Jfrienlr: one h3})o knob3S all about 
pou anb lobeg pou just tt)e same/* Clfaert 

Omar Aboud 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao. 
Two wonderful years I spent here at T.C.S. It was a great expe- 
rience. Thanks to everyone that supported me through these years, 
- my parents, my roommates Alistair and Alex, and my great "Lou- 
Good-bye to all Ketchumites. T.C.S has been great. 

Krista A. Adamek 

My first year and last year here at Trinity (my second home) was 
by far the best in my life. Here, I was able to take advantage of 
all it offered; good teachers, sports, music, and of course the free 
dinners! I'll always be proud to be a part of something so old yet 
so new. 

"Press on; nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. 
Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men 
with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a prov- 
erb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Per- 
sistence and determination alone are omnipotent." Unknown. 

■ .1 

"•»f .i 


. hM 




^■fl mi 

^ ■ 

Alexander C. Alexiou 

Thanks to Mom and Dad for all that you have done. 

■ 'The chief merit of languages is clearness, and we know that noth- 

in detracts so much from this as do unfamiliar tenns." Galen. 

"Fair is foul, and foul is fair; Hover through the fog and filthy 

air." Shakespeare. Macbeth. 

"I'll make him an offer that he can't refuse." Mario Puzo, The 


Thanks T.C.S. 

Caro A.E. Angus 

It was the best of times and the worst of times, NOTrit was always 
the best. Sixth form - Raunchy and Awesome. Just one year at T.C.S, 
yet the girls ruled it all. Do not forget "Life is a highway. Ride 
it all night long." Thanks for a wild time. Remember Montreal 
and London, the semi formal. Bunny's French class, sixth form 
tie. I will especially remember the moments with friends. 
"With every friendship we build more firmly the foundations on 
which the peace of the world rests." Gandhi 
Thanks to Linz, Ang. Julie. Jen. Tanya, Malinda, Jeff, George, 
Will. Trent. Bill, Jon, John. M.J.. Tojo. Geoff. Troy, Chaz, Jeff, 
Graham, Pete and everyone else at T.C.S. for making it the most 
wicked year of my life. 


j^Mit^yMmfr. -3 17 

Rajendra D. Babool 

"Knowledge and understanding are life's faithful companions who 
will never prove untrue to you." Kahlil Gibson. 
Over the years, many friends have been made, some have left the 
dome of fi'iendship and some have stayed. T.C.S will always re- 
main a friend. It has taught me the most powerful thing in the world, 
my brain. For this I am, and always will be grateful. 1 thatik my 
teachers, my friends and all the people who have made my life at 
T.C.S pleasant and worthwhile. To Mr. Robling I salute you for 
doing an excellent job as an "adopted father" and Housemaster. 
Mr, Wright, great job. Keep it up "Dread." Trinidadian for man. 
Most of all. thanks to Mum and Dad. you are the greatest. I love 
you and always will! 
"Forward ever! Backward never!" Bob Marley, 


Sharon S. Baghai 

The more you live, the more you fly. 

Smiles will give, and tears will cry. 

All you touch, and all you see 

is all your life will ever be. - Pink Floyd 

Special thanx to: N.D, J.T, J.C, C.W (For never failing to make 

me laugh) D.W, N.G, and M.B (I'll miss you, keep in touch and 

good luck)! 

Thaiu TCS. Mom and Dad thanx 


Robert Bourbeau 

Wow! What an experience. These past two years have been nothing 
short of unforgettable. For me the francophone, who could not speak 
English, this has been a lifetime experience. Thanks to all my friends 
who were patient enough to take time to help me break that thick 
Quebecois accent and made that experience so wonderful. I hope 
that my English is pas trop bad now. Thanks Mom and Dad and 
hope to see you all later. For the bigside hockey and football boys, 
"We may be human but we're still animal." The Bears 

Angela Brown 

"What a long, strange trip its been." G.D. 
This time has been one long, strange year. And yet short at the 
same time. So much has happened, more than I ever expected. The 
great friendships I've made, that will never die: Barbados; Brent 
House; and Oh! I've learned so much! I'd like to thank everyone 
who was part of my life while 1 was at Trinity, for making it the 
incredible experience that it was. And to all my friends, and the 
memories that we will forever share. For how long this year has 
been, I can't believe how soon it has come to an end. Just remem- 
ber, "The days were long, but the years flew by." unknown 


Jonathan L. Burgart 

■ The whole of life is futile unless you see it as a sporting proposition' " 

For a small town British Columbian, Trinity has been an amazing 
and unforgettable experience. 1 have grown to love the school, 
Bethune House, my teachers, my sports and most of all friends. 
I would like to thank all of them especially George. Will, Mike. 
Tojo, Bill, Rex. Trent, and Evan for suffering my whinings for 
two years. Finally, and most importantly, thank you to the school, 
my parents and Mr. Wright for making it possible. A few memor- 
ies - Rugby Tour '90, Bermuda, Quebec (numerous times). West- 
em. Prefects, Brentwood and Tecmo Ball. Khan!! Star Trek. "It's 
not B.C. but hey, what is it? "a famous Western philosopher. 

Alstair H. Burton 

Thanks Mom. Too many people at T.C.S. to thank. Alas, not enough 

space. A collective thank you to all those who cared. 

"Trust nobody." Hilary. 

For the grace of our Lord. Jesus Christ and the love of God, and 

the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all forevermore. Amen 

Victor Carles 

"Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has cour- 
age and faith will never perish in misery." Anne Frank 
Thanks to all my teachers it has been a true education. I will never 
forget T.C.S. 

""Tis only noble to be good. 
Kind Hearts are more than coronets. 
And simple faith than Norman blood." Lord Tennyson 

Kin Edmond Pak Chan 

Four years at T.C.S. was not easy. But I am glad that I've learned 
a lot from it. I enjoyed my life at T.C.S. 
Thanks to God, Mom and Dad for their opportunities and the peo- 
ple who had supported me. Merci! 


Jeffrey D. Chapman 

"It was the best of times and the worst of times . . ." Charles Dick- 

Leaving God's coumn' (Flesherton) can be a painful shock to 
anyone's system, but there's no denying that Trinity proved to be 
a reasonable substitute. 

"It seems in a moment your whole world can shatter ..." P. Collins, 
"Love - I get so lost, sometimes days pass and this emptiness fill 
my heart," P, Gabriel 

"I don't know. I'm making this up as I go along!" Indiana Jones 
"For the lips of a loose woman drip honey, and her speech is 
smoother than oil; but in the end she is bitter as worn wood, sharp 
as a two-edged sword " Psalm 5. vs 3,4. 

Now something from myself. A man without love is a man without 

Thanks to all my friends for the memories and good times - you 
know who you are! Hats off to Mom & Dad, Paul, & Shelby for 
this opportunity and making me who I am. 
Thanks. "Let's go eh!" Ed Werenick 

Selwyn C.W. Chin 

"Lift up your tired hands, then and strengthen your trembling knees! 

Keep walking on straight paths, so that the lame foot may not be 

disabled, but instead be healed." Hebrew's 12.12 

I would not say the past three years at T.C.S. was the best in my 

life but it certainly was a turning point in my life. 

The most precious thing I receive in T.C.S. is friendships: DLS. 

MT, GB, JJ, and J. Yiu. Dean have you counted the number of 

times that I said thank you to you? Maroth; no matter how many 

arguments we had. we are still good friends. Jones: you are the 

best, Jeff: "don't be worried on account of the Wicked! " Don't 

forget me! Unless 1 become rich first!!! 

Lastly, thanks to Almighty God and my family for giving me such 

an opportunity! Guys, there are miles for us to go! Hustle! 

Lindsay J. Cook 

■ 'Before I walked back to my future I surveyed the world around 
me." D.M. 

Trinity thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful school. 
Mom & Dad, thanks for giving me this opportunity to experience. 
David, thanks for being there for me. Hug a tree and heal. Live 
life to the fullest. Carpe diem! Thanks for all the memories! Let's 
go diesel! Remember me, as I will always remember you. 
' 'Treat the earth well , . , it was not given to you by your parents 
... it was leant to you by your children," Kenyan Proverb 

Colin G.H. Craig 

Six years is not long if you are a tree but if it's a hangover it's 
a very long time. Through the years I will remember: Too many 
nicknames, too many damn guitars, too many silly Sunday morn- 
ing chapels. Five years of boarding were blown away by one year 
of Daygodism! The world tour, the recovery, the summers, the per- 
manent damage, achieving levels of medium thought (thanks Ed) 
FUBAR. Steves Bam, Big Steins, macho cricket. Flowers, Yuppie 
baseball, ISMF. Thanks to those who kept me mentally stable and 
constantly obsessively happy. Ed, Chris, Josh. Rex. Kissy Baby. 
Hooters. Stephanie, Sarah, My incredible Gran, Mr, L,, Minonnu, 
Dogface (both loafs), McCord, Red hair -i- everyone else. Thanks 
most of all to Mom & Dad, I can never repay you. 
"The lucky man caimot be unhappy, even if he wants to. His friends 
won't let him." C. Cragg, 
I'm out of here. 


Michael J. Davidson 

There is no doubt in my mind that I will miss T.C.S. I look forward 
to leaving, but I will take a lot with me. and hopefully leave a little 
behind. Thanks to Mom. Dad. Mr. Reynolds and the Man Upstairs. 
To my partners in crime; Austm. may you always have something 
to think with. Joey. "Good Morning!" and stop skiing!! Mike, yes 
they have T.V. in Bermuda. Brad, say good-bye to silk for me. 
Ray, enough "Orange Juice," for my friend. "I do wish we could 
chat longer, but I'm having a friend for dinner," Hannibal "The 
Cannibal" Lectur 

Jennifer A. Drew 

Yeah! What a year my one and only has been! SO many memories, 
ya know? Mai's "SO-O" creations, my tummy fetish, keeping out 
the chilly-willys with my multi coloured mittens. "lifc-Saver- 
Coloured" Birkenstocks, games in the PCR, Bigside Football's #1 
fan. Team Alizer, Brent House - Angle! Sixth form trip to Mon- 
treal (Peel!) and all that PDA! ar-ar-ar! The nicknames: dinger! 
Pookie-Num-Nums, Penny-Doo, my sweet Jean - Jean and Soc- 
Alizer. Thankz to all who put up with me: Mignon, L3, Bo-Bo, 
Chazer and Sambo. Also GS, KTF, AS, Chewy, my fourth form 
buds, the sixth form Burns Babes, and always, SAS and JLB. Good 
stuff Remember: Purple Rules! 



if-* *^w 




Alec Duke 

"One woe is past." Revelation 

Thanks to P and M for making it possible. Bums Boys rule! Shoot- 
in' stick with the HICK and BBB. Thanks Guys, 
". . , I reckon I got to light out for the ter.itory ahead for the rest, 
because Aunt Sally she's going to adopt me and civilize me, and 
I can't stand it, I been there before." Huckleberry Finn. 

Austin M.M. Dumas 

Seven years. Seven hard, long, enduring years. And girls in my 
final year no less! Wow, does the time fly when you are having 
fun. Leaving this place is a scary thought because I have been at 
Trinity for so long but one has to move on. Seven years does that 
to you. I have so many friends to thank for the good times it's not 

The Boyz; Thanks to Snak, Octavio, Big Bad Mike (ubba ubba), 
Don, Sherman, D.A.T.. Cushion. Johnny 5, Ego, and numerous 
graduates of the school and (Bunny). 

The Gals: Thanx to the pioneers (the sixth form), Sasha, and extra 
special thanks to Cricket/Shortstuff who kept me sane ... I think 
(friends forever). And to Mike and loses, my best pals, 1 salute 
to you (Heil Hitler). There will be no one else like you ... I Hope. 
Well, enough of the mushy stuff . . . Now it's time to party. 


Jeremy D. Fielding 

"When liberty is gone, life grows insipid and has lost its relish, 

Stephen J. Garland 

So many people made my stay at T.C.S an experience to remem- 
ber. Mum. Dad & Ian. you did an excellent job. To the Rebel Re- 
public: Strals, Snorris. Sami. Spitner. Dan, Paul. Wally. Hees. 
Maffro and Sandy, this is the end of an era. I will remember Mon- 
treal, U.K. Tours, and Brett and I under the Iron Fist of the local 
boys. Compassion, generosity and great concern for others will earn 
respect. That may make me sound naive but I will never change. 
Spuzza Buzza! 

'■Come on over, I'm taking the day off." Ferris Bueller and my 
brother. "Mon Talo Pala Suomi." 

Christopher M. Good 

"Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin. 
If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been 
different." Oscar Wilde. 

From the Old Classroom Block's basement to the shiny new build- 
ing it has been a smashing five years. Thanks to all. especially Mom 
& Dad. Jon. T.C.S and all of my great friends (you know who 
you are). P.S. Memories include; "Ed . . . Ed!!", "Ever gone 
bowling?", California cycling tour, (Rob, Pete & 8ft fences) Grade 
nine cricket party, exchange to Victoria, Daves bleeding head. House 
plays, EIS., Men's club. Josh's supreme S.S. Port Hope, Andrew's 
House, Derry's Basement, Bowmanville's adventures, JPC's, Ra- 
dio Bermuda, learning to lambada (help!), GR.I2 formals (Blah), 
Omonia, Bills cottage, co-ed., Halifax, Krojack Kribbage Klub, 
paddles and undergarments in Roseneath. "Cion't go back to War- 
saw," and Fish with Rex. 

George M. Goodall 

"The modem is just a more civilized savage . . ." H.D. Thoreau 
As I look through these familiar pages I will see the familiar faces 
of friends. 1 won't mention names since I'm bound to forget some- 
one. I have a lot of great memories of the trips, tours & above all 
the people. We'll go different ways but my memory will always 
be here . . . 

"When I'm sad she comes to me. With a thousand smiles she gives 
to me for free. 
It's alright, she says 
It's alright, 

take anything you want from me. Anything, 
Fly on . . ." Jimi Hendrix 
Time to travel onward. 
Thanx. PS. Mom & Dad - I'm now modem . . , 


Ryan P. Hamel-Smith 

"Life lives only in success." unknown 

Thanks Mom and Dad 

Good luck to those in the future who attend T.C.S. 

Ben C. Hatcher 

Gimme a string bean. 

I'm a hungry man 

Shotgun fired 

and away I ran 

(didn't blame him ... he 

didn't know me.) 

"Some people will go everywhere and see nothing." Unknown 

I'd just like to thank everyone . . . friends, teachers, parents, Dr. 

DuBroy, Elvis, etc . . . 

"C'mon ball." 

Peter T. Hiron 

"Really, if a man won't let us know that he's alive, he's dead, or 

should be so." Byron 

Thanks to Mr. Robert for a great year in Politics. 

Thanks to Mom and Dad and Bickle House. It was a blast. 

Point, NONE! 

Renny S-Y Ho 

A few last words from Biff (Sockit), whichever you prefer: 
It's been six long years at a T.C.S. I've gained many friends and 
memories and it was all made possible by my parents. I like to thank 
them for their support and for being there whenever I needed them. 
I love you. Bums House has always been my home away from home, 
and this last year of boys has been the best. Thanks to NAFJ (my 
mooch roommate), PR. JJ, JM, GS, and the rest of the Housers. 
Thanks to all the great times especially Bermuda, with the coach 
TIT. Tweety, Burgie. Smoss. CE, WY vs. Saltus. We killed them. 
And of course. Cuba with Smitty, Shabba, ATT. 2 Legit 2 Quit. 
Smellie and the rest of you. One last thanks to T.C.S. that taught 
me about life, discipline and friendships that will last forever. Let 
the good times begin and remember the Dallas Cowboys will one 
day win the Superbowl. 


Tanya Hobbs 

For the Ho-House of Hicks: 
1 lost my wallet once . . . But guy found it." 
Tara: - Remember (always) the "fish-white" days of volleyball. 
Ed: - Heh, Heh, Thanks for not laughing when I fell in the stream. 
Special thanks to my family, teachers and friends for helping out 
this year (and all the years in the past). For Christy and Keroo - 
747 Club members for LIFE. 

' ' Freedom ' s just another word for nothing left to lose ." Me & Bobby 

"Nobody gets a lifetime rehearsal As specks of dust, we're uni- 
versal" The Indigo Girls 

!".-►-• H*.:' 

Joshua J.E. Hoover 

"This is the crisis I knew how to come. Destroying the balance 
that I kept. Doubting, circling and turning around. Wondering what 
will come next ..." unknown 

I would like to thank everyone who let me do my own thing, to 
you I am deeply indebted. My five years of attending T.C.S are 
pretty hard to sum up in such a short space, but . . . 
TO REMEMBER: California, Rob and Pete. 8ft chain link fence, 
Ubi est Sausolitus. Srige tower. Cobourg lunch club. 4 am. break- 
fasts. Killington. Bowmanville, formal enjoying yourself?. Mr. Hub- 
bard, guitar bashing, POLICE TRUCK. Chris, Anj, Tara, Reefer, 
Ed, Colin, Dave. Steve, Sarah. Roseneath. Warsaw. The pattern. 
Hey, Wanna go to Toronto?. Coaster glasses "... Can I go on 
with this train of events. Disturbing and purging my mind. I've 
counted my duties when all is said and done, I know I'll lose every 
time ..." Ian Curtis 

Donald S. Hoskins 

"I have finally made it to the end of the very long five years at 
T.C.S. However I would not have made it without the help of Al, 
Frank, Paul, Steve, Chris and Mr. Hedney. Here's to many good 
times in the future guys! Thanks for everything T.C.S, but it's time 
to go to work (university), make a living (fortune) and have lots 
of fun. I have no doubt that my T.C.S experience will help me be 
more successfiil. or more tolerant, than I would have been otherwise. 
"Because there is a difference." Reggie Fountain 
P.S. Mr. Hedney, remember to clean your driveway because your 
car doesn't work on ice either. 

D. Holton Hunter 

Trinity is not a school but a place where one is given the oppor- 
tunity to suck the marrow out of life and relish in the experience. 
Seize the opportunity because it only comes once. 
Thanks to my parents and sisters for their continual support. 
Natascha ditto my life. 

Pete let's hear it for Cali and 17.5. That is a given! Remember 
delights at the Duke and 11:03 talks after stealthin' in late. 
Darren, all I can say is that we successfully did it together and learned 
invaluable lessons along the way. My friend we are off to the Great 
land and the last laugh is ours! 

Do not change for the sake of change because you will only be the 
victim of your own circumstances. 


Michael D. Jack 

Thanks for a great year T.C.S. Though I was only here for one 
year. I learned to appreciate all that you are. You mean a lot. 
Special thanks to Mom and Dad, Nancy, Bill and Nikki and Dr. 
DuBroy. Thanks also to all my good friends. 
Things to remember: The Sultans of Creole. The Art of Burg, AH 
Prefect, The Bachelors Club, Folding socks, 10:30 Club, The Ox- 
Box Icebox, Heart Medicine, Quebec University visits, Flesherton, 
Gooback, Pal, Chills, Trench, Bro. Crass, Holy, and Brent House. 
"Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. And NEVER mix up 
your right foot with your left." Dr. Seuss. 

Julie J. Jackson 

Inconceivable - the school days Eire over! But memories last a life- 
time. Never 4-get: nightlife in TO - Metallica!!, female bonding 
with my fellow indigo girls, Barbados ■ to my twin: shreddies ar 
on me, my fellow F.I.A.L.S. - 1 love you all - see you in Paris!. 
D.L.J. - "Look into my eyes . . . forever," to all my friends - 
I'll miss you terribly but more memories 2-comel Thanks to my 
family for their support, and to the class of '92: 
"Every day for us something new 
Open mind for a different view 
And nothing else matters " Metallica. 

Lisa M.H. Jacobson 

"Good-bye Blue Sky" Pink Floyd 

A year flies by so quickly, faster as you get older. Part of me hates 

to leave, but I know that another year would make this one less 

brilliant. Thanks to all the great people who made my year so happy. 

I will miss you . . . 

"Hold onto what is good, even if it only a handful of earth. Hold 

onto what you believe, even if it is a tree which stands by itself 

Hold onto life, even if it is easier letting go. Hold onto my hand, 

even when I have gone away from you." Pueblo verse 

D. Michael S. Jamieson 

Although we now leave Trinity, it is great knowing that Trinity 
will never leave us. Thanks guys for the good times that made this 
home. Our memories will keep us all together, because we have 
shared in a love we call T.C.S. Here Brad, fix this. A Bermudian 
on skiis? Dumb luck Austin, dumb luck. Joses or is that Jesse'? Get 
out John! Brat's tool box is over there! Thanks Mom and Dad for 
pointing me in the right direction. 


Timothy A. Johnson 

'Only the good die young; 
The evil seem to live forever." Unknown 
Well TCS sure has added a certain "Je ne sais quois" to my life. 
The rituals; 12:15 club - be there Brown, Wednesdays pool and 
coffee trips and shooting the schwak at 1 1 :00 over a nice . . . have 
all been wicked. 

The philosophical talks have been enlightening eh Duke? To the 
skids of the world (S.B. & K.P.) EBB. rules. Bigfoot youre right 
R & C is awesome. Thanks roomies. Hey Ladies! Mich. Mer, Jo- 
die. Share & Natascha, here's to late night talks, Arby's and fresh 
air in the valley. 
L.F.G. R.F.N. 
Rim (Six gun Johnson) 
Thanks for the good ones boys. 

Stephen G. Johnston 

Thanks to all those who went to Florida and were responsible for 
the opening of the new branch. There is no word so far about whether 
branch receptions will occur annually or not. 
Thanks to all who made my years at T.C.S. fruitful. 

Paul Jomm 

Thank you Trinity. 

Blest are the pure in heart 


Joses R.W. Jones 

"The more you talk the more you are likely to sin. If you are wise, 
you will be quiet." Proverbs 11.19 

Since it's impossible to sum up the last seven years of my life here 
at TCS in so few words I'd just like to say THANKYOU!. to all 
my teachers who have helped and guided me through so many years. 
To my friends Austin, Brad. Dean, Mike D., Mike J., Selwyn. 
Colin, Ray and Maroth, see you on the other side. To the remain- 
ing members of the "Seven Year Club", it was a long haul but 
we finally made it to the end of the line. Thanks to my whole fam- 
ily who made my stay at TCS possible. THANKYOU. 



"Why did she love 
him? Curious fool! Be 
still; Is human love the 
growth of human 
will?" Byron 
The journey of a thou- 
sand miles begins with 
a single step. 
What percentage of 
Americaas keep gloves 
in their glove compart- 
ment? 0% 


"No point hanging 
around this town any 
longer I have all 1 
need. Anythmg else 
would only confuse 
me." - Hunter S. 
PS Thanks! 

Jake Clifford 

"Heinos Baby" 2 years come and gone so many memories, 
so little space. T.C.S is more than an "unbroken chain" now 
and forever. Thanks to all the wild and crazy Bethune House 
Boys. To my special wife Kristin, and to Glenn. Decle. Hodge. 
Connell. Maynard. Sammy and Monte, you guys are too spe- 
cial for words. I invite you all to visit my wife and me after 
we finish our world sailing tour and retire to our own private 
isle. Remember the times, remember your friends but never 
lose your touch. To 50/50 parties may they always continue 
and to dance parties, not to mention Sega Genesis. For me T.C.S 
has been you all. I shall never forget any of it. it's all too spe- 
cial. I shall see you all soon. 

"We laughed, until we had to cry. we loved, right down to our 
last goodbye, we chased a dream we never found, and through 
the tears 

we smile when we're all together again, for we had it all. for 
only just a moment" - St Elmos Fire 

Jonathan M. Decle 

Well here I am again. What can I say, I guess it's been great. 
I'm glad that 1 had the opportunity to meet a lot of the guys, 
who have become my good friends. Gatz - you'll never be the 
champion. Dave - have you ever had this before. Smurfies - 
Shut up! - why! Burley (skid) - Wake up and do some work. 
Jake - check the depth of the water before you jump in. Cole 
- let's dip - peer pressure. Thanks for being a buddy CHICK- 
LETS. Kirby - don't explode. Spence - 3 shots, 3 glasses of 
water, (pie) Also thanks to my parents and Paula who really 
helped me get through these 2 years. One being total torture. 
Last, but not least - the Bajan boys, soft bahamian posse and 
of course the raven Tnnis (disco) This year could have been 
better, with the exception of a few presences. Good things come 
to those who wait. 

"And if the music stops, there's only the sound of the rain. 
.■Ml the hope and glory, all the sacrifice in vain " - Niel Pert 


Glenn Gatcliffe 

T.C.S - What can be said 
about such an institution! You 
gave me an education and the 
best friend in the world Prob- 
ably one of the greatest things 
you taught me was how to 
dodge authority. Thank you 
Mum and Dad for the expe- 
rience it was great. I love you 
both. To my friends Dex & 
Smurphies. Tanxers forever! 
Dave and the boys of Bethune. 
keep dipping. Spence & 
Spence; Spunks and pies for- 
ever! Warrs - keep sleeping 
and sorry for keeping you up. 
Jake don't hang on nothing 
lasts forever except the earth 
and sky. Stop dreaming! Isa- 
belle - thank you for every- 
thing you made life bearable, 
just remember my promise! 
Mr Dragon! T.C.S - Sorry for 
all those who didn't know what 
it was like to be all boys! 
T.C.S - It's more hell than 
anything! Later! Simply the 
best school! 

Chris J. 

"There are two kinds of 
counter punchers: one 
learns early to live by his 
reactions and quick re- 
flexes, and the other - the 
one with a taste for high nil- 
ling - has the instinct to 
make an aggressor's art of 
what is essentially the de- 
fensive, survivor's style of 
the Counter Puncher." 

- Hunter S. Thompson 
"We've won it. It's going 
to get better now. You can 
sort of tell these things." 

- Robert M. Pirsing. 
Thanks to all. Esp. DC, 
C.H, S.W, J.C, K.P M.C, 
G.R. C.Y, C.W, D.T. M.B, 
and all my family Grandma 
and Grampa, Dad, Maija 
T&T, Man and Mike. 
"Make me young, make me 
young, make me young. 
ETC." - Kurt Vonnegut. 
Live on C.SW.D.M.T.Y 

Chris Hodgetts 

My two years here have not 
seemed very long but a lot 
has happened. I can safely 
say that TCS has given me 
some of the greatest expe- 
nences and memories that 
would have otherwise been 
nonexistent. Table dancing. 
Team Alberta, the BBB's, 
University visits and of 
course all of the friends that 
go along with it. Thanks to 
mom and dad for support- 
ing me and to Betsy and Joe 
for a home away from 
home. I'll always miss late 
night jam sessions and a 
few strands among friends 
but . . . 

". . . no solace for refuges, 
no point In looking back. 
The question, as always, is 
now . . .?" - Hunter S. 

Michael B. 

Six yearN at T.C.S has 
done w\)nders. There is 
st) much I could say, but 
don't have room to do 
so. In a nutshell - T.C.S 
has given me the best 
thing 1 could ask for, 
G«/i4r friends! My fi- 
nal year has been the 
best, thanx to: 1st Foot- 
ball, R.Ho (W room- 
mate), T.S, LM, PR, 
S.M, G.T, TJ.C (UI). 
DC, C.H, C.W, K.S 
(x2), A.S, J.D, K.C, 
EH, A.E, TK. - (I 
hope I didn't miss any- 
one) You can't ask for 
more than this. All in 
all thanx to the Bums 
crowd and TJ.C. 
"Your friends will 
know you better in the 
first minute you meet 
than your acquaintances 
will know you in a 
thousand years" - R. 

Alexandre Renault 

It was a dream and now it's a souvenir! Those were the best three years of my life, 
Merci a mes Parents quix mon supportes et qui ont rendu cette experience possible. 
Thanks to my twin brother, Chris, who built great memories with me: Ridley. Culver, 
Buffalo et les equipes de patinage artistique. Thanks to my roommates: Gordon. Pas- 
cal & Omar - you guys were great! Thanks to the Ketchum crew. J'ai vue, maintenant 
je reviens a la maison. Grenouille et fiii de I'etre. - Je me souviens - 

Christian Messier 

Two years at Trinity that have been, and will most probably remain, the greatest 
of my life (even co-ed), in terms of sports, academic studies and social life. Thanks 
to those who made it possible, et particulierment a ceux qui font toujour^ I'impossible 
pour moi, meme a distance: Mes parents. Working and travelling with my team- 
mates, roommates and friends will be forever carved in my memory. I'll always re- 
member those "tricks" widi Alex, who happened to replace my unforgettable brother 
Martin, for the last couple of years. Learning English has been useful to me, although 
I'm still proud of speaking La Langue d'une societe distincte: Le Francais. Good 
luck to those assuming this Quebec everlasting presence at T.C.S. for the next years 
(Roxy & Mymy) . . . 
"I came and planted my seeds; I now go to see the harvest grow . . ." The Mission 


Michael L. Kabaluk 

Well, its been wicked, a.k.a. so satisfying that one becomes exhausted 
kind of year for me. My family has been especially supportive and 
I would like to thank them for that. I will always remember the friends 
I made here so don't hesitate to look me up next time you're in Cow 
Town (Calgary) I would like to thank the French connection, my 
tennis buddy Tim. my party connection in TO Greg alias DW., those 
funny little islanders and the annoying music they listen to, the Hearts 
Boys, the weird boys (Julian, Jeremy, Pete & Johan), the Bethune 
Boys, especially Maroth whose generosity was always welcomed, fel- 
low mountain biker Brian, ex-captain Joey and finally the teachers. 

Evan Kelly 

It has taken three years for me to realize what Trinity and its oppor- 
tunities mean to me. I was lucky, some never realize the value of their 
experience. I now miss school the way I once missed home. I owe 
Mom & Dad, J.F and Burgs more than they know. My friends, Willy, 
George, Mike, Holy, Sambo, Brett, StraLs, Gabe and Mr Hedney. 
I won't forget Bethune House, Warlords, Tecmo, Prefecting, Cuba, 
10:30 club, and being an ugly cuss need to be mentioned as well. 
"The sultans play Creole." Dire Straits 
"It is not Nova Scotia, but hey, what is?" an Eastern philosopher. 

Andrew S. Kirby 

I was "Bom to be wild." (J.M.) but for three years, rehabilitation 
was what I experienced here. Compared to my holidays, with the blur- 
red nights and the fast past. TCS however, was very visual. I can 
honestly say this place gave me a great perspective on life, but in 
my background I can hear "come on baby light my fire." (J.M.), that 
is my social Ufe, filled with crazy girls and fellows like Straight -Jucker, 
Duck, Novis, Bob . . . 

"There is more to life than partying hard and getting drunk." (Par- 
ents) - JOKE! life is a dream, school isn't. Later! Kirby 

Peter F.A. LaHamme 

It would be an understatement to say that my two short years at TCS 
were incredible. I thank you. Mom and Dad, for the terrific oppor- 
tunity you have given me. I have learned much here, both in class 
and after, and can only thank my fine fHends and a few great teach- 
ers: Mr Large, Mr. Seagram, Mr Heaton (y'all have a coke and a 
smile), Mr AJIen, Mr. Robling and Dr. DuBroy. I part with some 
incredibly dynamic, promising and trustworthy friends; thank you so 
much. Holt & Darren, too many thoughts and memories to recount: 
$17.5M, Paris, Stealtin' around, U:02p.m in the oval office, it's dark 
in here . . . turn on "Delights" . . . Thanks for everything ... see 
you in Call??? "Live long and prosper" (a given) Thank you, Laura, 
for everything . . . you made my year. And remember, "Keep your 
eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel" - Driver's Ed. Bye for 
now all! Take care, see you, bungee jump, and enjoy life. "You may 
have to live in a crowd, but you don't have to live like it." Henry 
Van Dyke, 1905 


Gilbert K.Y. Lam 

"Ask not what your school can do for you but what you can do 
for your school." 


Emanuel Lee 

' "Two souls with but a single thought. Two hearts that beat as one. ' " 

Maria White Lowell 

Thanks TCS and all those in Brent House. 

Dean LeeSui 

These past six years have gone too fast. I cannot even begin to de- 
scribe the way it feels to have finished the first part of my life. 
But before I say my final good-bye. there are a few of you intri- 
guing (intimidating) prophecies, to M.T. (want a chicks sandwich), 
and to B.H. for the laugh (Ha!). A final good-bye and thankyou 
to my brother Ryan (Have fun!). But the highest of all thank you's 
must go to the great people who made me into what I am today, 
my parents. However. I have a funny feeling that I am not done 
thanking them yet!? 

"A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when 
he quits." Richard Nixon. 

Kelvin K.F. Leung 

"Lovers and madmen have such seething brains." Shakespeare 
Thanks to all my friends. You know who you are. 
Bve for now T.C.S I will be back! 


Darren A. Littlejohn 

The greatest feature of unfailing devotion is the results it ultimately 

To Mrs. Janet Bums - My heartfelt thanks for giving me an op- 
portunity I otherwise would never have had. 

To those who supported and believed in me - Dr. DuBroy. Father 
Seagram, and Mr. Wright - Thank you. 

To Pete - California, delights, and friendship forever - That is 
a given! 

To JuUe - for all you have added to my life, my love forever. 

To Holt - thank you for showing me that friendship is an inval- 
uable gift; we did it! The last laugh is ours. 
Next step U.S.A. - The Garden State. Princeton and the class of 
■96. Let's Go Tigers! 

Fredrico Ma 

Thank you. 

Ian R. MacDonald 

Seven years in 100 hundred words? Now that's a precis. I arrived 
in September of 1985. I was 14 inches shoner and 85 pounds lighter. 
I have had numerous close calls, the odd second chance, lots of 
fun, little sleep, less work, and seven years later, I emerged barely 
able to recall life before TCS. To remember: 5 international de- 
bating trips for 4 tournaments. Bums Jr., two four-man rooms, the 
Europe trip, late nights (a few a week), pranks, (see late nights), 
and many more unmentionables. 

To all those I encountered along the way. who made seven years 
of school go faster than a March-Break in paradise. Thank you. 
Keep in touch, and hopefully we'll meet again. Until then, enjoy 
life, it's time to move on. And remember, when something good 
ends, start something better. 

B. Manuel F. Macias 

Its been two cold and long years. Thanks SO. HS. DB. GJ and 
RW, Mom & Dad. I will never forget third floor Brent, Montreal, 
California, Toronto, Rugby and Swimming. A todos los Spies del 
90-92 (Jose, Tacuas, etc . . .) acverdense que siempre nos la P . . . 
Today Trinity tomorrow the World. 


Graham L. Marsh 

Was it worth it? Definitely I My last five years at Trinity cannot 
be put into words. It was the best of times and it was the better 
of the best. Late nights, loads of work and great friends are what 
it's all been about. To Stef. Geoff, Beave, Evan, Dan. J.F.. Spencer, 
Brett, Frank, Lindsay and Blair; you guys I'll never forget. Ber- 
muda, the Raiders, the water and the weekends all without say, 
for TCS wouldn't have been the same without them. To Mom & 
Dad, Thankyou. 
■"Might have seen belter times 
But maybe we ain't been there yet. 
Remember the good times 
And least you forget 
Have no regrets" Tom Cochrane 

Frank O. Marzari 

"All those insecurities that have made me weak for so long, I can't 
say that I have found a cure for these, but at least I know them. 
so they're not so strong " George Michael 
Mr. Stevenson and my teachers during my five years here at Tri- 
nity. Thank you to Mr. Wright and all the new ladies for making 
my final year special. TO my parents and family, I send my love 
and thanks. TO my friends: Dan, Ali, Jon, Stef, Jeff, Ed, Mike, 
Blair, Graham, Dave, Zack, and all you other guys (and girls), I'm 
going to miss you all! 

JuHan G.R. Maynard 

The good times and the memories that TCS has given me during 

my seven years caimot be replaced. Ever since grade seven the friends 

have been great. From those who I'm leaving behind to those that 

went before me, I'm really grateful to you all. I promise to pay 

you back in the future, come down south, the door is always open. 

To the school. Mr. Wright. Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Kedwell and all 

my coaches over the years thanks for everything. 

Thanks especially to: GS. SM, PR, MB, TIT, JD, JM, TJC, WS, 


JOE, MS, KS-l-2, ANNE, and last but not the least (although the 

shortest) SAMBO. 

Thanks to my parents for making it possible. Thanks to my friends 

for making it enjoyable. 

"In this bright future you can't forget the past." Bob Marley 

"Wok- wok- wok- wok ..." Peter Roland 

S. Blair Miller 

Everlasting Menwries: 4 man dorm. Euro Trip, Australian exchange, 
Bermuda golf tour, late nights, sleeping in. midnight runs to 
Harvey's, running water, loud noises, broken doors, Mac's exten- 
sions, and missing the odd class. 

Thanks to my parents for providing me with this great opportunity 
and experience. To the boys: Spencer. Maynard. Yanny, Rex. Big 
T.L., Corgi and Beebs. Thanks for all the great times. You guys 
are the best. Keep in touch. Hopefully we'll meet again soon, pref- 
erably on the first tee in Australia. 

Remember: "Golf is the most fiin that you can have without taking 
your clothes off." Chi Chi Rodriguez 

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after to- 
morrow." Mark Twain. 
Go Broncos! 


Jonathan M. Mills 

I'm out of here! The past five years of excitement and sheer hell 
will haunt me like a nightmare come true. I'd like to thank Mr. 
Large, Mr. Robling. Mr. Gregg and to Mr. L. (Get a Real Car) 
To Bawwy, (everything and everyone, awesome!. Baby!). To 'En- 
rick, (I'll never forget the Germ and Berlin. Thanks!), to Axe. (Party 
on!), to Lindsay, (Hatian!). to Frank, (ahh!). to Ali, (I'll see you 
down South. Boy!) Although it seemed rough at times, this oppor- 
tunity will stay with me forever, special thanks to my Dad. Mum 
and Wally. Nancy and Sandy, The Disney individual. Christmas 
and New years '9I/'92 was the best. P.S. To Dad. by the time a 
man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son 
who thinks he's wrong. 
That will do for me. See ya! 

A. Spencer Moss 

Six years at TCS has proven to be the most valuable experience 
I've ever had. Memories will never be forgotten. The Burns posse: 
JM. PR. GT, GS. MC. RH. SW. + CA; the pie Brothers; the pack- 
age boys; the Ketchum crew - BM. SW. GM, JC. and the Brent 
Bullies - WY. GG. CW. Eh you were all swell guys and I'll re- 
member you and others forever. To the girls - you were all great! 
Esp. LD. JF. JD. JC. AS. + CO. I'll miss ya. Good Times: gr. 
10 Geo. trip, SAT nights. T.O. partys. Montreal, BS Soccer, Pre- 
fects, Hoops, Squash, -I- W.C. + others will live on. Thanks RR 
+ RW. Mom and Dad. Thank you for giving me the opportunity 
to attend TCS. I never told you how for the support, care and love. 
Sarah thanks for all you've done friends. Remember the door is 
always open and Larry Bird is the greatest. Look forward to seeing 
you in the sun. 

Adrian F, Murphy 

First things first, thanks Mom & Dad for revealing all the new ex- 
periences and good times I had (and am still having) at TCS (Su- 
permarket school). All in all. I've leam't lots of stuff that benefits 
me, taxing skills, making new friends and all that goody goody stuff 
in life. To de Boys: Dex, what can I say. "Shut-up Smurfies." 
you've been a good friend Mr. Coley! . . . Yes you . . . you pump- 
ing black you, I'm a Spawgler. Glenn's I cannot forget the other 
Triwi's - Disco, Ben - up! etc . . . also the Bajaw bungles, yea. 
yea, Kirble (plucker. plucker) the Bahamian Sof Boys and the Ca- 
nadian Boys ehhh! Bethune you have taught me a lot of things, late 
night parties, dipping conventions. Anyways I outla here. Later for 
you girls, keep uibing. 

D. Bradley Norrena 

"Why he that cuts off twenty years of his life cuts off so many 
years of fearing death. " Shakespeare 

Thanks Trinity for making me what I am and preparing me for the 
future. Thanks to Mr. Robling and all those in Bickle. 


Jeremy A. Padmos 

Between arriving as a boy and leaving as a man, I have had a "blast"! 
Five years will not fit into words. Mostly, I liked it. Sometimes, 
1 didn't. Looking back, I loved it! 1 will not forget: B.S. swim- 
ming, Bickle. TEAC. bus rides, chapel gitches, prefect skits, do- 
nul lines, M.S rugby, anything! Thanks to some incredible people: 
Trent, Joe D.. Kirby, Coley. Ceri, Schulunk, Savage, Turbo, Tojo, 
Rex. Beaker, Crass, J-F, Burgie. Holy, Pumper, Evander, La- 
Flamme. Yawny. Mr. and Mrs. Robling, Mr. Lenters, Father Sea- 
gram, Duby. Mr. Holt, Squints, Mr. Wright and Mom. Dad, Dan 
and Alastair "Je suis comme je suis." 

"Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do 
for your country" JFK. 

"Beati Mundo Corde" "Try to change your sheets once a term" 

Kai J. Palkeinen 

I will never forget: The 5 week streak. University visits, Mont Blanc, 
Semi '92 at the Greenwood, Third floor Bethune, Bloody Jeffries 
in the Peer CR, all terrain Jeff and not so all terrain Kai, Ski team 
'92, all nighters, procrastination parties. I want to forget: 1 1 o'clock 
curfew, and ISP's. "Never touch the inside rail" S.J. "We're off 
the wind that brought us here." K.P. "Shhh! I smell something!" 
B.B. "Oougheououough oughooough" J.M.&K.P. Thanx to JR. 
CW, Chaz, BB. Rim Job, Scrrants. Batlin, Mad Dog, SJ & PW. 
Special thanks to Mom, Dad & Maija for the opportunity and sup- 
port; Mr. Wright & Mr. Robling for putting up with me and tharJcs 
to Poo and Mags for everything. 

"I've spent my time on the mountain, I've spent my time on the 
Hill, Things went down you don't understand, But I think in time 
you will." Grateful Dead. "Stop that train I'm leaving" Gerry Gar- 
cia Band 

C.Y. Edwin Pang 

"Its not what your country does for you but what you do for your 

country." JFK. 

TharJa for the memories Trinity. It's been a blast! 

Hugo Paquin 

New faces, new environment, new language, new boy being abused 
at the picnic; what kind of school was I enrolled in? 
Well after two years I realized that TCS was not just a school but 
a home, a family for me. 

1 have learned that I am forever growing and Trinity has provided 
me with the foundations I've been searching for. 
Thank you TCS, Mr. Wright, Mom & Dad for giving me this op- 
portunity and experience that I will never forget. 
Goodbye Maple Leafs, welcome Habs! 


BUly C. Petro 

"So take your time, think a lot, Think of everything you've got, 
For you will be here tomorrow. But your dreams may not. " Cat 

To Will, Trent, Toj. Mike, Chris, George, Jon, and all the rest: 
thanks for being there for me guys. Here's to Bermuda, Quebec 
City ski trips, the cottage, weekends with the boys, university vis- 
its, middle and bigside volleyball. Brent 207, procrastinating. The 
Pig, Hodgetts House, Male chauvinists and Pond Hockey To the 
Masters of Trinity: Thankyou for more than education. And Mr. 
McCord, you've been the best teacher a friend could have. Finally, 
Thanks to Dad, Mom, Diane, Cheri and Susie for sticking by me 
and giving me the opportunity. I love you all so very much. It's 
been the best five years of my life. 
"I want my father back you ..." Inigo Montoya 


Jean-Francois Potvin 

To come to TCS not knowing how to carry on a conversation in 
English I thought was impossible: So I thought. In three years, my 
life has taken a drastic turn for the best. I came a foolish teenager, 
now I leave as a young adult ready to challenge any task in the 
"Real World." Trinity brought out the best in me and many people 
are responsible for it. 

Thank you Mr. Wright, Mr. Hedney and Mr. DeFazio, your sup- 
port has been more than anyone ever could ask for. My friends 
Evan, Bretl, Sirats, Grease, Hugo and Bob, I could not have done 
it without you and Elzebith. I keep good memories of our experience. 
Thank you all for making it the best year ever. I will always re- 
member and miss you. Mom and Dad the sacrifices were immense 
but believe me they were worth going through. Thankyou. 

Tara K. Rawluk 

My first and last year at TCS was definitely an interesting one. 
The "Roseneath" party (still paddling CO.) and fence wrecking 
incident (sorry C.C.) made Thanksgiving unforgettable. Volleyball 
became orgasmic by fish - white thighs (Right T.H.) It's too bad 
that my bad influences K.C. and D.P. couldn't be here this year 
to keep me out of line, 1 missed you two! I'll never forget Russia, 
D-U- O-B's, Hull, movies, all nighters (busted), hmnn 9c, 
D-A-T's '88, '90, bizzare connections containing kool-aid, fairs. 
Dr. B.. selected evenings at Dawn's, and never to drink ... 1 guess 
this is where you come in J.H., Thanks for keeping me out (?) of 
trouble. Here's to being snowed in, the red room, the pattern, di- 
vine intervention, Nintendo, road trips (East), quitting and Insanity. 

Geoffrey W.K. Reeves 

After five great years what can I say except "thank you." So, thank 
you to: Mom and Dad for the opportunity; it has not been wasted; 
Mr. Robling for a great final year; Dr. DuBroy for debating. To 
my friends: Spew, midnight jam sessions - GD and NY forever! 
Sav, KP, CG, JH (TO advenhjre), ES (Club Guido), Toj, MJ, Battli', 
Puto, LMHJ, SM. Here's to French exchange - Nice '89. debating 
trips (Hartford, Newport, Victoria, Winnipeg, Bermuda). Omonia, 
University visits (I think), Mont. Blanc (the Totem), Ireland/Wales 
Rugby tour, and so much more . . . "You can't be twenty. On 
Sugar Mountain; Though you're thinking that. You're leaving here 
too soon." Neil Young. 

"Ring ring it's & am. Move y'self to go again. Cold water in your 
face. Bring you back to this awful place." The Clash 


John R. Graham 

Things I will always remember; Brent 
house third floor, the boys. Bigside 
fcxHball champions. Bob, Ross and the 
Raiders, Solay & Shmaps. my ethnic- 
roommates , and everyone makes my 
stay worthwhile Things 1 am trying 
to rememberl Bigside trip to Hull 
Ashbury, University visit, Ber- 
muda '91, Bahamas '92, & many 
other weekends m between. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for your gen- 
erosity , Dave for your support and SR 
for everything. Dr. Dubroy for his to- 
lerance and Mr Hargraft for believ- 
ing in me. Thanks T.C.S for a great 
two years, "Twas amusing " Butthead 
"You glorify the past when the future 
dries up. ' - John Lennon 

Troy Holness 

■"The fittest survive." - Charley Darwin. 
Mom, Dad ... I don't know what to say 
besides; "The great Bird will take its flight 
on the back of the great bird, bringing 
glory to the nest where it was bom." 
- Leonardo Da Vinci. 
"You've gotta cry . . . without weeping. 
Talk . . . without speaking. 
Scream . . . without raising your voice." 

For you Nerf . Take care of yourself and 
remember, I'll never forget you. The 
greatest friend anyone could find in two 
years - Bengie. Brotherhood is a bond that 
can never be broken. - to my brother 
Buelo. True love will make you a Sage! 
My life would not be the same without 
Grey skies. 1 am a man of no consequence. 
Be different! ■ Troy (the Holster) Holness 

Benjamin S. Baldwin 

When you move, the colors express your 
thoughts. When you think, the confusion 
masks your reaction. 
"Imagination is more important than 
knowledge." Einstein. 
1 couldn't have done it without George, 
Stewball, Sam and "Dick". Thanks for 
helping Dubie. Disco and Mr. Wright. 
AND REMEMBER: - Grad Pic Relay 
Team; Sqeelie Leetle Peegay (Bakhuun 
now); the great chicken shake'n' bake; 
those weird 60's babes; Reen Lake; 
Bmgntt; Kilcoo Guys forever; my great 
S. Estein. neighbors; "Dr. Trips!"; 
Douche me . no! - I don't think so!!; 
but that's good; HUARRMP!! -just a kick 
in my butt Mags; and thanks Troy, my 
nes-politician buddy - don't lose contact 
. . . Thanks to the couple of people that 
listened. Nothing is worse than saying 
goodbye. Don't underestimate opportu- 
nity. Long Live Brent House!! FRIEND- 

Jeffrey D. Magwood 

"Taste death; Live Life!" Yeaaah! "I'm 
more afraid of being nothing, than I am 
of being hurt." - Cole Trickle. 
MEMORIES: Yes!! Oouughyoougghouu 


Team Brmgntt. I AM STEALTH; Clo- 
set man; 1 LOOcurfew!'?'?!; all-terrain Jeff, 
not-so all-terrain Kai; "you're corrupting 
me!!"; Late night (early morning) errands 
withK.D.B.&T; "we'reoff like the wind 
that brought us!" - K.P; Scaling Bums; 
"Taylor on patrol"; Computer room 
(rarr! endurance); You're so cruel; 
W.A.O.S.P. unite!!!; procrastination par- 
ties (I am the king) - toe pickin's; nights 
in PCR; bloody Jeffries (say aahnt!) & 
beef breakfast; ski team '92 (#1); rugby 
tour; football champs; "We're a rugby 
team, we can do what we want" - S.M 
Thanx: Jenmfer; Dick (B B); Kai (Oscar); 
Boo (Stinky) - Timbo - Dish - Mother! 
& Dad-e-o; Nerf-head (Lisa J.); 
Ulic&Jim; Team Alizer; SZANDT- 
NER!!; Jeff B., Corky - Duke (ML) & 
Gang; Lara & Tiff; Mr. Robling & the 
Dubea - Tron (thanks for everything) 


Jeremy Relph 

"When the going get weird the weird turn pro." Raoul Duke 
It's been two years . . . perhaps two years too many. It's time to 
go out into the real world again. Thank you Trinity for helping me 
get back on track. Thank you Mom and Dad for standing by for 
me for these past two years. I appreciated it. As I leave Trinity. 
I leave friendships & memories. Hasta luego cholos, see you in 
Mexico. To all my other friends, I may have been a jerk, but at 
least I was good at it. Finally, (and I thought Id never say this) 
this final Bums Boys year was great. We had the best house. Thank 
you R.R. 
"We keep on living in hopes of catching it once for all. - Sal Paradise 

John S. Robertson 

'Slone walls do not make a prison." Lovelace 
Thanks to Mom and Dad along with Mrs. Dew, my English teacher. 

Ronn L.M. Rodgers 

Contrary to popular belief speed does not kill. Thanks to my Mom 
and Dad for all their support over the past few years. 
Trinity, it has been a blast. Keep it up Radar. 

Peter J. Roland 

"Now let everyone respectively indulge in becoming grief for his 
depaned friends, and then retire." Pericles Funeral Oration. 
Thanks to the Bums house lads, bates, belly. Buns, Egu, Fish Guy, 
Wok Wok, Mossman, Rita, Jabitch, Titi, Munu, biff and everyone 
else. Thanks to Sammy. Duey, Oxburger, Hans, mags, Less Har- 
vey, Ooh and of coarse the ladies, Jules, Hopey. Amy and all the 
rest - beauty! 

"And I'll never grow so old again." Van Morrison. 
Mom and Dad trust me it was and will be worth all six years. Mouse 
Dare thanks for showing me the way. Adios Amigos 


Michael W. Samuels 

To my parents, they've been the best and most challenging years 
of my life. Without you two they would never have been - thanks 
a million (literally!) Get some coffee, some donuts . . . and oh! 
don"t forget the crullers! Thanks for the learning guys - now the 
real world waits. Esp. to Fulton, Thompstein, Ed. Rex. Titus, Frank, 
Arch. The Keurgan and to those I forgot - a toast to the future, 
with memories of the past. "O.K. it's time for Sayonara So long 
. . . break my heart. Even the best friends they must part." Pogues 
Finally to Ed, these best years could easily have been the worst. 
To life - Neil. Minue. Jacque. Lando, Rumble and the tree. To 
death - the bunk bed, Scotties garden, and Mr. DuMaurier. 
Thanks! and remember the 4 morals, whatever they are. Shalom! 

W.T David Shik 

"Priests of all religions are the same." Dryden 
It's been a hell of a go Trinity. 

tti'X^^V.&'^.i-A:-''" "4)1^1^1 

F- W^^^ 



Craig Silvera 

A heartfelt thanks to Mr. McCord for showing me the ways of the 
Romans in so many different lights. Thanks to RW, and my brother 
or helping me get through. 

J. Graham Simmonds 

It was an injury plagued road but I have finally made it. I have 
learned, experienced and changed a great deal in the five years that 
I have been at Trinity. Whether I was limping through eleven, swim- 
ming over waterfalls somewhere in Massachusetts, or watching my 
siblings overrun the school. I feel that I owe much to my friends, 
especially to Maynard, Moss, NAFJ, you always will be a junior! 
Moss & Maynard, maybe I'll see you in Beantown! Steph, 1 know 
it was not easy, remember I.W.L.Y.F.E.! Thanks to Mr. Heaton, 
Mr. Reynolds. But most of all, thanks to Mom, Dad & Peter. 
Goodluck KT, Matt & Kris. 

"Don't be dismissed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before 
you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, 
is certain for those who are friends." R. Bach 


Mathew T. Stephenson 

My three years at TCS have been an adventure I would like to 
thank the TCS teaching staff for the most metnorable experiences. 
To the friends I have made, I will always be grateful for your kind- 
ness and the many laughs that we shared. Special thanks to my par- 
ents for providing this wonderful opportunity. I will cherish all the 
fond memories I have of the hockey and football teams. Who could 
forget the day boys, our numerous locations, including the dingy 
downstairs locker room. Just with my luck, we get a new area to 
ourselves and I'm graduating. 

"A man learns more from listening than he does from talking" 
R. Coulter Campbell. 

Edward J.H. Stewart 

It went fast, I may actually miss it. Regards to Sleph, Arch, Rex, 
Skip, The Gardener, Frankie and Hustoid. We made it. To the al- 
ternative music guys: Joshie, Chris, Reefer, Thompstein, Dirk and 
Crow remember there's a fine line between stupid and clever. Gale, 
Krojak Band, Gin Cribbage, TCS and ISMF. Thanks Guide, The 
Q and Mom and Dad for supporting me. (And my parasitical life- 
style.) I can never repay it. 

"One day all the rules will bend, and you and I will meet again." 
Tom Petty 

"This is where they walked, swam, hunted, danced and sang. Take 
a picture here. Take a souvenir. " Michael Stipe 



Martin D. Stoute 

Everything I am, and everything I will be. I owe to the Master Ther 

on. Alister Crowley. 

'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." Rabelais 

Heath vonn H. Styles 

The past two years which I have spent at TCS I will treasure al- 
ways. I have learnt that hard work and consistency is the only way 
you will achieve anything in life. To all my friends 1 am leaving 
behind and those who are departing with me. I would like to leave 
you with this, "Those who are great are not those with notoriety 
who boast of it, but the true great are the people who have acquired 
what they have strived for and remained Humble." unknown. To 
R.K.. T.K., K.M., R.R., L.R., R.B., H.P.. G.N., the islanders 
and all of you the of luck, remembering that we all are stars. 
"Boop, Boop!" 


Elaine Tarn 

I'm very glad thai I can be one of the students at TCS in the first 
year of co-education. When I recall back to the first time that I came 
to the school, it was very strange to me. 1 wondered if 1 could stay 
here for a year! At that time, 1 didn't think that I would have a 
great time. However, as time passed, 1 learnt lots of things in this 
school and now its almost time for me to leave. It's just too fast 
for me but anyway - "It's a REAL challenge!!" 

H.H. Raymond Teng 

Four years flew by faster than 1 thought it would have. TCS taught 
me a lot and 1 did a few things in return, fair deal! 
First and foremost, thanks to my Grandparents for their love and 
support. And to my advisory board M.D. - "Club time, Bleeding 
Viking!" J.M. - "How are ya doing man!" L.J. - "Let's go some- 
where an talk!" Padre - "The Last Emperor!" Les - "Let's have 
an orange juice!" and Mrs. V. • "thanks" To all my friends - keep 
in touch and chill out! Darren - "I'll be richer, more powerful and 
I'll hire you to sweep my floor!" To the day boys "Let's do lunch 
& shop! " 

"The world is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those 
who feel." Horace Walpole 

D.A. Trent Thompson 

"All the great themes have been used up and turned into theme 
parks." Christian Slater. 

Trinity has changed me infinitely for the better and has made me 
all that I am. I owe everything to Ginny. Doug and all those at TCS 
that saw me through. I'll remember: Willy, Tojo. Sav, Turbo. Jer- 
emy, Burgie, Evan, Holy, Strats. Brett, and the chain stories. Rex, 
Pumper, Zak. Chris and the Cast parties, crueller crew, folding 
socks. Grease, Jazz, BDA'91 and the JPC. Montreal, formals. Mr. 
Robling, Bill's cottage. 

"At the shrine of friendship, never say die. Let the wine of friend- 
ship never run dry." Les Miz. 

"Let's begin again, begin the begin." REM. "From every moun- 
tain side let freedom ring! " Martin Luther King Jr. 
"So long and thanks for all the fish." Douglas Adams 

Gregory M. Titterton 

It's over and I'm gone. SM, SW, SB, JM, PR, GS, CA. MC, RH. 
and the rest of Bums Boys. We were given a once in a lifetime 
experience; We took full advantage of it. Thanks. Alarms (Ha!) 
Chapel? Fri. & Sat nights! (and many other nights for some.) Long 
live the Goslings! Montreal, Western. Toronto. Gillespies - Thanks. 
LD, Jan R, JF, Eh. KS - Thanks. You're great friends and good 
luck respect to Monte. BDB thanks for a great first year and advice 
for the second. Jen. Ranee, Love always and thanks for everything. 
Thanks R.R . . . Mom. Dad & Deb. Thanks for the support and 
for giving me this opportunity. I'm gonna make you proud! And 
to all those who have left, and those I've left behind, remember 
- Not drunk is he, who rises from the floor. Can rise again, and 
drink some more. But drunk is he who prostrate lies. And who can 
neither drink nor rise. E.F. TIT. 


Stephen W.D. Titus 

Well, what can 1 say? It's been the best five years of my life. 
First off I want to thank the guys who made TCS great for me, 
Graham, Frankie. Blair, Mike & Ed, Hey we finally made it! Also 
thanks to the rest of the school (you know who you are) Memories: 
K.C.R., Europe trip gr. 10, Middleside Football Champions, spon- 
taneous. Late evening water entertainment, oh yeah and squeallu 
Little Piggay. and so much more. 

Thanks Mom & Dad this has been the greatest gift you've given me. 
"We're sittin on treasure call it sacred ground why look for more 
babe when it's right here to be found." B. Adams 

Maroth Toeante 

This has been a great experience and a very important chapter in 
my life. Thanks Mom & Dad for giving me the chance to live a 
better life. This investment is guaranteed to pay back. Thanks Rod 
& Joan for your love and suppon. 

Thanks also to Mr. Gregg, Mrs. Malenfaunt, Mr. Robert and Dr. 
Bermingham and everyone else who helped me through. Thanks 
to Adrian, Selwyn, Dean, Miller, Joses. Brian, Alex etc . . . and 
to a town (northern backward village) Port Hope. Keep in touch 
guys and see you in another life (hopefully notjaill) Thanks to Happy 
House, Jim's and Heroes etc . . . if it was not for these I would 
not have survived the weekends. So long TCS. I am proud to be 
an old boy 

"A gem is not polished without rubbing, a man perfected without 
trials" Chinese Epigram 

"Let us be thankful for the fools, but for them the rest of us could 
not succeed. " Mark Twain 

W.K. Edward Tsang 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Unknown. 
Thanks to all those who made it possible. 





» ' 







P.B. Gilbert Wan 

Life can be summed up in the following words Blest are the pure 

in Heart. 

Thanks to all who made my years a treat. 


i»-%c j,.feft; 

Paul Weekes 

The opening of the Florida branch reception went very well. 
Rumor has it that it might be an annual happening. The only dif- 
ference is that it will be a two week affair in the future. 
Finally, how many Americans don't know anyone who doesn't like 
Jello? 40% 

Derek A. White 

Mysterious Theatre 

It's been three years. I'd like to thank Dr. DuBroy. Mr. Lenters. 
Mr. DeFazio & Mr. McGee. I'll always remember Scrots my bros 
Quantum club Quebec. Barbadoes, the nightrider, Boston Bill's cot- 
tage, seconds of fun and the rest. Thanks Lois and Frank I loved it! 
Remember you gotta shock her. 

Charles C.R. Wilson 

"My name is Dooey Oxburger. my friends call me Ox." JC. 
Three years later I would like to thank my parents for giving me 
this opportunity. Great memories include Bigside Football's trip 
toKiski PA., Ottawa (Hull), and of course the 091 undefeated cham- 
pionship season, the ski team & Sasser, the rugby tour to Ireland 
& Wales, the weekend committee. Semis & Formals team Alizer, 
Friday night Hockey games and Late nights in the Palace. To all 
my buds at TCS - Thanks. Nothing can break our link; we all shared 
it here. So keep your heads up, strive for everything, and for God's 
sake stay in touch. Cheers! 

P.S "Does this proposition entail me dressing up like Little Bo 
Peep? " C.C. 

Andreas Andrew Woell 

In four years at Trinity I've learned a lot, mainly through trial and 
error. Luckily my friends have always been there for me. I owe 
many people my thanks. First and foremost my parents, and my 
brother Philip. Also, Mr. Proctor, Mrs. Malenfant, Mr. Robling. 
Mr Heaton, Mr. Langford, Vladimir, Mr. Robert, Mr. Wright 
and to a bunch of friends . . . P.H., M.S., R.R., J.F., and the 
fans! Lastly to my teammates, thanks for putting up with me, if 
not always keeping up with me! Remembering tlie good times al- 
ways, Bigside Soccer and Friday Night hockey games! A.W.O.L. 
#67 forever! Oh! Pip's thanks for this and good luck with the big TO! 


Sam J.H. Wright 

Thanks to Mom, Pop and Kermii for the love & support from home. 
1 will try my best to live up to your generosity. 
Thanks to Chaz for being my best friend. Thanks to Hodgey for 
putting up with me for two awesome years. Thanks to Wok- Wok 
Maynard for being a true bud underneath the humor. 
As well, thanks to HR. (143), DC. JAZZINESS. You kidded made 
it what it was. Thanks to Mr. Wright, Langford, Robert, Elsley, 
Seagram and Kedwell. You made me a much better person. 
Memories: Flowers for Algernon. T.O.. Prefecting, Weekend Com- 
mittee, Football, Table dancing or just hanging out. We had some 
serious fun eh? Good luck to those who follow. Remember what 
you have here. 

"Maybe it all meant something. Maybe not . . . but no explanation 
can touch the sense of knowing that you were there and alive in 
that comer of the world." Hunter S. Thompson. 

Frank Yam 

Thanks a lot to Mom and Dad for sending me to TCS. This is my 
first and last year. Here I learned a lot of things. I made new friends. 
Everything around is completely new. I learned how to strive for 
academic excellence and pursue my academic goals, but at the same 
time I learned how to maintain myself healthy both physically and 
mentally. The teachers are very kind and helped me a lot in tack- 
ling my problems. All my friends are very nice to me and give me 
a lot of sound advice when 1 am down. I received a lot from TCS. 
I hope I can give something back by using my skill acquired from 
TCS to serve people in society. 

William J. Young 

"I'll believe in anything when I'm there." REM To truly live Tri- 
nity is to live the whole dang thing. I don't want to leave - The 
Brent House six pack, Europe, Trip, Albini Cum Animo, Brent- 
wood (special 4, Erin). Quebec skiing, IPC. Bermuda '91, Van- 
couver, Queen's, Class Civ movies. Birds B-Day, Bill's cottage, 
Cuba, Procrastinators Common Room. Socks and laughing, - Vol- 
leyball, Bigside Basketball and the Strike Force. - Caddy, Beaker. 
Rookie, Veteran, Goodlookin Guy, Ugly Cuss. Me. Ignorance is 
bliss and patience is a virtue so I guess you have a pretty swell life 
if you're smpid and you don't mind waiting around. I will miss 
you guys. Thanks Ard, Jonathan, Mum, Dad and Shan. 

Peter A.P. Zakarow 

Wow! This is the end of a chapter which has taken up seven years 

of my life. Trinity life has created who I am today by its positive 

and negative effects. I wish the best to all my friends and especially 

to those who I dearly love: Darren, Peter, Holt. Julie, and Trent. 

Thanks to the school for keeping me humble with their obscuration 

of my dedication. 

Hey Edan . . Where were the pins? 

And if the music stops. There's only the sound of rain 

All the hope and glory. All the sacrifice in vain. If love 

remains. Though everything is lost. We will pay the price. 

But we will not count the cost . . . Neil Pert. 


Brett Norris 

As the (t)rusty Nissan ends its role as a T.C.S 
bus/taxi, 1 also end my Trinity stay. The past two 
years have been, by far. the most enjoyable of 
my life. Nee-a-blub-blub. Sherbroke, Bagalaga's 
party. Texas. Dartmouth. McGill, and the whole 

Here is to the friends who made the ride a lot 
more fun and easier: Shamus, Villie. Spitner. 
Hairland. Jari. Mafro, J-F. Archie. Evan. Ed. 
and Mr. Robert, you guys are the greatest. 
Thanks Paul and Dan for getting me in the door. 
But most of all. thanks to Mom. Dad. and Mike. 
I wish I could work as hard as you have. I love 
you. As I depart, remember these three things. 
"It's a dog eat dog world, and I'm wearing milk- 
bone underwear." Norm Peterson 
"Everything in the Universe is 45 minutes from 
Syracuse, it just depends how fast you're going. " 
Jim Beam "Mon talo pala" Syomi 

William N. Stratford 

The soccer, the drink and the friends were sec- 
ond to none. You got me here mum. dad & bros, 
the rest is up to me. I've learned you can't live 
with them, pass the nuts (Norme) but to all the 
guys I could live with here's the drink I'll leave 
out the nuts' cause you already have them. 
(A. Stratford '87 con't) Slugs and Snails are af- 
ter me. DDT keeps me happy. Now I guess I'll 
have to tell em. That I got no cerebellum. Gonna 
get my Ph.D. I'm a teenager lobotomy (Ramones) 
Mon talo Pala (Suomi) 

"The child is grown. The dream is gone. And 
I have become Comfortably numb. (Pink Floyd) 

Sami O. Tenngren 

"Modem technologies also changed the life of 
another Indian Farmer." Jaghit Singh (Punjabi 

"Nobody could tell what he was saying his voice 
was low and his mind was high." - John Lennon. 
This is what the first weeks of TCS were like 
for me, CONFUSION. Thanks to TCS for op- 
ening so many doors and making the past three 
years the most memorable experience of my life. 
Special thanks and love to family Cime for put- 
ting up with me for these years. I never would 
have made it through without your support. 
""Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past 
you must fight to keep them alive." - Survivor 
Thank you Mom and Dad for making the sacri- 
fices so I could have the opportunity to be part 
of TCS. "HOCKEY is life, the rest is details" 



Charles C.R. Wilson 

the Year Chairman 

for the 

Class of 1992 


Headmaster's Address on Speech Day 

Mr. Chairman, Honoured Guest, particularly Ms. Prin- 
gle. Governors, Graduates, Parents, Faculty and Students 
of Trinity College School. Welcome to Port Hope and Speech 
Day 1992. As usual, I get to make the first speech on Speech 
Day and. I'll try to keep it short and sweet - like my wife! 

Speech Day has different levels of significance for differ- 
ent students. For those not in the Leaving Class, it simply 
signifies the end of one year at Trinity - one that I hope 
was happy and successful and fulfilling. 

For the 112 graduates before me, judging by how many 
have been wandering around campus in an emotional daze, 
it has a little more significance - it is an important turning 
point in their lives. They will be leaving the relative secu- 
rity of a Trinity education, no more Housemasters caring 
if they are in bed, no more teachers caring if they are in 
class. Of course, there will be family and friends to lean 
on from time to time but, essentially, they have the coveted 
freedom to make all day to day decisions. 

We can't help wondering, as any prudent parent would, 
if we as a School have equipped them to make good quality 

- We hope you will take full responsibility for your own 
learning and that youMl always be seeking new learning 

- We hope you will take real ownership of your mistakes 
(that we all make) and so really understand personal 

- We hope you've surrendered enough to community goals 
at TCS to at least appreciate the complexity of citizen- 
ship in any community. 

- At the same time, we hope you've seen clear examples 
at TCS for the respect of the individual, and tolerance. 

- We hope that we have helped you develop the skills to 
reason sharply, think critically and adjust rapidly to chang- 
ing circumstances - because, if there is one inevitability 
about the big world you're about to enter, it is that the 
rate of change is fearsome. 

- We hope you'll ask the right questions, not merely par- 
rot the right answers. 

- We hope that you'll celebrate effort, charity and integ- 
rity and, finally - 

- We hope that you know yourselves a bit better, your lim- 
itations a bit better, and that you can honestly appreciate 
the good scholarship, and the good namre, and the good 
fortune of others - without jealousy. You'll have the op- 
portunity with the banquet of prizes we're about to hand 

It's a tall order - time will tell. But. despite some of the 
rough moments over the last month. I think this class has 
a lot going for it, there are some sterling people in it. and 
you leave with our affection. I think Trinity has served you 
well. If we've missed the boat on a couple of you, I'm truly 
sorry. One thing I'm sure TCS has given everyone, is life- 

loni* friends. TTiis is a nahiral by-product of a boarding school 
and not particularly difficult to provide. Still, you all grad- 
uate with that prize today and, in many ways, it is the finest 
prize of all. 

At one point, 1 thought of saying nothing about coedu- 
cation because it is such a natural fact of Trinity - 1 honestly 
find it hard to remember when we weren't coed! I recall 
explaining to an Old Boy a few weeks ago what PDA stood 
for (Public Display of Affection) - he thought it should stand 
for "Pretty Darn Attractive". Still, allow me one editorial 
comment on Coed! 

Despite the fact that the gloves came off this term to some 
extent, no one would suggest that coeducation at TCS was 
anything less than a resounding success. Besides normaliz- 
ing the social enviroriment, the first young women at Tri- 
nity enriched every programme we offer, immeasurably. 
They brought the female perspective, the feminine angle, 
in dealing with others in conflict resolution and problem 
solving into focus for many of us linebackers - and their 
loyalty and affinity to the traditions of TCS were remark- 
ably instant and remarkably deep. 

Coeducation would have worked per se with the inclusion 
of any girls in our formula, but it wouldn't have been a huge 
success without great girls'. - girls willing and able to es- 
tablish high standards of performance and deportment for 
their future sisters to follow at Trinity. We were fortunate 
and honoured to have girls like this, and I am most grateful 
to all of them for the pioneering role they played in launch- 
ing the new TCS. 

Having said that, our boys were no slouches either, and 
I am very proud of the way most of them have adjusted to 
the huge changes in their School at a time in their life when 
large scale change is often difficult to swallow and even 
harder to manage, particularly those boys who have been 
here 4, 5. or 6 years and have had to come to grips with 
a school very different from that which they first encoun- 
tered. I understand some of the ambivalence they might be 
feeling now but, in time. I think they will be loyal and proud 
that they were at the School in the early '90's. 

I'd like to close with Rodger Wright's annual, unsolicited, 
largely ignored advice to the Leaving Class. The message 
each year is a pretty consistent one, I think, to the extent 
that I could almost get someone else who's been here 9 years 
to give this part of my speech. 

I was tempted to do that, until I heard about Professor 
Fieldmann from Cornell University. Fieldmann was a cel- 
ebrated nuclear physicist and Cornell was so proud of him 
that they gave him a Lincoln Continental and a chauffeur. 
He toured the campuses of America, giving his penetrating 
set speech on Relativity, with his chauffeur always tucked 
away at the back of the Hall reading trashy novels. 

The time came when the chauffeur said "Professor Field- 
mann, I have heard your speech so many times, I reckon 

I could deliver it as well as you can.". They were at Prince- 
ton that night, and Fieldmann said "Fine, you give me your 
uniform and trashy novel, and I'll give you my tweed jacket 
and bow tie. You give the speech." 

At Princeton, the chauffeur held forth on Relativity for 
40 minutes without missing a beat and sat down to raptur- 
ous applause. Then the moderator asked for questions from 
the floor. YIPES! One earnest undergrad asked a convoluted 
question which lasted about 5 minutes. The lecturer climbed 
to his feet. "Do you know" he said "that is the dumbest 
question on relativity that I've ever heard. In fact, it is so 
dumb, that I'm going to ask my chauffeur at the back of 
the room to answer it." 

Anyhow, here's my advice - not that I corner the market 
on virtue, but I have seen certain qualities in others, tested 
here in the hot house of a boarding school, that have had 
excellent currency in this community and beyond - and I'd 
like to share them with you. This is primarily for the Leav- 
ing Class - the rest of you may go. 

1) Count your blessings - Don't add up your troubles. You 
should be grateful for the opportunity you have been given 
by your parents to be at this School, to be in Canada which, 
for all its unity crisis and recession, is a picnic compared 
to so many other countries of the world; grateful not to have 
to experience war or strife or hunger. We are all so priv- 
ileged to be in this tent and, with this privilege comes a re- 
sponsibility to be sensitive to those less privileged and to 
try to do something about it. Graduates, from your back- 
ground of privilege, you have a responsibility - no, an ob- 
ligation, - to give some of your time, interest, talent and, 
eventually, money to others. To not do this is an egotistical 
affront to your family, your School and your country. You 
don't have to be Mother Teresa, you can start modestly in 
your own backyard, but it has to be done from our position 
of privilege. 

2) If you are feeling depressed, down, despondent, one of 
the best ways to beat the blues is to do something for some- 
one else. Those of you in this class (and there are many) 
who have been doing social service, senior visiting. Big 
Brothers, Pat Moss, peer counselling, peer tutoring, etc., 
know how many intrinsic awards can be garnered by show- 
ing some interest and concern in others - it can make you 
feel great and often put your problems in perspective. I know 
it sounds hokey, but a little note to someone, a phone call, 
a small gift, or a short visit, or just noticing someone else, 
can help them and be therapeutic to you. 

I'm not very religious - but everyone's allowed their fa- 
vourite prayer. It could be a motto if you don't fancy pray- 
ing. Goes like this - 

Lord, when I'm hungry, give me someone to feed. 

When I am thirsty, give water for their thirst. 

When I'm sad, give me someone to lift from sorrow. 

When burdens weigh upon me, 

Lay upon my shoulders the burden of my fellows. 
Lord, when I stand greatly in need of tenderness. 
Give me someone who yearns for love. 
Remember: You are the best to yourself when you are 
good to others. 

3) I know I went into length with this last year, but I still 
want to quickly mention and underscore the importance of 
Tolerance. This virtue has been sorely tested in us all over 
the past few weeks, but I still believe in its importance and 
its cornerstone nature for any community. Wouldn't it be 
nice if we could deal with other people's faults as gently 
as we deal with our own? Lamentably, even good old TCS 
has its shortcomings in this area from time to time - but we 
should all pledge to ' 'top up our tolerance ' '. 

4) You've heard this from me before - "Never toot your 
own horn." If you are honestly hard working, even if its 
way behind the scenes, you will be eventually noticed by 
someone - the truth will win out - be patient. Someone else 
will toot your horn and the sound will be far more brilliant. 

5) Don't take yourself too seriously. There is always some- 
one who can do what you are doing better - if not now, in 
the future. I love the Hebrew expression - "They who take 
their rank lightly raise their own dignity." 

6) When in doubt, tell the Truth! 

7) And, finally, I commend to you the Emersion quotation 
on the front of the programme. It is a powerful sentiment 
defining success in terms of what you give, not what you 
get. It means the poorest, most humble person can have fab- 
ulous success. 

Class of '92 - 1 wish you tons of Emerson success. I'm glad 
our paths crossed here at TCS and I'll look forward to see- 
ing you in your life as Trinity OB and OG. When this cer- 
emony is all over, please don't forget to say thanks to your 
All the best to you! Thank you. 

"What is success? To laugh often and much; to win the 
respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; 
to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the be- 
trayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best 
in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy 
child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know 
even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. 
This is to have succeeded." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Head Prefect's Address 

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Wright, Parents, Governors, Masters, Teach- 
ers, Students, and the graduates of 1992: 

I have been aware of this moment slowly approaching for quite 
some time now. I am also aware of how seemingly long and te- 
dious these Speech Day Ceremonies can be; this being my own 
fifth and final session under the bigtop. So, I've taken my immense 
practised knowledge of precis, compliments of the English depart- 
ment, and prepared suitably for this moment. Ladies and gentle- 
men, the Head Prefect's address: 
Rural Route number five 
Flesherton, Ontario 

Thank you for your time and attention . . . Wait a second, there's 
another page here! 

Many of this year's graduates have been here before, sat under 
this tent and seen this all before, but only now is it that we fully 
comprehend what it all means. For many people. Speech Day is 
the sign of a long year's hard work come to completion, for others 
it is a sign of completion. For some it is even a chance to start 
a library, but for us, the graduates, it's over. It means a death. 
On Speech Day part of us dies - we are forced to move on. To 
move on from a life we know; and have grown accustomed to. 
Many of these people we see around us today, we will never see 
again. Some may never even see the school again. But most of 
us will. You see, with this death comes new life With the closing 
of this part of our lives, comes the opening of many new oppor- 
tunities. There are a lot of doors opened to us now that were locked 
before. They are open because of Tnnity College School. We must 
now leave the lives we know, thrown out into what we fear the 
most - "the unknown", in order to face new challenges and con- 
quer broader avenues with what Trinity College School has given. 

And just what has Trinity given us? "I know just what it's taken!" 
my father would say. But. just what has it given back. This school 
has exposed us to so much opporiunity, that I'm amazed we have 
never had a fatality due to over-exposure. The most remarkable 
and unique exposure came to most of us this year. As we all know, 
this year has seen the most revolutionary and radical change since 
the school's foundation in Weston 127 years ago. I would like to 
draw your attention for a moment to this change which has been 
modem, upbeat with the world, and might I even daresay - sexy. 
Yes. as we all know, we opened a new building this year; which 
houses the biology labs, not to mention a computer facility almost 
on par with that of the Starship Enterprise. I would also like to 
commend the architect who succeeded in molding modem design 
and air conditioning with our existing stone and copper- roofed struc- 

But. of course, that's not the change I'm talking about. I'm talk- 
ing about the acquisition of a Cappuccino machine in the Common 
Room - No. The advent of co-education has changed Trinity. Last 
year, the reaction of most of us was "Oooh, not, no it can't be. 
oooh, girls" But, the school's authorities said that it must be done 
for demographic and financial reasons. "Besides", they said. 
"You'll like it anyway". And, as usual they were right. None of 
the guys ever got cooties from the girls, and hey, it gave the guys 
something better to look at in class than Mr. Kedwell's receding 
hairline. No offense. More seriously though, how could Trinity 
expect to prepare properly its students for University or the "real 
world", if it was denying its students exposure to half the world's 
population in our school's so-called "competitive and training at- 
mosphere". Co-education, still a fledgling and largely untested 
concept at Trinity College School has shown tremendous promise 
and seems to be succeeding in creating a new environment which 
can be still labelled as 'Trinity'. Trinity College School has taught 
us many other things as well. It has taught us to stand up for what 
we believe in. and question authority when we do not agree. Such 
as. in these hard pressed financially difficuh times, why was a con- 
dom machine (the installation of such a facility questionable to be- 
gin with, but finally deemed overall beneficial to society), why 
was a condom machine placed in the grade eight Ketchum house 
bathroom? I guess you're never too young to practice safe sex, 
eh Pablo you linle love stallion?! 

Tnniiy College School has taught us many things, academic and 
otherwise, but I believe that the most imponant lesson lies in the 
b(.)arding school environment. Leaving and living away from home 
teaches us to appreciate everything we have, and to appreciate most 
of all our families. When "push comes to shove", they are the 
ones that will always be there with you and be behind you when 
you need someone there the most. Some people realize this too 
late, and some people just never leam it. Fortunately, and I think 
I speak on behalf of the entire graduating class, we have learned 
this early on in our lives. Thanks to Trinity and what it is. 

But what exactly is it that makes Trinity College School what 
it is? What separates it from the rest? I lost a lot of sleep over 
this trying to figure it out. One night I got up to take a walk and 
think it over (this is weekend confinement potential). 1 knew some- 
thing was wrong when at three o'clock in the morning I saw a 
green martian cleaning the streets. 1 needed something to eat. 1 
looked up and saw a sign that read "Heroes Wing Night - Always 
open." Problem was - it was closed. Somewhere in the distance 
a dog barked. And then it dawned upon me. People. Trinity is 
all about jjeople. The quality, genuine concern, and goodwill of 
our teachers, advisers, tutors, coaches, and housemasters have all 
played the most important role in the expansion of our minds and 
horizons during our education. Thanks are due to them. Thank- 
you also to the students for making the atmosphere of our home 
here at Trinity what it is. i would also like to thank Mr. Wright 
who gets so involved with the school life on all levels. I've seen 
him act in theatrical productions, sing in the choir, play in and 
conduct school bands, and get into an ice hockey brawl. Rumour 
has it he even has an office under the library where he occasion- 
ally goes to eat jelly beans. I would like to thank him for his en- 
thusiasm and support of the School's life. It is with all of these 
people and personalities that our graduating class has travelled up 
and down with (mostly up) through the good times and the bad. 
through victories and crises. 

It is all of these people who have given us our education. I re- 
cently read an article by Earl Nightingale on "The Goal of Ed- 
ucation". As I read it. I slowly became aware of what had been 
happening to me while at Trinity. Here is an excerpt from that 

"The goal of education is to teach us to love what doesn't cost 
much. To love reading, conversation, music and art. To love 
to do our work as well as we can leam to do it. And to love 
people even though they're quite different from us. The goal 
of education is to leam to love life for its own sake. To love 
the sunrise, the sunset, the beating of rain on the roof and win- 
dows and the gentle fall of snow on a winter's day. The goal 
of education is to teach us to leam to love the companionship 
of dogs and the laughter and gaiety of children. And the goal 
of education is to teach us the meaning of freedom and to leam 
to be free from the domination of things and the opinions of 
others. And finally, education is the process of narrowing the 
gap that exists in all of us between what we are and what we 
can become." 

After 1 read this I realized that Trinity College School had ful- 
filled those goals and more. Trinity College School is more than 
an education, it is a way of life. And with that reassurance, grad- 
uates of 1992, leave here knowing that you are fully worthy of the 
Trinity College School old boy or old girl name. 
Thank you. 

Prizes, Awards, and Medals 


1st Form Ted Wright (with English and Math) 

2nd Form Amanda lr\'ine 
3rd Form Scott Willis 


2nd Form Amanda lr\ine 
3rd Form Scott Willis 
4th Form Kabir Jamal 
5th Form Marcus Chow 



Natalie Cheng Sasha Mervyn 

Tara Hamilton Garth Nichols 

Rizwan Hassan Philip Sword 

Kabir Jamal Kathenne Wan 

Stephen Lee Jason Yue 

Nairn Antaki Richard Moorjani 

Marcus Chow Francois Panneton 

Andrew Howse Graham Stoute 


The D'Arcy Martin 
Prize in English Tara Hamilton 
French Prize Kabir Jamal 

Special French Prize Charles de Kerckhove 
German Prize Kenneth Bignell 

Spanish Prize Jessica Johnson 

Environmental Science Prize 
Science in Society Prize 

Wellsley Baker 
Adam Cota 
Andrew Harrison 
Edan Howell 
Julian Whike 


Music Prize 

Economics Prize 

Social Science Prize Jonathan Buchanan 

History Prize 

Dr. Forrest Prize 

in Art 
The Hugel Prize in 

The Armour Memorial Prize for 

Computer Science Stephen Lee 
Physics Prize 
Chemistry Prize 
Biology Prize 
The Ingles Prize 

in Classics 
Physical Education 

Law Prize 

Stephen L^e 

Natalie Cheng 

Jonathan Buchanan 

Jonathan Buchanan & 
Philip Sword 

Iain MacDonald 

Richard Moorjani 
Angela Brown 
Philip Sword 
Bradley Smith 
Arundel Sirathy 
Brian Lee 

Richard Moorjani 
Andrew Proctor 
Graham Stoute 

Nairn Antaki 

Noble Gibson 

Gregory Fines 

Francois Panneton 
Marcus Chow 
Kalherine Wan 
Marcus Chow 

Kabir Jamal 

Gregory Fines 
Sasha Mervyn 


Francois Bazin Paul Futhey 

Kevin Chan Tamara Kavandar 

Albert Chen Jeffrey Lavers 

Balazs Csaszar Edward L^e 

Charles de Kerckhove Ryan Lee Sui 
Scott Feddery Jason Liddell 

Trish Bevan Laura Kucey 

Brook Hamilton Anil Nanaya 

Jeremy Hammond Jason Seagram 

Jamil Juma Lesley Slade 


Tyrell Ashcrofi Tessy George 

Veronica Parliament 
William Pohoresky 
Max Saegert 
Daniel Salmon (with 
Ben Sandford 
Gordon Turner 

Cameron Snaith 
Darryn Stroude 
Chris Willmore (with 

The Marion Osier Award for Head 

The Head of the Pat Moss Society 

The Archbishop of Toronto Prize 
The Headmaster's Purchase Award Gilbert Wan 
The Fred Martin Memorial Prizes for Art and Music in the 1st Forms 

Michael Davidson & 
William Young 

D.H. Hunter & Charles Wilson 
Darren Littlejohn 

Ted Wright 
Tessy George 

Darren Littlejohn 

Christopher Good 

The Stevenson Award for the Best 

The Butterfield Trophy and Prize 

for Outstanding Contribution to 


The Gavin Ince Langmuir Memorial Prizes for Writing 
Prose Ben Hatcher 

Poetry Christopher Good 

Junior Ben Sandford 

The Armour Memorial Prize for 

the Editor of The Record D H Hunter 

The Barbara Erskine Hayes Prize 

for Debating Darren Littlejohn 

The Speaker's Gavel - given by 

Mrs. J Irving Lawson Darren Littlejohn 

The Most Promising Junior 

Debater Ben Sandford 

The Chess Prize Peter Fulton 

2nd Form Laura Kucey 

3rd Form Kevin Chan 

4th Form Kabir Jamal 

5th Form Kathenne Wan 


1st Form The Philip Ketchum Cup Ted Wright 

The Hamilton Bronze Medal 
The Margaret Ketchum Prize 
The 1945 Challenge Trophy 

2nd Form 
3rd Form 
4th Form 

Cameron Snaith 
Daniel Salmon 
Tara Hamilton & 
Stephen Lee 
5th Form The Langmuir Challenge Trophy Peter Fulton 
The Boulden Award for Integrity in the 

Middle School Scon Willis 

The 1970 Trophy for the Outstanding 
Contribution to the Arts Darren Littlejohn 


The J.D. Ketchum Music Prize 

The Choir Prize 

The Headmaster's Pins for Music 

The Class of '89 Awards 

The Tony Prower Choral Awards 

The Music Director's Award 

Andrew Proctor 

Austin Dumas 

Christina Bumham 

Ben Sandford 

Ted Wright 

Lauren Wu 

Trent Thompson & Peter Zakarow 

Kristi Adamcryck & Edmond Chan 

Austin Dumas 


The Heber Rogers Memorial 
Trophy for the Outstanding Under 

14 Athlete Jeremy Hammond 

The Palerson Trophy for the 

Outstanding Under 15 Athlete Daniel Salmon 
The EG Osier Cup for the 

Outstanding Littleside Athlete Ryan Lee Sui 
The de Pencier Trophy for the 

Outstanding Middleside Athlete Michael Kabaluk 
The Stewart-Haralampides Award 

for Good Spirit and Achievement 

in Sports 

Evan Kelly 

The Ingles Triipliy tor Keenness in 

Athletics Geoffrey Reeves 

The Jack Maynard Memorial 

Trophy for Leadership in 

Athletics Jean-Francois Potvin 

The Brian "Toby" Kent Memorial 
Award Robert Bourbeau & 

Katherine Flynn 
The Grand Challenge Trophy Jean-Francois Potvin & 

Tanya Hobbs 
Lindsay Cook 
Myriam Demers 
Sang Hung Lee 
Mazen Mourtada 
David Shik 


Jeff Chapman 
Joses Jones 
Gilbert Lam 
Darren Littlejohn 
Edwin Pang 
Edward Tsang 
Derek White 
Frank Yam 


The D'Arcy Martin Prize in English Christopher Good 

The French Prize Peter Laflamme 

Special French Prize Roxane Clement 

German Prize Sami Tenngren 

The Spanish Prize Andrew Kirby 

The Rigby History Prize Darren Littlejohn 

The Kent Prize for Canadian Politics Ian Macdonald 

The Music Prize Peter Zakarow 

The Economics Prize Darren Littlejohn 

The University of Toronto Prize Jeff Chapman 

The Dr. Forrest Prize in Art Ben Baldwin 

The Hugel Prize in Geography Canadian Darren Littlejohn 

World Issues Graham Stoute & 
Greg Titterton 

The Founder's Prize for Physics Frank Yam 

The Peter H. Lewis Medal for Chemistry Jeff Chapman & 

Frank Yam 
The Armour Memorial Prize for Computer 

Science Edmond Chan 

The Ingles Prize in Classics Christopher Good 

The Classical Civilisation Prize Darren Littlejohn 

The Biology Prize Frank Yam 

The Physical Education Prize Paul Jomm 


Krista Adamek 
Robert Bourbeau 
Jonathan Buchanan 
Alstair Burton 
David Carten 
Jeff Chapman 
Edmond Chan 
Selwyn Chin 
Jake Clifford 
Jason Cole 
Lindsay Cook 
Hamish Cowan 
Michael Davidson 


Paul Jomm 
Joses Jones 
Dean Lee Sui 
Frederico Ma 
Graham Marsh 
Frank Marzari 
Jonathan Mills 
Adrian Murphy 
Brad Norrena 
Andrew Proctor 
Billy Petro 
Geoffrey Reeves 
Michael Samuels 
Graham Simmonds 

Derek White 

Peter Zakarow 


Omar Aboud 

Alex Henault 

Ian Macdonald 

Blair Miller 


Jeff Chapman, Head Prefect 

Jon Burgart 

Christopher Good 

George Goodall 

D.H. Hunter 

Jonathan Decle 

Jennie Drew 
Austin Dumas 
Stephen Garland 
Ben Hatcher 
Alex Henault 
Josh Hoover 
Lisa Jacobson 

Michael Jamieson 

Edward Stewart 
Martin Stoute 
Elaine Tarn 
Raymond Teng 
Sami Tenngren 
Trent Thomson 
Stefan Titus 
Maroth Toeante 
Gilben Wan 


Evan Kelly 

Darren Littlejohn 
Julian Maynard 
Spencer Moss 
Jeremy Padmos 
Jean-Francois Potvin 
Peter Roland 
Willie Stratford 
Sam Wright 

William Young 


Alastair Macdonald 

Ina Elliott 

Junior Faculty 

Kirk Defazio 

Rob Lenters 

The Guild 

Sam Wright 

Ray Teng 

Jeremy Padmos 


The Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for 


The Jubilee Exhibition Award for 

The Lutra Award 

The Angus and Lorna Scott Award for 

Outstanding Contribution to School Life 
The Merv Anthony Award 
The Jim McMullen Memorial Trophy 

The Governor-General's Medal and 

Chancellor's Prize for the Head Boy 
The Bronze Medal 

Darren Littlejohn 

Frank Yam 
Darren Littlejohn & 
Peter Zakarow 

Edmond Chan 
Joses Jones 
Lisa Jacobsen & 
Charles Wilson 

Frank Yam 
Jeff Chapman 


The TCS Rugby Touring side enjoyed 15 days overseas this past March Break. Ac- 
companied by Coaches Hay and Seagram, and Organizers Stevens and Robling, we 
departed from Toronto on the 10th of March. Arriving in Dublin Ireland on the 11th. 
we spent 3 days with the chaps from St. Paul's College. Here we played to a 10-10 draw 
with their 1st XV and picked up our theme song "West Coast". 

Next stop was down the coast to Wickloe County where we were hosted by the Wickloe 
R.F.C. Here we enjoyed a cabaret and our first victory in Ireland in a two-day stint. 
Our final Irish destination was Waterford. In our 3-day visit, we experienced St. Patrick's 
Day in which we trounced the home side in front of a large crowd of noisy Irish. 

We took our undefeated record across the Irish Sea to Haverfordwest Wales where 
we stayed with the lads from Sir Thomas Picton School. It was here where we suffered 
our only loss of the tour to their 1st XV. Nonetheless, the fun didn't stop for a moment 
as Mr. Stevens and Mr. Robling led the way in their homeland. Our final venue was 
played under lights at the village of Pembrooke. There we came out on top, 7-4 in a 
dramatic battle against the local R.F.C. which was undoubtedly the toughest team we 
faced on tour. After 3 days in Pembrooke, we concluded our tour with a bus trip to Lon- 
don and our final night in the Big City. 

All in all, the '92 TCS Rugby Tour posted the School's finest overseas record at 3-1-1. 
We would like to thank Mr. Seagram, Mr. Hay, Mr. Robling and Mrs. Stevens for 
their organizing and, of course. Dr. DuBroy for his support in Ireland. 

mnmaim- Jrmt'm x 



. *y 

^^"•" '^ 

■ ^4 







Mr. Emanuel M. Alexiou < 

Mr. and Mrs. Ian W. Angus 

The Angus Family 

Dr. and Mrs. N. Baker ■ 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bellamy 

Mr. and Mrs. F. David Bignell 

Mrs. Mariellen Black 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bowen 

Mr. and Mrs. Burgart 

Canada Commercial Battery Ltd. 

Mr. and Mrs. Chapman 

Mr. and Mrs. E.K. Chin 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. LB. Cowan 

Dr. and Mrs. A.M. Crawford 

Mr. and Mrs. Mohsen Djelweh 

Mr. and Mrs. Drew 

Mr. and Mrs. Fafard 

Mr. and Mrs. Flynn 

Mr. and Mrs. Francolini 

Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Frew 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Garcia 

Mr. and Mrs. N.G. Hagenson 

Mrs. Peta Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. K.L. Hammond 

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Harrison 

Mr. and Mrs. John Hoover 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Hunter 

Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Jackson 

Mrs. S. Kavander 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Fred LaFlanmie 

Mrs. Anna Lai 

Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Chul Lee 

Mrs. Elaine D. Littlejohn 

Fall Play, Spnng Play 

Girls Swinuning 

Middleside Tennis 


Bigside Football 

U-17 Rugby 

Bigside Football 

Girls Field Hockey 

Bigside Volleyball 



Littleside Cricket 


Arts and Literature 

Girls Basketball 


Bigside Hockey 

Alpine Skiing 

Bigside Volleyball 


Bethune House 

Bums House Girls 




Bigside Football 

Bigside Tennis 


Field Hockey 

Bickle House 


Littleside Football 



Mr. and Mrs. Ma 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Magwood 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Marzari 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas McCallum 

Mrs. Clarice McCarthy 

Mr. and Mrs. McGoey 

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Mervyn 

Dr. and Mrs. Mourtada 

Mr. and Mrs. Nizol 

Mr. and Mrs. Timo Nyman 

Mr. and Mrs. James Pang 

Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Pugh 

Dr. and Mrs. Rawluk 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Reeves 

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Regan 

Mr. and Mrs. John Rennie 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Rodrigues 

Mr. and Mrs. Saegart 

Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer 

Mr. John Simmonds 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Slade 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Stevenson 

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Stewart 

Mr. Ray Teng 

Dr. and Mrs. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Thornton 

G.W.D.C. Titus 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tomlinson 

Mr. and Mrs. Ping C. Wan 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wigle 

Mr. George WUl 

Mr. and Mrs. R.C.N. Wright 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright 


Sr. Jazz 

Sr. Jazz 

Brent House 


Brent House 

Fall Play 


Littleside Hockey 

Bigside Hockey 



Girls Basketball 

Bickle House 

Littleside Football 

Bigside Football 

Middleside Basketball 

Littleside Hockey 

Middleside Volleyball 

Bigside Football 


Field Hockey 


Bigside Rugby 

Senior Jazz 

Girls Basketball 

Littleside Soccer 


Littleside Volleyball 

Ketchum House 


Girls Basketball 


Fall Play 



Mr. and Mrs. Ashcroft 

Mrs. Violet Bevan 

Dr. and Mrs. Buchanan-Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Cheng 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Corsi 

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cota 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Geekie 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Ho 

Dr. and Mrs. Howse 

Ms. Debra Invemo 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Jack 

Mr. and Mrs. Hans S. Jacobsen 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Johnson 

Mrs. Robyn A. Keelan 

Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Kells . ; -^ 

Stephen M.L. Lee 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 

Dr. and Mrs. L McFadzean 

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mcintosh 

- — Mr. and Mrs. P.W. MUls 

Mr. Frank MiUs 

Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Moss 

Mr. and Mrs. Persson 

Dr. and Mrs. Ian Revill 

' Mr. and Mrs. Smilsky 

Mr. and Mrs. Squires 

Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Steele 

Mr. and Mrs. Toering 

Mrs. Regina Tong 

Mr. and Mrs. Trenholme 

Mr. Ed Tsang 

Mr. and Mrs. James Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. Wan 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Westiake 

Mr. and Mrs. Yam 

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Yturbe 

■.i -^i 





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4395 Bath Road. 

Kingston. Ontano. 

K7N lAl. 613-389-6795 


TarT> Hall. Loyalist Pkwy.. 

R R »1 

Bath. Ontano 

KOH IGO. 513-373-2625 


781 Lakeshore Drive. 

North Bay. Ontario. 

PIA 2G7. 705-474-9298 


PO Box 754 

Elliot Lake. Ontano 

P5A 2R5. 705-451-%56 


Pitcaple Farm. 

R R ni 

Cambndge. Ontario. 

N3C 2V4. 519-822-1859 


Comp 5. Site 85. R.R. *4 

Summerland. B.C. 

VOH IZO. 604-494-7013 


R.R »1 

Caledon East. Ontario. 

LON lEO. 415-584-1356 


303 Henry St . 

Cobourg. Ontario. 

K9A 3Y7. 416-372-3653 


41 Mayvem Crescent. 

Richmond Hill. Ontario. 

L4C 5J5. 415-883-1852 


237 Golfdale Road. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4N 2C2. 416-487-9125 


101 Alliance Pnvate. 

Ottawa. Ontano. 

KIT 2B7. 513-523-0919 


Hermands Becquer, 7, 

Madnd, Spain 28006. 


3022 3rd Street S W.. 

Calgary, Alberta. 

T2S 1V1, 403-243-9645 


548 WavecTCSt Avenue, 

Winlield, N.J., USA 07036 



135 Alexandra Blvd , 

Toronto, Ontano 

M4R 1M3, 416J82-7(M6 


1 1 FA PO 1/F d-2, Yau Yat Chuen. 

Kowloon, Hong Kong. 


Flat 5B Residence 7, Chinese Univ, 

Shatin, NT., 

Hong Kong. 603-5684 


211 St Patrick Slrnl, R R. #805 

Toronto. Ontario 

M.n 2Y9. 416^59.35279 


RR »5 

Ficshcnon. Ontano 

NOC lEO. 519.924.3328 


35 Roscglcn Road. 

Pon Hope. Ontario. 

LIA 3V6. 416-885-J873 


7250 Yonge Street. #1706, 

Thomhill, Ontano. 

UJ 1V8, 415-882-5096 


22 Stubbswtxxl Square, 

Scarborough, Ontano. 

MIS 2K6, 415-292-8963 


152 Holmes Avenue, 

North York, Ontario 

M2N 4M6, 415-229-9839 


Flat F, 1 Park Twrs , 1 King's Rd., 

if21 FL, Causeway Bay, 

Hong Kong, 556-2569 


R R »5 

Clarcmont, Ontario. 

LIY 1A2, 416-683-6739 


Worthy Pk (Factory) Ltd., 

Ewanon P O 

St. Cathenne, Jamaica W 1 


Centre Rd , Box 855, R R »1 

Stroud, Ontano 

LOL 2M0, 705-431-1980 


8001 Des Vendeens, 

Anjou, Quebec 

HIK 1T2. 514-351-1799 


537 Upper Queens St , 

London, Ontario. 

N6C 3T8, 5I9-68I-(M44 


Pooks Hill. Stepney. 

St George. 

Barbados. W I . 809-J37-J811 


370 Avondale Avenue, 

Ottawa, Ontano. 

K2AOR8, 513-722-8275 


31 Fallingbrook Dnve, 

Scarborough Ontano. 

MIN 1B5, 416-590-0848 


31 Fallingbrook Dnve, 

Scarborough, Ontano. 

MIN 1B5, 415-590-0848 


97 Braemer Road, 

Kingston, Ontano. 

K7M 4B5, 613-389-1740 


58 Rhonda Blvd., 

Bowmanville, Ontano. 

Lie 3Y2, 416-623-1-384 


Schlosstrassc 13 

DW 7465 

Dotterhausen, Germany. 


Sution "A" (Mosco) 

Box 500 

Ottawa, Ontario. 

KIN 8T7 


30 Ridge Dnve. 
Toronto. Ontano 

M4T 1B7. 416-J85-9546 

31 Riverside Dnve. 
Sault Ste. Mane. Ont. 
P6A 3R9. 705-945-5858 

78 Rjdge Drive. 

Toronto, Ontario. 

M4T 1B8, 415481-6912 


63 Lympstone Avenue, 

Toronto, Ontano. 

M4N IMS, 416-488-8033 


1240 llona Park, flO 

Pickenng, Ontano 

L1W 1E4, 415-831-4915 


Ganaraska Farm, R.R. IH 

Port Hope, Ontano. 

LIA 3V7, 416-753-2239 


Congo Road, St Philip, 

Barbados, W 1 



PO Box HM150 

Hamilton Hmax, Bermuda. 



7 Devondale Dnve. Box DV 470 

Devonshire Dvbx. Bermuda. 



32 Howland Avenue, 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M5R 3B3. 416-535-2958 


70 Victoria Gardens South, 

Diego Martin Trinidad WI. 



730 Guillaume Chartier. 

Montreal. Quebec 

H1A 5E5. 514-498-4456 


R R « 

Pon Carling. Ontario. 

POB IJO. 705-765-5553 


4259 Kenle Ct.. 

Belleville. Ontano. 

K8R 1G2. 6l3-%8-2568 


1 Grenadier Heights. 
Toronto. Ontano 

M5S :W5. 415-752-0046 


1250 Mississauga Valley Blvd #110. 

Mississauga. Ontano. 

L5A 3R6. 415-277-9053 


6 Timberlane Court. Box A-4 

Courtice. Ontario. 

LIE 2HI. 416-575-4692 


15 Munro Park Avenue. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4E 3M2. 415-598-0935 


45 Emeline Crescent, 

Markham, Ontario. 

L3P 4G4. 415-294-6081 


35 Hasungs Rd . 

Pefferlaw. Ontano, 

L03 INO 


R R #2 

Port Hope .'Ontario. 

LIA 3V6. 415-885-6926 


R.R #2 

Port Hope. Ontano. 

LIA 3V5. 415-885-6926 


369 Redwood Place. 

Waterloo. Ontario. 

N2L 2P3. 519-885-6195 


29 Place Des Erables. 

Ste. -Julie. Quebec. 

JOL 2S0. 514-549-2775 


2 Rue Viel. 
Penetang. Ontano 

LOK IPO. 705.549-4 130 
740 Robertson Cres.. 
Milton. Ontano. 
L9T 4W4. 416-878-3621 
740 Robertson Crescent. 
Milton. Ontano 
L9T 4W4. 415.878-3521 
Jacarandas 1 15. Club Campeste. 
Leon. Guanajuato. Mexico 


P O Box 44 

Southampton. Bermuda 

809 292 5542 


25 Lamport Avenue.. 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4W 1S6. 416^966-0716 


74 Goldbcrry Square. 

West Hill. Ontario. 

MIC 3H7. 416-282-0212 


7 GlencasUe St . 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4R 1Z5. 416-484-8830 


470 Russell Hill Road, 

Toronto, Ontario. 

M5P 2S7, 415-482 1585 


43 Glenayr Road, 

Toronto, Ontano 

M5P 3B9, 416-482-4890 


23 Tallwood Road, 

London, Ontano. 

N5X 2S1, 519-642-3333 


R R #1 

Port Hope, Ontario. 

LIA 3V5, 416-786-2038 


3 Fallingbrook Woods, 

Scarborough, Ontano. 

MIN 1B7, 416-591-8738 


281 Wolseley Street, 

Thunder Bay, Ontano. 

P7A 3G8, 807-344-7544 


1 15 Golf Course Road, Fairways, 

Maraval, Trinidad, W 1 



Danforlh Rd , 

Grafton, Ontario. 

KOK 2CK), 416-349-2532 


520 South Longview Place, 

Longwood, Flonda, 

USA. 32779 



R R #2 

Port Hope, Ontano. 

LIA 3V6, 416-8858332 


74 Dorset St E , 

Port Hope, Ontario. 

LIA 1E4, 415-885-6838 


Port Hope, Ontario. 

LIA 1E4, 415-885-5838 


R R »1 

Moffat, Ontario. 

LOP IJO, 519-763-8157 


93 Duranls Green, 

Chnst Church, Barbados 



R R #4 

Port Hope, Ontario. 

LIA 3V8, 416-885-8777 


299 Hiawatha Dnve. 

Waterloo. Ontano. 

N2L 2V9. 519-749-4218 


55 Teddington Park. 

Toronto. Ontano. 

M4N 2C5. 415-487-2675 


PO Box 1448 

Stouffville. Ontano. 

L4A 8A3. 415-294-2565 


42 Rossland Road East. 

Oshawa. Ontano. 

LIG 2W1. 415-404-2987 


12 Blylhwood Cres . 

Toronto. Ontano. 

M4P 2K3. 416-487-2537 



Site i:. KR 0\ 

Box Ion. 

CoWbrook. N S 

BOP IKO. 90; t.79-5433 


397 Dune Si , 

Toronto, Onlaho. 

M6S 3G5. 416 769 <>%9 


130 Suulh Drive. 

Toronto . Onuino 

M4W 1R8. 416-923-7357 


2346 Wcsthill Drive. 

Vancouver. B C 

V7S 2Z-S. 6O».922-4905 


26 Onole Gardens. 

Toroito. Ontano. 

M4V 1V7. 416-927-7065 


6 Antigua Dr . Fed Park. 

Pn. of Spain. Tnnidad, WI 



36 Royal Oak Dnve. 

Baine. Ontano 

L4M 4S6. 705-721-8237 


36 Royal Oak Dnve. 

Bame. Ontano 

L4M 4S6, 705 721-8237 


Hoadley Hse . 39 Middle Rd . 

Devonshire DV03, Bermuda 



R.R « 

Brockville. Ontario. 

K6V 5T2, 613-926-2290 


498 Roosevelt Dnve, 

Kingston. Ontario 

K7M 4B1, 613 384-0386 


16 Westwood Ave.. 

P.O Box 1047. 

Wolfville. Nova Scotia. 

BOP 1X0, 902-542-7236 


4622 School Draw Drive. 

Yellowknife, NW.T, 

.\1A 2T6 


66 CheltenhaiT) Avenue. 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4N IP7. 416->81-0163 


1 1 St Aubyn's Crescent. 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4N 3K3. 416488-8115 


1008 Sandcliffe Dnve. 

Oshawa. Ontario 

LIK 2E4. 416-723-1530 


7772 Place Blain. 

Anjou. Quebec. 

HIK 3T1. 514-3544352 


88 Madeleine Street. 

Sault Ste. Mane. Ont 

P6A 4N6. 705-949-7736 


21 Femside Coun. 

Willowdale. Ontario. 

M2N 6A2, 416-224-1075 


R.R m 

Port Hope. Ontario. 
LIA 3V5. 416-753-2407 
20 Kingsbury Crescent. 
Scarborough, Ontario. 
MIN IGl, 416-6914340 
Site 15, R R #5 
Box 49 

Edmonton, Alberta. 
T5P 437, 403-9874806 
910 Young Avenue, 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
B3H 2W1. 902429-7404 
P O Box 588, 
Merrickville, Ontario. 
KOG INO. 613-269-3120 


R R « 

Pon Hope. Ontario, 

LIA 3V7. 416-753-2552 


R R #3 

Port Hope. Ontano, 

LIA 3V7. 416-753-2552 


55 McCarty Crescent. 

Markham. Ontario 

L3P4R5. 416472 12.35 


72 Wallace Street. 

Box 310. 

Thamesville, Ontario. 

NOP 2K0. 519-6924890 


45 Palomino Dr.. 

R.R *6 

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, 

P6A 6K4. 705-759-0967 


R.R, #4 

Gananoque. Ontano 

K70 2V6. 613-549-2994 


General Delivery, Georgetown, 

Gr Cayman, Cayman Isl , 8W1 



1 1 Fitzhugh Lane, 

Box 904, 

Cobourg, Ontano 

K9A 4W4, 416-372-7662 


8 Dale Avenue, 

Toronto, Ontario. 

M4W 1K4, 416-925-7997 


R.R, n 

Baltimore, Ontano, 

KOK ICO, 416-372 3725 


76 Henderson Dnve, 

Whitby, Ontano, 

LIN 7Y8, 416-666-9591 


1693 Amberdale Cres., 

Ottawa, Ontano, 

KIH 7B2, 613-731-8957 


P O Box 987, 

Hudson, Quebec, 

JOP IHO, 514458-7775 


604 Forest Lane, 

Edmonton. Alberta, 

T6R 2C4, 403-988-6429 


R.R, «1 

Nottawa. Ontario 

LOM IPO. 705445-6284 


3 Lynwood Ave,. 

Toronto. Ontano, 

M4V 1K3. 416-960-6119 


3 Lynwood Ave,, 

Toronto, Ontano. 

M4V 1K3, 416-960-6119 


3626 7th Street Southwest, 

Calgary, Alberta, 

T2T 2Y1, 403-243-2927 


121 Dawlish Ave,. 

Toronto, Ontario. 

M4N 1H4. 416484-6892 


282 Glenrose Ave , 

Toronto, Ontano 

M4T 1K9. 416483-9240 


71 Royal Orchard Blvd.. 

ThomhiU. Ontario 

L3T 3C7. 416-881-9657 


Pangmming, N.W.T, 

XOA ORO. 819473-8739 


4005 Don MUls Road #320 

Willowdale. Ontario. 

M2H 3J9. 4164984946 


SS 1 Site #7, 

Box 21, 

Sudbury, Ontano, 

P3E 4S8, 705-675-6312 


6924 Uuiiont Court S.W,, 

Calgary, Alberta 

T3K 6G5, 403 240-3241 


66 Oak Park Crescent, 

Sault Sic Mane, Ont 

P6A 5A9, 705 945 9624 


180 MacUren Street «1210, 

Ottav^'wa, Ontano 

K2P 0L3. 613 237-0767 


R R *4 

LIxbndge, Ontario. 

LOC IKO, 416-649-5164 


.34 Lake Dnve. 

Box 2459. 

Huntsville, Ontano. 

POA IKO. 705-789-2669 


707 Charlesworth Dnve, 

Samia, Ontario, 

N7V 2S1, 519-3324539 


1442 Finch Ave., 

Pickering, Ontario. 

LIV 1J9, 416420-2306 


1214 Bordeau Grove, 

Gloucester, Ontario, 

KIC 2M7, 613-830-3687 


1214 Bordeau Grove, 

Gloucester, Ontano 

KIC 2M7, 613-830-3687 


25 Mann Ave , 

Toronto, Ontario. 

M4S 2Y2. 416-4834902 


P O Box 148. 

Lunenburg. Nova Scooa. 

BOJ 2C0. 902-634-8889 


Aishl'ng Farm. 

R.R. n 

Baltimore. Ontario. 

KOK ICO, 416-372-3134 


Aishling Farm, 

R R « 

Baltimore. Ontario. 

KOK ICO. 416-372 3134 


Morgan Terrace. 

Chnst Church, 

Barbados, 809427-7225 


945 Dolbeau St . 

St, Brxino. C^ebec 

J3V 4J7. 514461-0574 


513 Byron St, S,, 

Whitby, Ontario, 

LIN 4R4, 416-668-7153 


P O Box N 1752. 

Nassau, Bahamas. 809-364-0207 


P O, Box N3022, 

Nassau, Bahamas, 



Flat J Yu Sun Bldg,, 177 Wuhu St,, 

#13/F, Hung Horn, 

Kowloon, Hong Kong, 


5 Pyong Chang-Dong, Jong Ro-Ku 


Seoul, Korea, 



59 Douglas Dnve, 

Toronto, Ontano. 

M4W 2B2, 416-920-2268 


PO Box 160, 

Ketligrews, Newfoundland 

ADA 2T0, 709-834-3574 


92 Augusta St,, 

Pon Hope, Ontario, 

LIA 1G9, 416-885-8269 


7 Queen Victoria Rd , Tclcmedia, 

Camden I^sl, Ontario, 

KOK 110 


D 3 Merry Terrace. 

4 Seymour Rd . Hong Kong, 

549 1818 


2 Payne Cres,, 
Pon Hope. Onurio. 
LIA 3Y1, 416-885-8891 
55 Metcalfe St,, 
Toronto. OnUino, 

M4X 1R9, 416-%l-4604 


52 Bonacres Ave , 

Scarborough. Ontario. 

MIC 3H9. 416-283-6522 


393 Kingsdale Ave,. 

Willowdale. Ontario 

M2N 3X8, 416-229-9068 


271 Princess Avenue. 

North York, Ontano. 

M2N 3S3. 416-733-2915 


393 Kingsdale Ave . 

Willowdale, Ontano 

M2N 3X8, 416-229-9068 


910 Nesslin Cres,, 

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 

S7J 4V3. 306-374-6240 


1200 Don Mills Road #616, 

Don Mills, Ontano, 

M3B 3N8, 416-447-8238 


143 Taylorwood Road, 

Oshawa, Ontario, 

LIG 3Z2, 416432-3636 


1200 Don Mills Road #616. 

Don Mills. Ontano 

M3B 3N8. 416-447-8238 


3 Lord Roberts Dr , 
Scarborough, Ontano 
MIK 3W1, 416-267-5179 

33 Elmhurst Ave., #1609, 
Willowdale, Ontano 
M2N 6G8, 416-222-7321 

Box HM1551, 

Hamilton HM FX. Bermuda 



20 Heathdale Road. 

Toronto. Ontano, 

M6C 1M6. 416-783.7658 


407 Ontario St, W., 

Whitby, Ontano, 

LIN 6J4, 416-668-2524 


407 Ontano Street West, 

Whitby, Ontario, 

LIN 6J4, 416-568-2524 


34 Logandale Rd , 
Willowdale, Ontano, 
M2N 4H4, 416-646-4605 

11 Sawley Dnve, 
Willowdale, Ontario, 
M2K 2J2. 416-226-3203 
Forbrock St.. 

Pickering, Ontario. 
LIV 2P8. 416-683-7281 

4 Sebastian Court 

St. John's Newfoundland. 
AlC 2B5. 709-739-9366 
119 Highboume Road, 
Toronto, Ontario, 
MSP 2J5, 416483-0680 
Rua De Santa Clara. 1-3. 
140 Andar 


Rua Dc Santa Clara, 1-3, 

I4Q Andar 



39 Chesmut Park Road, 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4W 1W7, 416921-0986 


PO Box 436. 

Penh. Ontano 

K7H 3G1. 613 2674713 


San Jose Del Cabo. 

Box 249 

Baja California. Sur Mex. 23400 


153 CoUingwood St . 

Kingston, Ontario 

K7L 3X6, 613-5444918 


64 Binscarth Rd,, 

Toronto, Ontario, 

M4W 1Y4, 416-961-6918 


64 Binscanh Rd , 

Toronto, Ontano 

M4W 1Y4, 416-961-6918 


19 Frere Pilgnm, 

Chnst Church. Barbados, 



208 Glenada Court. 

Richmond Hill, Ontario, 

UC 5M7. 416-883-5664 


10 Udine Crt.. 

Richmond Hill. Ontario. 

WC 8C6. 416-8824006 


PO, Box 43. 

Port Hope. Ontano, 

LIA 3V9, 416-885-9872 


PO Box 43, 

Port Hope, Ontario. 

LIA 3V9. 416-885-9872 


PO Box 10091 

Nassau. Bahamas. 



Box N 10091 

Nassau. Bahamas 



245 Warien Road. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4V 2S7. 416484-0974 


268 Henry Street. 

Cobourg. Ontario 

K9A 3Y6. 416-372-7125 


105 Simpson Avenue. 

Toronto, Ontario, 

M4K lAl. 416461-9522 


1287 Abbey Road, 

Pickering. Ontano, 

LIX 1W5. 416-831-6860 


73 Bayview Crescent. 

Cobourg. Ontario, 

K9A 4C5, 415-372-5630 


1287 Abbey Road, 

Pickering. Ontano, 

LIX 1W5, 416-831-6860 


Box 195. 

Tamworth. Ontario. 

KOK 3G0. 513-3792650 


158 Alexandra Blvd . 

Toronto. Ontano. 

M4R 1M4. 416487-9947 


18215 80lh Avenue N.W . 

Edmonton. Alberta. 

T5T 0V3, 403-4444942 


70 Cheltenham Ave.. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4N 1P7. 415482-3326 



14 Brulhcn Ave. 
Ydlo»kiufc, N W,T. 

XI A .'H4, 40J-<>2(M340 


2171 Queen St E. #201. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4E 1E5. 416-«94 1826 


R R n 

Caledon East. Ontaho 

LON lEO. 416-5S4-2990 


995 Crawford Road. 

R R fb 

Kelo«iu. B C 

VIY 8R3. 601-754-7749 


199 Dc Monagne. 

Bouchcrv-ille. Quebec. 

J4B IBI. 514-655-3695 


R R n 

Milbrook. Onurio. 

LOA IGO. 705-932-2594 


PO Boi 516. 

Renfrew. Ontario. 

K7V 4B1. 613-»32-3881 


28 Oaklaods Avenue. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4V 2E5. 416-929-3983 


26 Clarcville Ores.. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M2J 2C1. 416-J95-0907 


390 Glencaim Avenue. 

Toronto, Ontario. 

MSN IVl. 416-t82-4102 


9 Atlannc Shores. 

Chnst Church. Barbados. W.I. 



15 Garthowen Rd.. 'Yertiz', 
Devonshire DV07. Bermuda. 

37 Bioomsgrtjve Avenue. 
Pon Hope. Onlano, 

LIA 1X3. 416-885-2063 
Abed St. ladet Alany. 
Damascus. Syria. 

R.R n 

Port Hope, Ontario. 

LIA 3V7, 416-785-2600 


42 VaUey View. Maiacas Vly., 

Tnnidad. West Indies. 809-663-3828 


Box FHI4-279. 

New Providence. Bahamas 



130 Kohler Street #409, 

Sault Ste. Mane. Ont. 

P6A 3V1, 613-936-0549 


Site 37. Box 58, 

R R n 

Sudbury. Ontario. 

P3E 4M9. 705-523-0832 


Site 37. Box 58. 

R R « 

Sudbury, Ontario. 

P3E 4M9. 705-523-0832 


36 FaUingbrook Drive, 

Scarborough, Ontario. 

MIN IB6. 416-691-9272 


36 FaUingbrook Dnve, 

Scarborough, Ontario- 

M1N 1B6, 416-691-9272 


R R n 

MUlbrook. Ontario. 
LOA 100, 705-932-5359 
P O Box 2928. Sution B, 
Richmond Hill. Ontario. 
UE 1A8, 416-883-2999 


Division St. North, 

R R 04 

Cobourg. Ontario, 

K9A 4J7. 415-372-1210 


1048 Aflon Road, 

Pctcrbtiriiugh. Ontario. 

K9J 8U. 705-742-7374 


Iinsnnne 5.. 

02230 Espoo. Finland 

90-803-991 1 


875 Connaught Ave.. 

Sudbury. Ontario. 

P3E 5H9. 705-673-0779 


Oncology King Faisal Hosp. -Oncol.. 

PO Box 3354. 

Riyadh. Saudi Arabia 11211 


Oncology King Faisal Hosp. -Oncol., 

PO Box 3354. 

Riyadh. Saudi Arabia 11211 


1 Concorde Place, #1506, 

Don Mills. Onlano- 

M3C 3K5. 415-443-8640 


Hat H Choi Tien Mansion #12/F. 

Tai Koo Shing. Hong Kong. 



242 Simon Saladin, 

Boucherville. Quebec. 

J4B 1L4. 514-655-7752 


6502 Guillaume Couture. 

Montreal, Quebec. 

HIM 1C7. 514255-7217 


Harwood Rd.. 

R.R #1 

Baltimore. Ontario. 

KOK ICO. 415-372-0267 


160 Water Stteet, Box 236. 

Uxbridge. Ontario. 

LOC IKO. 415-852-4407 


26 Bellehaven Cres., 

Scarborough. Ontario. 

MIM 1H4. 416-255-«782 


R.R, #1 

Port Hope. Ontario. 

LIA 3V5. 415-753-2234 


R R #5 

Cookstown. Ontario. 

LOL ILO. 705-158-9378 


c/o Unido, 

PO Box 911. 

Lome. Togo. Africa 


c/o Umdo. 

P.O Box 911, 

Lome. Togo, Africa. 


1158 Blasdell Avenue. 

Ottawa, Ontario. 

K1K 0C2, 613-747-0048 


R R. #5 

Georgetown, Ontario, 

L7G 4S8. 519-833-7150 


1 Cluny Avenue. 
Toronto. Ontario 

M4W IS4. 416-922-2063 

2 Wellington Street, 
Pon Hope, Ontario. 
LIA 2M2, 415-8859816 

R.R #1, Box 5, 
Glenburrue, Ontario, 
KOH ISO, 613 549-0865 
67 Walmsley Road, 
Toronto, Ontano. 
M4V 1X7. 415-483-4468 
PO Box 1431. 
Campbcllford. Ontario. 
KOL ILO, 705-924-2864 


W Country Club Dnvc. 

Ottawa, Onuno. 

KIV 9Y7. 613 737-5995 


133 Arundel Ave.. 

Toronto, Ontario. 

M4K 3A3. 416-165 2189 


1 May Square. 

Toronto. Onlario. 

M4W IS8. 416-922-1306 


17 McKay Crescent, 

Unionville, Onlano. 

L3R 3M7. 415-t77.5829 


17 McKay Cres . 

Unionville, Ontano. 

L3R 3M7. 415-177-5859 


.34 Crestwood Place. 

Guelph. Ontario. 

NIE 4M3. 519-763-3400 


180 King St, W., 

Cobourg. Ontario. 

K9A 2M9, 415-372-5578 


PO Box HM857. 

Hamilton HMDX. Bermuda. 



19 Phihp Dnve, 

Pine Gardens. 

St Michael. Barbados. WI 



CFPO 5002 (Golan), 

Belleville, Ontano, 

KOK 3R0 


3448 Lockhan Rd,. 

R R #8 

Newcastle. Ontario. 

LIB 1L9. 415-987-5353 


3448 Lockhan Rd . 

R R. #8 

Newcastle. Ontario, 

LIB 1L9. 415-987-5353 


Southern Shores. 

PO Box N4620. 

Nassau. Bahamas 



75 Point St. Mark, 

Kingston, Ontario. 

K7K 6X9. 513-547-5883 


31 Glen Hill Dnve. 

Whitby. Ontano. 

LIN 6Z8. 416-565-3681 


21 Crestwood Place. 

Guelph. Ontario, 

NIE 4M4. 519-824-1607 


25 Hudson Dnve. 

Toronto. Ontano. 

M4T 2K1. 416-187-8538 


R R #3 

Bame. Ontano 

L4M 4S5. 705-722-8529 


341 Banbury Rd . 

North York. Ontano, 

M2L 2V2. 415-447-5398 


Sanchez Azcona 1418-401. Col Del 

Vallc 03100. 

Mexico D.F-, Mexico. 


R R #3 

Huntsville. Ontano. 

POA IKO. 705-789-9105 


34 Kingswood Dnvc. 

Peterborough. Ontano 

K9J 5N1. 705-742-5990 


2033 Niagara St.. 

Windsor. Onurio, 

N8Y 1K4. 519-253-3007 


79 Peacock Blvd . 

Port Hope. Onlano. 

LIA 2X5. 416-885-0489 


Eastern Road. 

PO Box N51. 

Nassau. N.P, Bahamas 



1460 Concession Road 9. 

R R n 

Blackstock. Ontano 

LOB IBO. 415-253-2233 


28 Deblaquirc St, N.. 

Pon Hope. Ontario. 

LIA 2K9. 415-885-7103 


27 Ma.von Boulevard. 

Toronto. Onlano. 

M5M 3C6. 415-182-7447 


25 Bishop Oluwolc St.. 

Tara Systems Ltd.. 

V.I,. Lagos. Nigeria. 


Emily HS Club Morgan Ridge. 

St. Michael. 

B.H 9. Barbados, W.I. 



143-2 Hirafuku. 

Tsuyama City. 

Okayama-Ken 277. Japan. 


PH 9 - 55 Harbour Square. 

Toronto, Onlano 

M5J 2L1 


"Oasis". 5 Chateaux Village. 

Petit Valley . 

Diego Manin. Tnnidad. WI, 



"Oasis". 5 Chateaux Village. 

Petit Valley. 

Diego Manin. Tnnidad. WI 



2 Sharron Dnve. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4G 2A4. 416-184-6665 


2 Sharron Dnve. 

Toronto. Ontano. 

M4G 2A4. 415-184-6665 


2 Sharron Dnve. 

Toronto. Ontario, 

M4G 2A4. 415-184-6665 


2 Shanon Dnve. 

Toronto. Onlano 

M4G 2A4. 415484-6665 


R.R #1 

Kingston. Ontario. 

K7L 4V1. 613-542-3369 


R R. #4 

Cookstown. Ontano. 

LOL ILO. 705-458-9811 


10335 132 Street. 

Edmonton. Alberta. 

T5N IY9. 403-151-3470 

LEROY sinrrH 

PO Box NI420. 
Nassau. N,P Bahamas, 
23 Scotts Hill Road. 

Somerset MA05. Bermuda, 
R R #4 

Cobourg. Onlano 
K9A 4J7. 415-372-1573 
1736 Mazo Crescent. 
Mississauga. Ontario. 
LJJ 1Y8. 415-823-3636 
R.R « 

Castleton. Ontano. 
KOK 1M0. 416-344-7675 


10 Benson Street. 

Ncpean. Ontario 

K2E .5J5. 613 224 .3454 


1667 Jane Street. 

Nonh Bay. Ontano. 

P1B 3J9, 705-172 2050 


R R. 0\ 

Oiono. Ontario. 

LOB I MO. 416-983-9519 


10 Sims Crescent. 

Richmond Hill. Ontano. 

UB 1K9. 415-887-1428 


c/o Tnnity College Sch . 

Pon Hope. Ontano, 

LIA 3W2. 416-8854331 


134 Durants Fairways. 

Du rants. 

Christ Church. Barbados. WI. 

809428 1806 


2555 St Clair Ave E.. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4B IM2. 416-752-3860 


Caernarvon Lodge. Crane Garden. 

St Philip, Barbados. W 1 



94 Lytton Blvd . 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4R IL4. 416^85-9844 


Box 119. 

Grafton. Ontano, 

KOK 2(30. 416- .349-2861 


10 Cornish Road. 
Toronto. Ontario 

M4T 2E2. 416-184-1089 
1014 River^iew Crescent. 
Pickenng. Onlano 
LIV 4M4. 416-509-0171 
P O Box N 3244. 
Nassau. Bahamas 

7 Maple Meadow Ct,, 
Belfountain. Ontano 
LON IBO. 519-927-5887 
214 High St . 
Carlclon Place. Ontano. 
K7C IW7. 613-257-1502 

1 1 Vaughan Avenue. 
Pon Hope. Onlano 
LIA 3Y8. 415-8852393 
57C First Avenue. 
Ottawa. Ontano, 

KIS 2GI. 613-234-2109 


l,F 43 Woo Sung St.. 

Yaumati. Kowloon. H.K, 


41A Snibbs Rd , Vil Monterosa. 

B2. 4;F1. 

Hong Kong. 


Huhtakoukku 20C. 

02.340 Espoo. Finland 


3 Payne Crescent. 

Pon Hope. Ontario, 

LIA 3Y1. 415-885-8279 


PO Box 62. 

Camden East. Onlano, 

KOK IJO. 513 378-0097 


25 Radnor Rd . Shelly Hall #17. 

Hamilton. Bermuda, 

809-293 36.56 


1071 Pcmbndge Crescent. 

Kingston. Onlano 

K7P 1P2. 513-389-9553 


15 St Leonards Avenue. 

Tonmlo. Ontario 

M4N IK I. 415-483-0782 



UeRail, 12 Ci^larhurM PI,. 

Soulhampton. Bermuda 



1494 Southdoun Rd.. 

Mis!^issauga. Ontario. 

L5J 2l->. 41^849-1594 


JL. Mandala Selaun 4. 

Jak^na 1 1440. Indonesia. 


383 Lakeshore Blvd.. 

Beaconsfield. Quebec 

H9W 4J1. 514 697 .VMS 


P.O Bin N 4857, 

Nassau. Bahamas. 

809 327 7969 


45 Des Viieux Rd Central #1 1 Fl, 

Wing Lung Bk. 

Hong Kong 


4 Park R. Parkway Crt., Tower A. 

m Flat. 26lh Floor. 

Hong Kong- 


Tnnily College School. 

Boulden Hse. 

Port Hope. Ontario. 

LI A 3W2. 416-885-5209 


47 Moorcrest Dr . 

Aurora. Ontario. 

L4G 3R5. 416-841-0363 


97 Dorset Street West, 

Pon Hope. Ontario. 

LIA 104. 416-885-2067 


250 Pineway Blvd.. 

North York. Onlano. 

M2H 303, 416-590-9838 
Closebume Farm. 

R.R #1 

Ashbum. Ontario, 

LOB lAO. 416-649-2095 


PO Box N4508. 

Nassau. Bahamas 



1924 Lenawee Rd. S.E., 

Grand Rapids, Mi., 

USA 49506 



146 Lakeshore Blvd.. 

Kingston. Ontario. 

K7M 6R5. 613-389-8140 


IIA Shelter Street /CS/F. 

Causeway Bay. 

Hong Kong. 



27 Elmartin Drive. 

Scarborough. Ontario 



108 Quesnell Crescent. 

Edmonton, Alberta, 

T5R 5N9, 403-489-5213 


38 Earl Street, Unit 8. 

Toronto, Ontario, 

M4Y 1M3, 416-%7-4422 


52 Planks Lane. 

Uxbridge. Ontario. 

LOC IKO. 416-852-7084 


PO Box 18. 

Nerval. Ontario 

LOP IKO. 416-877-2873 


296 Patncia Cres.. 
R R #2 

Peterborough. Ontario. 
K9J 6X3. 705-742-8552 
1 Donwoods Grove, 
Toronto. Ontano. 
M4N 2X4, 416-481-3867 


2969 Rangeline Road, 

Ajax. Ontario, 

LIS 3K6. 416-427-8007 


51 Danlorth Rd . 

P O Box 759, 

Cobourg, Ontano, 

K9A 4R5. 416-372-0.347 


R R «1 

Calcdon East, Ontano 

LON lEO, 416-584-2698 


P O Box N 1013. 

Nassau, Bahamas. 

809 324-1547 


P.O. Box N1013, 

Nassau, Bahamas, 



2905 West River Road. 

R.R M 

Cambndge. Ontario, 

NIR 5S5. 519-621-0610 


33W Lakeshore Rd , 

Burlington. Ontario. 

L7N 1B3, 416-681-1013 


295 Golf Links Road, 

Ancaster, Ontario, 

L9G 2N6, 416-6481537 


3354 Lakeshore Rd., 

Burlington, Ontario. 

L7N 1B3, 416-681-1013 


R.R, #3. 

Collingwood. Ontano 

L9Y 3Z2. 705-444-6499 


R.R *1 

Orono. Ontario. 

LOB IMO, 416-983-9508 


3 Orchard Crescent, 

Toronto, Ontario 

M8Z 3C9, 416-232-1997 


11 Elm Avenue - Bayshore, 

Pt. Cumana. 

Trinidad, West Indies. 

809-637 9314 


278 Dawhsh Avenue. 

Toronto. Ontano 

M4N 1J5. 416-189-7947 


17 Moore Drive, 

Port Hope. Ontario. 

LIA 2E5. 416-885-5572 


A-6020 Innsbruck. Museum Sti. 21. 



15 Broadcast Dr.. Flat 4B. 

Kowlon. Hong Kong. 


Tnmty College School. 

Port Hope. Ontario, 

LIA 3W2. 416-885-6794 


17 Parkwood Avenue. 

Toronto. Ontario. 

M4V 2W9. 416-967-6912 


17A Pearl Gardens. 

7 Conduit Rd.. 

Hong Kong. 



17A Pearl Gardens. 

7 Conduit Rd . 

Hong Kong. 852-522-0077 


Rm, 706 No- 7. Lane 107. 

San-Ming Rd.. 

Taipei. Taiwan. R.O.C. 


Flat B-1 Kingsfield Tower, 64-58 


Pok Fu Lam R. 

Hong Kong. 



Kang Nam Ku. Sin Sa Dong. 605-4, 

Hyundai Msn.. 

6-.102 Seoul. Korea, 

549 2294 


1.345 Clearvicw Drive. 

Oakville. Ontario. 

L6J 6X4. 416-8291 199 


602-503 Far East Consortium Bldg.. 

121 Dcsvocux. 

Central. Hong Kong 


76 Hillcroft Street. 

Oshawa. Ontario. 

LIG 2L2, 416-725-2954 


2 Wixidstock Hill. 

Paget PO06. Bermuda 



Montanas Calizas 450. 

Mexico DF. Mex CP 11000 


179 Avenue Road. 

Toronto. Ontano 

M5R 2J2. 415-929-5715 


1948 Walreg Dnve. 

Oshawa. Ontano, 

LIG TWI. 415-436-6188 


282 Liberty St, N,, 

Bowmanville, Ontario 

Lie 2N1. 416-623-7538 


2707 Avemda Juarez. 

Col La Paz, 

Pucbia, Pue. Mexico CP, 72160, 



There is little to say other than the yearbook is finished. The frustration and anxiety that I felt in 
completing the year long project finished in the Record room on the June 22, 1992. 

I am pleased with the effort that I have put into this piece of work because I have accomplished 
the goals that I had for the yearbook. I wanted the book to be aesthetically pleasing in both the layout 
and in a photographic capacity. The number of colour pages is considerably more than in past and 
has incorporated the school in various seasons coupled with the various structural changes that have 
taken place during the year. I also wanted there to be much more student literature in the project 
and as a result there are numerous quality pages of written material. I was pleased with the number 
of entries for the Record writing competition considering that there were more submissions for the 
competition this year than in any other. As a result the literature section is better and more complete 
than in previous years and is a tribute to the creative abilities of the students at Trinity. 

I have done my best to produce a book that is not offensive to anyone. If any person is I can assure 
you that the offence was not intentional. There may be a few mistakes and I hope that they go un- 
noticed. Great pain has been taken to ensure that peoples names are spelled correctly and that all 
the little details have been attended to. 

I would like to thank Pete Fulton, the assistant editor of this Record, for staying behind at school 
and helping me finish the yearbook after Speech Day. The bulk of the book was completed during 
this time and would have been very difficult to finish before June 22 without his help. I would also 
like to thank the Head of the Finance department. John McCallum, for being responsible for the fund- 
raising for this book. John and his assistant, Sean Dempsey, raised more than $10,000 for the project. 
It should be noted this is more than any other previous head of this department. Congratulations. 
Thank you both, John and Pete, for all the effort that you put into the Record. 

Published b\ 



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